Mage Class Changes in Patch 9.1

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On this page, you will find a list of all Mage class changes introduced in Patch 9.1.


General Mage Changes


Mage Class Guides Updated for Patch 9.1

Below, you will find out Mage class guides, which have all been updated for Patch 9.1.


Fire Mage Changes


Mage Legendary Power Changes

In this section, we list all Mage Legendary Power changes that went live in Patch 9.1.


Fire Mage Legendary Powers


Frost Mage Legendary Powers


New Mage Legendary Powers

In this section, we list all the new Mage Legendary Powers added in Patch 9.1.

  • Death's Fathom Icon Death's Fathom (Shoulder/Wrist/Feet) — Your Fireball Icon Fireball, Frostbolt Icon Frostbolt, and Arcane Blast Icon Arcane Blast have a chance to grant Deathborne Icon Deathborne for 8 seconds. While in the form of a skeletal mage, the spell damage granted is increased by 1% for each enemy hit by Fireball, Frostbolt and Arcane Blast.
  • Harmonic Echo Icon Harmonic Echo (Head/Waist) — Damage dealt to enemies affected by Radiant Spark Icon Radiant Spark's vulnerability echo to 4 nearby enemies for 25% of the damage dealt.
  • Heart of the Fae Icon Heart of the Fae (Chest/Hands) — Shifting Power Icon Shifting Power can now be channeled while moving. Each enemy hit by Shifting Power grants you 1% Critical Strike and Haste, up to 10% for 10 seconds.
  • Sinful Delight Icon Sinful Delight (Legs/Feet) — Consuming Clearcast (Arcane) a Fire Blast Icon Fire Blast charge (Fire), or Brain Freeze Icon Brain Freeze reduces Mirrors of Torment Icon Mirrors of Torment's cooldown by 3 seconds. If Mirrors of Torment is dispelled, the cooldown is reduced by 45 seconds.

Mage PvP Changes

  • Kleptomania Icon Kleptomania (PvP Talent) is now only available to Arcane Mages.
  • Dampened Magic (PvP Talent) has been removed.

Arcane Mage PvP Changes

  • New PvP Talent: Arcanosphere Icon Arcanosphere added. Builds a sphere of Arcane energy, gaining power over 4 seconds. Upon release, the sphere passes through any barriers, knocking enemies back and dealing Arcane damage.
  • Arcane Blast Icon Arcane Blast now deals 20% more damage in PvP Combat.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Mirrors of Torment Icon Mirrors of Torment (Venthyr Ability) Clearcasting proc from functioning with Arcane Empowerment Icon Arcane Empowerment (PvP Talent).

Fire Mage PvP Changes

  • New PvP Talent: Ring of Fire Icon Ring of Fire added. Summons a Ring of Fire for 8 seconds at the target location. Enemies entering the ring burn for 24% of their total health over 6 seconds.
  • Controlled Burn Icon Controlled Burn (PvP Talent) has been reworked — Mastery: Ignite Icon Mastery: Ignite deals 100% more damage while Combustion Icon Combustion is not active.
  • World in Flames Icon World in Flames (PvP Talent) now causes Flamestrike Icon Flamestrike to reduce the cast time of Flamestrike by 50% (was 1.25 seconds) and increases its damage by 30% for 3 seconds (was 20% permanently).

Frost Mage PvP Changes

  • New PvP Talent: Ice Wall Icon Ice Wall added. Conjures an Ice Wall 30-yards long that obstructs line of sight. The wall has 40% of your maximum health and lasts up to 15 seconds.
  • Frostbolt Icon Frostbolt now deals 100% more damage in PvP Combat (was 15%).
  • Deep Shatter Icon Deep Shatter (PvP Talent) now increases the damage of Frostbolt Icon Frostbolt by 75% on Frozen targets (was 150%).
  • Burst of Cold Icon Burst of Cold (PvP Talent) now increases the damage of Cone of Cold Icon Cone of Cold by 600% (was 400%).

More Patch 9.1 Class Changes

You can find other Patch 9.1 class changes linked below.



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