Holy Paladin Healing Spec, Builds, and Talents — Dragonflight 10.0.7

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General Information

On this page, you will find out the best talents for each tier for your Holy Paladin in World of Warcraft — Dragonflight 10.0.7. We also have default talent lists for various types of content, such as raiding or Mythic+. If you play with Warmode on, we have your PvP talents covered as well.

If you were looking for WotLK Classic content, please refer to our WotLK Classic Holy Paladin talents.


Holy Paladin Talents Overview

The above talents are a generic talent build that can be used in any form of content without much loss. That being said, there are specific builds that are much better for specific content, which will be discussed below.

In addition, each row of both the class tree and spec tree will be broken down to determine talent choices that will always stay the same, which talent choices can be flexible, and in what situations you will want to take other options. This will all be discussed further down.

For information regarding the rotational aspects of Holy Paladin, please visit our dedicated rotation page.


Holy Paladin Talent Builds

The most notable talent builds will be discussed below, as well as the pages that are specific to them, meaning you can find extra information on the talent build and how it plays on those pages.

As you will learn from reading, there can be a number of playstyle changes depending on your build. After obtaining the build that you are interested in, it is highly recommended that you visit the respective pages for the build in order to gain a better understanding of how to play it.

It is also recommended to continue reading this page after obtaining your preferred build in order to gain a better idea of the individual talent choices as well as potential situations in which you may want to change some talents. That being said, most of the selections are with a generic melee build in mind.


Raiding Talents

There are three popular builds that you will want to familiarize yourself with as they are all viable and the best will come down to the specific fight that you are on.


Standard Melee Build

This is the build you will be playing the majority of the time. It focuses on Crusader Strike Icon Crusader Strike and Holy Shock Icon Holy Shock to generate and spend as much holy power as possible to maximize your Light of Dawn Icon Light of Dawn casts.


Avenging Crusader

The main difference between this build and others comes with the selection of Avenging Crusader Icon Avenging Crusader. This will change how you do most of your healing as it significantly increases the value of Crusader Strike Icon Crusader Strike and Judgment Icon Judgment. You will want to press these buttons as much as possible during your Avenging Crusader Icon Avenging Crusader window to maximize your total output, the only ability higher than them would be spending holy power with Light of Dawn Icon Light of Dawn.



This build gains a lot of strength when you are in need of very strong single target healing. It turns Light of the Martyr Icon Light of the Martyr from a fairly weak ability to one of your strongest. It plays very similar to a standard melee build but you will want to make sure that you always consume your Maraad's Dying Breath Icon Maraad's Dying Breath buff by casting Light of the Martyr Icon Light of the Martyr after casting Light of Dawn Icon Light of Dawn.


Mythic+ Talents

If you would like to directly import this alternate variation of the general build shown above, please use the string directly below.


The Mythic+ build is your standard melee-centric build that emphasizes heavy use of Crusader Strike Icon Crusader Strike for increased value of Holy Shock Icon Holy Shock and Glimmer of Light Icon Glimmer of Light. Where it really differs from standard talent builds and the generic build listed at the top of this page is the selections in the class tree which aim to increase damage output and increase utility through having an interrupt ability in Rebuke Icon Rebuke.

The class tree also has three distinct nodes that can impact playstyle, these are: Sanctified Wrath Icon Sanctified Wrath, Of Dusk and Dawn Icon Of Dusk and Dawn and Zealot's Paragon Icon Zealot's Paragon. Normal builds may not opt to take all of these, but in Mythic+ taking all 3 is quite strong.

If you are interested in how your talents and playstyle might change in Mythic+, please look at our detailed page for it below. There you will also find tips on how to best use the talents.


Casting Talents

If you would like to directly import this alternate variation of the general build shown above, please use the string directly below.


With the new talent system introduced in Dragonflight, Holy Paladin gained some and exciting caster focused talents if you have long desired to return to a playstyle focused on casting. It is important to note that even when casting, you will want to stay in melee as the class is still considered a melee and you will get targeted by melee mechanics and not ranged ones. On top of this, many core abilities such as Crusader Strike Icon Crusader Strike and Shield of the Righteous Icon Shield of the Righteous require you to be in melee to use.

Overall, this build focuses on Holy Light Icon Holy Light combined with Tower of Radiance Icon Tower of Radiance and Resplendent Light Icon Resplendent Light to do most of its healing. Given that we are able to generate more holy power with the changes to tower of radiance, we can now make better use of Awakening Icon Awakening through more casts of Light of Dawn Icon Light of Dawn.

As with other builds, you can find more information on how to play it rotationally by visiting our dedicated rotation page:


Class Talents

The Paladin class tree has many strong options, especially in capstone options at the bottom of the tree. That being said, most of the tree just works to give you more utility and does very little to increase your actual throughput. Many talent choices here can be swapped for other utility options but you will want to avoid untalenting any of the few throughput nodes that do exist within the class tree.

