Rogue Soulbind Conduit List

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This guide lists all of the Rogue Conduits that you can use in Soulbind trees in the Shadowlands expansion.



The following page lists all Rogue Soulbind Conduits available in Shadowlands and links to our guides for choosing the best Conduits for your spec.

If you want to know more about Soulbind Conduits in general, please read our Soulbind Conduits Guide.


Best Conduits for Rogues

For more information regarding the best Conduits for each Rogue spec, please refer to our spec-specific pages:


Rogue Endurance Soulbind Conduits

  • Cloaked in Shadows Icon Cloaked in Shadows — Entering Stealth cloaks you in shadows, absorbing 15-29% of your maximum health in damage for 4 seconds.
  • Nimble Fingers Icon Nimble Fingers — Energy cost of Feint Icon Feint and Crimson Vial Icon Crimson Vial reduced by 5-19.
  • Recuperator Icon RecuperatorSlice and Dice Icon Slice and Dice heals you for up to 18-43.2% of your maximum health over 36 seconds.

Rogue Finesse Soulbind Conduits

  • Fade to Nothing Icon Fade to Nothing — Gaining Stealth Icon Stealth, Vanish Icon Vanish, or Shroud of Concealment Icon Shroud of Concealment increases movement speed by 10-25% for 10 seconds.
  • Prepared for All Icon Prepared for All — Dodging attacks reduces the remaining cooldown of Evasion Icon Evasion by 2-4.8 seconds. Successful interrupts with Kick Icon Kick reduce the remaining cooldown of Cloak of Shadows Icon Cloak of Shadows by 4-9.6 seconds.
  • Quick Decisions Icon Quick Decisions
    • Assassination, Subtlety: Shadowstep Icon Shadowstep's cooldown is reduced by 10%, and its maximum range is increased by 12-40%.
    • Outlaw: Grappling Hook Icon Grappling Hook's cooldown is reduced by 10%, and its maximum range is increased by 12-40%.
  • Rushed Setup Icon Rushed Setup — The Energy costs of Kidney Shot Icon Kidney Shot, Cheap Shot Icon Cheap Shot, Sap Icon Sap, and Distract Icon Distract are reduced by 20-48%.

Rogue Potency Soulbind Conduits

  • Ambidexterity Icon AmbidexterityMain Gauche Icon Main Gauche has an additional 3-7.2% chance to strike while Blade Flurry Icon Blade Flurry is active.
  • Count the Odds Icon Count the OddsAmbush Icon Ambush, Slaughter Icon Slaughter, and Dispatch Icon Dispatch have a 15-36% chance to grant you a Roll the Bones Icon Roll the Bones combat enhancement buff you do not already have for 5 seconds. Duration and chance tripled while Stealthed.
  • Deeper Daggers Icon Deeper DaggersEviscerate Icon Eviscerate and Black Powder Icon Black Powder increase your Shadow damage dealt by 8-19.2% for 8 seconds.
  • Lashing Scars Icon Lashing ScarsFlagellation Icon Flagellation lashes 4 additional times initially and deals 50-120% increased damage.
  • Lethal Poisons Icon Lethal Poisons — The instant damage of your lethal poisons is increased by 10-24%.
  • Maim, Mangle Icon Maim, MangleGarrote Icon Garrote increases the damage of your Mutilate Icon Mutilate on the target by 9-23%.
  • Perforated Veins Icon Perforated VeinsShadowstrike Icon Shadowstrike increases the damage of your next Gloomblade Icon Gloomblade or Backstab Icon Backstab by 18-46%, stacking up to 6 times.
  • Planned Execution Icon Planned ExecutionSymbols of Death Icon Symbols of Death increases your critical strike Chance by 4-9.6%.
  • Poisoned Katar Icon Poisoned KatarFan of Knives Icon Fan of Knives's damage increased by 7-21%, and it has a 5% increased critical strike chance.
  • Reverberation Icon ReverberationEchoing Reprimand Icon Echoing Reprimand's damage is increased by 50-120%.
  • Septic Shock Icon Septic ShockSepsis Icon Sepsis's damage over time is increased by 80-192%, reduced by 10% each time it deals damage.
  • Sleight of Hand Icon Sleight of HandRoll the Bones Icon Roll the Bones has a 10-24% chance of granting additional matches.
  • Stiletto Staccato Icon Stiletto StaccatoShadow Techniques Icon Shadow Techniques now also reduces the remaining cooldown of Shadow Blades Icon Shadow Blades by 1-2.4 seconds.
  • Sudden Fractures Icon Sudden FracturesSerrated Bone Spike Icon Serrated Bone Spike's bleed has a 30-70% chance to deal its damage a second time.
  • Triple Threat Icon Triple ThreatSinister Strike Icon Sinister Strike has a 9-23% chance to strike with both weapons after it strikes an additional time.
  • Well-Placed Steel Icon Well-Placed SteelShiv Icon Shiv increases your Nature damage done against the target by an additional 10-24%.

Other Class-Specific Soulbind Conduits

Here are links to the Soulbind Conduits of other classes.



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