Doctor Ickus Normal Encounter Journal

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Welcome to the Normal difficulty Encounter Journal for Doctor Ickus in Plaguefall.


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If you are interested in more information about this encounter, we are please to tell you that we have more content. First of all, we have the encounter journal for the other difficulties.

Plague Bomb

Doctor Ickus plants Plague Bombs in various slime pools during the encounter.

Virulent Explosion Icon Virulent Explosion

Doctor Ickus arms a Plague Bomb that will detonate, inflicting 19,917 Nature damage to all players.

Slime Injection Icon Slime Injection

Doctor Ickus infects the player, inflicting 6,639 Nature damage and an additional 1,327 Nature damage every 1 sec for 60 sec. This effect stacks.

When removed, this aura spawns a Erupting Ooze for each stack applied.

Erupting Ooze
Bursting Ooze Icon Bursting Ooze

The ooze bursts underfoot, inflicting 4,426 Physical damage to the player who stepped on it.

Erupt Icon Erupt

The ooze erupts, inflicting 3,319 Nature damage to all players.

Burning Strain Icon Burning Strain

Doctor Ickus infects all players, inflicting 3,319 Nature damage on impact and an additional 663 Nature damage every 1 sec for 10 sec when not engaged in melee combat.

This effect stacks.