Below we will be discussing the important ones, if you are looking for a full list of spells and talents, you can visit our spell page here:


Rows 1-4

The starting rows main purpose is to give you access to some core utility options as well as movement speed increases. There is no real right or wrong answers in these rows as most of them do not increase your overall output.


Key Talents

Talent Reasoning
Divine Steed Icon Divine Steed Being a relatively slow class, this is a mandatory talent allowing you to increase your overall movement speed.
Cavalier Icon Cavalier With movement speed being a concern, this talent further increases your overall movement speed options.
Improved Cleanse Icon Improved Cleanse Being able to dispel more types of debuffs is useful no matter the type of content you are participating in.

Niche Talents

Talent Reasoning
Fist of Justice Icon Fist of Justice Despite being quite strong in some forms of content, selecting it is a necessity further down in the talent tree in order to gain access to your interrupt.
Repentance Icon Repentance While not being the default selection, this talent provides a different form of crowd control that can be useful depending on what you are doing.

Rows 5-7

Rows 5-7 contain primarily utility options with very few actual throughput nodes sprinkled in. In most cases, you will want to alter your utility depending on what you need but some nodes will still always be taken.


Key Talents

Talent Reasoning
Avenging Wrath Icon Avenging Wrath This is your primary healing cooldown, allowing you to increase your overall healing and damage for a period of time.
Blessing of Sacrifice Icon Blessing of Sacrifice External damage reduction cooldowns are extremely powerful in every form of content. Being able to reduce the damage one of your party members takes will always be useful.
Holy Aegis Icon Holy Aegis One of the few throughput increasing talents in the middle rows of the class tree.
Unbreakable Spirit Icon Unbreakable Spirit Reduces the cooldown of your major defensive abilities which will allow you to feel much tankier.

Niche Talents

Talent Reasoning
Rebuke Icon Rebuke Allows you to interrupt an enemy which can be very important in small group content or PvP. Any time a healer can bring an extra interrupt will be valuable. While not as common in raiding, it can still be selected as the majority of the middle rows are utility focused.
Improved Blessing of Protection Icon Improved Blessing of Protection While not always useful, in some cases having the reduced cooldown can be life saving as you will have more frequent access to this ability.

rows 8-10

The final row of class talents has very strong endnodes. Each end node will likely be selected at some point depending on your build.


Key Talents

Talent Reasoning
Divine Toll Icon Divine Toll Strong burst healing on a relatively short cooldown. This ability also provides you with a large amount of Holy Power.
Of Dusk and Dawn Icon Of Dusk and Dawn This ability provides a large healing and damage increase that you will be able to make constant use of.
Divine Purpose Icon Divine Purpose The goal of Holy Paladin is to spend as much time in Avenging Wrath Icon Avenging Wrath as possible. This ability allows you to spend more Holy Power, thus increasing the potential procs of Awakening Icon Awakening.

Niche Talents

Talent Reasoning
Zealot's Paragon Icon Zealot's Paragon The main limiter of this ability comes from the fact most playstyles are not casting Judgment Icon Judgment or Hammer of Wrath Icon Hammer of Wrath on cooldown, meaning that it loses value. However, when you are playing a build that casts them on cooldown, this talent gains a lot of value and can be a very strong choice. In Mythic+ and PvP where there is a much higher emphasis on damage output, this talent can be used.
Seal of Order Icon Seal of Order While this ability is fairly standard, it often is not selected in situations where you take Zealot's Paragon Icon Zealot's Paragon as there are not enough points in the tree to allow for it. For that reason, consider dropping it in situations where you are attempting to select Of Dusk and Dawn Icon Of Dusk and Dawn, Sanctified Wrath Icon Sanctified Wrath and Zealot's Paragon Icon Zealot's Paragon all at once.
Fading Light Icon Fading Light Having to choose between either this or Seal of Order Icon Seal of Order in many builds, this can be considered a strong choice in gaining a bit of extra tankiness as the shields only apply to yourself.

Spec Talents

Holy Paladin spec trees are not overly different depending on if you are focused on casting or melee, but there are some differences in pathing especially in the middle of the tree. We will break down the standard nodes below.


Rows 1-4

In the first rows of the spec tree, your choices are fairly standard as you are simply talenting into many of your core abilities.


Key Talents

Talent Reasoning
Divine Insight Icon Divine Insight Increases your healing from Holy Shock Icon Holy Shock, which synergizes with many of your talent choices down the tree.
Unending Light Icon Unending Light Holy Paladin has so many strong abilities that fitting them all in can be very difficult. Taking this talent prevents you from overloading on important abilities and allows you to have a steady rotation.

