Guide to Finding the Mail Muncher Mount (BfA 8.3)

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Mail Muncher Icon Mail Muncher is a rare drop mount found in the Horrific Visions introduced in Patch 8.3.


Mail Muncher Model

Below, you can see the model of the Mail Muncher mount:


Finding Mail Muncher

Mail Muncher is an NPC that can only be spawned in the Horrific Visions themselves, with a chance to spawn every time you interact with a mailbox in Orgrimmar or Stormwind.

To have the best chance of finding this mount, you should spend any extra time you have during your runs interacting with the mailboxes around the map.

Note that, if you are trying for a cloak upgrade on your current run, you should not try for Mail Muncher unless you are certain that the spawned mobs will not interfere with your completion.


Mailbox Locations

While you can look out for the mailboxes yourself in each zone, it is much easier to use the HandyNotes addon with the Visions of N'Zoth plugin, which details the locations of all the mailboxes that can be interacted with to spawn Mail Muncher.

You can find download links for both the plugin and the main addon below:


Fighting Mail Muncher

Once you do find it, Mail Muncher is extremely easy to defeat. It has no abilities whatsoever and you simply have to kill it.



  • 23 Mar. 2020: Added link to HandyNotes for mailbox locations.
  • 28 Feb. 2020: Guide added.
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