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On this page, you will find out the best talents for each tier for your Holy Paladin in World of Warcraft — Dragonflight 10.2.7. We also have default talent lists for various types of content, such as raiding or Mythic+. If you play with Warmode on, we have your PvP talents covered as well.

If you were looking for WotLK Classic content, please refer to our WotLK Classic Holy Paladin talents.


Best Dragonflight Talents for Holy Paladins

Note that these builds are generic recommendations for various content. For more specific recommendations for the Raid and Mythic+, check out the dedicated pages below.


Best Builds for Holy Paladin

Raid - Beacon of Faith Raid - Beacon of Virtue Mythic+ Talents Explained

Raid - Beacon of Faith

This is the build you will be playing the majority of the time. It focuses on Holy Shock Icon Holy Shock, Glimmer of Light Icon Glimmer of Light and Infusion of Light Icon Infusion of Light. The goal is to press Holy Shock as much as possible while reducing the cooldown of it with Imbued Infusions Icon Imbued Infusions.

Blessing of Summer Icon Blessing of Summer is the choice over Merciful Auras Icon Merciful Auras, but it requires you to play around each use and get good value. If you have trouble remembering to hit the button or find effective targets, then you can simply use Merciful Auras.

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Raid - Beacon of Virtue

This build is identical to the Beacon of Faith build, but instead selects Virtue. When playing this build, it is extremely important that you press Virtue as much as your mana will allow and cast high-priority spells during the window it is active. The more healing you can output during the window, the better your overall numbers will be.

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Mythic+ Talents

The Mythic+ build is your standard melee-centric build that emphasizes heavy use of Crusader Strike Icon Crusader Strike for increased value of Holy Shock Icon Holy Shock and Glimmer of Light Icon Glimmer of Light. It adds a lot of powerful cooldowns, such as Tyr's Deliverance Icon Tyr's Deliverance, Divine Toll Icon Divine Toll and Daybreak Icon Daybreak to make difficult healing much easier to manage and give you more power outside of Avenging Wrath Icon Avenging Wrath.

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Talents Explained

Note that we do not explain EVERY Talent in the tree on this page. We only explain Talents that are part of our optimal builds or may be confusing to use. For full details and explanations of every Talent, please visit our Spells page via the button below.


Class Talents


Row 1-4

Divine Steed Icon Divine SteedBeing a relatively slow class, this is a mandatory talent allowing you to increase your overall movement speed.
Cavalier Icon CavalierWith movement speed being a concern, this Talent further increases your overall movement speed options.
Improved Cleanse Icon Improved CleanseBeing able to dispel more types of debuffs is useful no matter the type of content you are participating in.
Greater Judgment Icon Greater JudgmentIncreases the power of Judgment Icon Judgment by a significant margin, turning it into an ability that deals a decent amount of damage while providing healing.
Fist of Justice Icon Fist of JusticeWhile not being the default selection, this Talent provides a different form of crowd control that can be useful depending on what you are doing.
Blinding Light Icon Blinding LightRepentance Icon Repentance gives you a form of hard crowd control, and this Talent instead gives you the ability to interrupt multiple enemies at once, disorienting them.
Repentance Icon Repentance/td>While not being the default selection, this Talent provides a different form of crowd control that can be useful depending on what you are doing.
Rebuke Icon RebukeAllows you to interrupt an enemy, which can be very important in small-group content or PvP. Any time a healer can bring an extra interrupt will be valuable. While not as common in raiding, it can still be selected as the majority of the middle rows are utility-focused.

Row 5-7

Avenging Wrath Icon Avenging WrathThis is your primary healing cooldown, allowing you to increase your overall healing and damage for a period of time.
Blessing of Sacrifice Icon Blessing of SacrificeExternal damage reduction cooldowns are extremely powerful in every form of content. Being able to reduce the damage one of your party members takes will always be useful.
Holy Aegis Icon Holy AegisOne of the few throughput-increasing talents in the middle rows of the class tree.
Unbreakable Spirit Icon Unbreakable SpiritReduces the cooldown of your major defensive abilities, which will allow you to feel much tankier.
Improved Blessing of Protection Icon Improved Blessing of ProtectionWhile not always useful, in some cases having the reduced cooldown can be life-saving as you will have more frequent access to this ability.
Sacrifice of the Just Icon Sacrifice of the JustReduces the cooldown of Blessing of Sacrifice Icon Blessing of Sacrifice which can be very useful when you need to press it frequently.
Echoing Blessings Icon Echoing BlessingsIncreases the power of Blessing of Freedom Icon Blessing of Freedom and Blessing of Sacrifice Icon Blessing of Sacrifice.