Niche Talents

Talent Reasoning
Rule of Law Icon Rule of Law Increases your range which can be helpful in situations where you are very spread-out and struggling to be in range of all your allies.
Resplendent Light Icon Resplendent Light Whenever you are playing a casting-focused build, this talent will increase your overall output, allowing Holy Light Icon Holy Light to cleave onto nearby allies. You can even take this when playing a melee build as it will have its uses when you are under the effects of Infusion of Light Icon Infusion of Light.

Rows 5-7

The middle rows of the talent choices help to separate your builds focus. Both melee and caster options exist to increase your power depending on what you prefer to focus on. With a melee build in mind, we will consider casting choices to be niche.


Key Talents

Talent Reasoning
Radiant Onslaught Icon Radiant Onslaught Provides you with an extra charge of Crusader Strike Icon Crusader Strike, which is vital in your rotation feeling much smoother.
Light's Hammer Icon Light's Hammer This ability is a short but powerful cooldown that you can use whenever your party members are stacked and unlikely to move for the duration. It can also be used to deal a decent amount of AoE damage.
Commanding Light Icon Commanding Light Beacon of Light Icon Beacon of Light makes up a very large percentage of Holy Paladin's total healing. Taking this talent further increases the healing you are able to output through beacon.
Second Sunrise Icon Second Sunrise Anytime you cast Light of Dawn Icon Light of Dawn, you will have a chance to cast another thanks to this talent. Due to how frequently we are casting this ability, you will almost always get good value.

Niche Talents

Talent Reasoning
Divine Revelations Icon Divine Revelations Anytime you are playing a caster build, this talent will gain significant value, allowing you to return some mana when casting Holy Light Icon Holy Light.
Divine Favor Icon Divine Favor While typically not very good in a melee build, it can be useful as a mini cooldown, allowing you to get a very powerful and quick Holy Light Icon Holy Light cast off. You may want to combine this with Resplendent Light Icon Resplendent Light in both casting and melee builds to get max effectiveness on the healing.
Tower of Radiance Icon Tower of Radiance The casting rotation revolves around casting Holy Light Icon Holy Light on your Beacon of Light Icon Beacon of Light target, making this talent a necessity in these situations as it increases your Holy Power by a significant amount.

Rows 8-10

The final row of talents has very little difference regardless of build choice. Regardless of if you are playing a melee or casting focused build, you will be selecting most of the same talents that work to amplify your Avenging Wrath Icon Avenging Wrath as well as increasing your total Holy Power generation.


Key Talents

Talent Reasoning
Sanctified Wrath Icon Sanctified Wrath This will be the endnode you take most frequently. Having more Holy Shock Icon Holy Shock casts increases your Holy Power generation, Glimmer of Light Icon Glimmer of Light value, and overall healing.
Avenging Wrath: Might Icon Avenging Wrath: Might Increases the power of your main throughput cooldown, Avenging Wrath Icon Avenging Wrath.
Awakening Icon Awakening The foundation of Holy Paladin healing is staying in Avenging Wrath Icon Avenging Wrath as much as possible by generating Holy Power and spending it quickly to proc this talent.
Beacon of Faith Icon Beacon of Faith Holy Paladin does a lot of its healing through beacon, having two of them just increases your overall output.
Blessing of Summer Icon Blessing of Summer In coordinated groups, this ability can provide strong buffs for your party members.

Niche Talents

Talent Reasoning
Beacon of Virtue Icon Beacon of Virtue In situations where you do not have two good Beacon of Light Icon Beacon of Light targets, this talent can be selected instead of Beacon of Faith Icon Beacon of Faith to give you more raid healing.
Breaking Dawn Icon Breaking Dawn In situations where you are very spread-out, this talent will increase the range of Light of Dawn Icon Light of Dawn to 40 yards, allowing you to hit allies much easier.
Maraad's Dying Breath Icon Maraad's Dying Breath When faced with encounters that require high single-target healing, this will allow you to handle the healing much easier.

PvP Talents (War Mode)

Enabling War Mode grants the following benefits:

  • PvP talents are enabled in the outdoor world.
  • 10% increase in World Quest rewards at max level.
  • 10% more experience gained while leveling.
  • Earn Conquest Points which can reward gear every week.

With the benefits of enabling War Mode for leveling and PvE content, it is recommended to enable the feature to maximize your leveling and rewards at max level. However, doing so will enable PvP combat, and the possibility of being attacked by members of the opposite faction while leveling or doing World Quests exists.


Holy Paladin PvP Talents

While the talents below might not be the best for purely open-world PvP combat, we believe them to be a solid compromise for both PvE and PvP combat in a small group if you have War Mode enabled.



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