Row 8-10

Divine Toll Icon Divine TollStrong burst healing on a relatively short cooldown. This ability also provides you with a large amount of Holy Power.
Of Dusk and Dawn Icon Of Dusk and DawnThis ability provides a large healing and damage increase that you will be able to make constant use of.
Divine Purpose Icon Divine PurposeThe goal of Holy Paladin is to spend as much time in Avenging Wrath Icon Avenging Wrath as possible. This ability allows you to spend more Holy Power, thus increasing the potential procs of Awakening Icon Awakening.
Strength of Conviction Icon Strength of ConvictionPrimarily strong in Mythic+ and PVP where you will be casting more Word of Glory Icon Word of Glorys than Light of Dawn Icon Light of Dawns.
Vanguard's Momentum Icon Vanguard's MomentumDespite being a capstone, this Talent is outshined in nearly every circumstance. In PVP it has the potential to give you the ability to burst down an enemy quickly, but it will likely not see much use.

Spec Talents


Row 1-4

Light's Conviction Icon Light's ConvictionHaving an extra charge of Holy Shock Icon Holy Shock creates a large amount of rotational flexibility in every build, making it a necessity.
Beacon of the Lightbringer Icon Beacon of the LightbringerIn order to help make Holy Paladin mastery a bit more consistent when spread out, this Talent increases the area you are able to effectively reach.
Awestruck Icon AwestruckWith Critical Strike being the best stat for Paladin, this talent gains a lot of value, increasing the amount of healing we are able to do with our most frequently casted abilities: Holy Shock Icon Holy Shock, Flash of Light Icon Flash of Light and the less frequent Holy Light Icon Holy Light.
Holy Infusion Icon Holy InfusionWhile Crusader Strike Icon Crusader Strike may have dropped significantly in priority, the ability to generate 2 Holy Power instead of 1 during a filler global is extremely powerful and can really help smooth out the rotation when you have a bad luck streak generating Infusion of Light Icon Infusion of Light.
Resplendent Light Icon Resplendent LightCasting Holy Light Icon Holy Light is quite powerful, especially when under the effects of Infusion of Light Icon Infusion of Light. This Talent makes it even stronger when you are stacked and able to cleave your allies.
Moment of Compassion Icon Moment of CompassionThis talent is extremely weak unless you are playing Beacon of Virtue Icon Beacon of Virtue. When combined with Virtue, it becomes a key talent as it has great synergy with Divine Revelations Icon Divine Revelations.

Row 5-7

Illumination Icon IlluminationGlimmer of Light Icon Glimmer of Light is a key component of the build, and it is significantly weaker without the extra targets.
Imbued Infusions Icon Imbued InfusionsThe main goal of Holy Paladin is to cast as many Holy Shock Icon Holy Shocks as possible. This Talent enables to cast more by consuming Infusions.
Tower of Radiance Icon Tower of RadianceGiven the emphasis placed on consuming Infusion of Light Icon Infusion of Light, we can consistently generate more Holy Power thanks to this Talent.
Divine Revelations Icon Divine RevelationsThis point is one of the first you will look to drop when needing extra points elsewhere. It has very strong synergy with Flash of Light Icon Flash of Light, but the mana return from Holy Light Icon Holy Light and Judgment Icon Judgment may be unneeded.
Breaking Dawn Icon Breaking DawnBreaking Dawn is the most flexible talent point in the talent tree. Whenever you are very stacked up, you will want to replace this talent point with something like Righteous Judgment Icon Righteous Judgment for extra damage. However, if you are very spread out, you may want to put a second talent point into this.
Righteous Judgment Icon Righteous JudgmentProvides a very high passive damage increase. Whenever you have an extra talent point, this Talent can be beneficial to select to increase your damage output.

Row 8-10

Beacon of Faith Icon Beacon of FaithHoly Paladin does a lot of its healing through beacon; having two of them just increases your overall output.
Daybreak Icon DaybreakThis is an extremely strong cooldown, allowing you to trigger all your active Glimmer of Light Icon Glimmer of Lights the moment damage happens. It also restores mana.
Barrier of Faith Icon Barrier of FaithWhile this can be overwhelming at first glance, it can simply be treated as another beacon. Apply it to a target every 30 seconds who is likely to take a good amount of damage and forget about it.
Tyr's Deliverance Icon Tyr's DeliverancePowerful cooldown that increases the healing of 3 core abilities: Holy Light Icon Holy Light, Flash of Light Icon Flash of Light and most importantly Holy Shock Icon Holy Shock.
Beacon of Virtue Icon Beacon of VirtueIn situations where you do not have two good Beacon of Light Icon Beacon of Light targets or simply need more AoE healing, this Talent can be selected instead of Beacon of Faith Icon Beacon of Faith.
Maraad's Dying Breath Icon Maraad's Dying Breath>When faced with encounters that require high single-target healing, this will allow you to handle the healing much easier.


In order to perform to the best of your ability in Mythic+, it is recommended that you visit our Mythic+ specific page in order to better understand how to play the spec.


Rotation for Holy Paladin

While healers do not follow strict rotations, there is still a priority list that you will want to familiarize yourself with. This will allow you to get the most out of your abilities in every form of content.



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