Valdrakken Accord Reputation Overview in Dragonflight (10.0.2)

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The Dragonflight expansion features the return of a new and improved Renown system of gaining reputation, and is used for the main factions of the Dragon Isles. Here, you will learn about one of these known as the Valdrakken Accord and discover its rewards at every Renown level, important profession recipes tied to your reputation, and what unique weekly activities are available for you involving it.


Valdrakken Accord Background

Valdrakken Accord Crest

The Valdrakken Accord represents the combined forces of the five dragonflights and their renewed presence within the Dragon Isles. By aiding them, you will help in uniting the forces of the isles and reclaiming the ancient seats of draconic power throughout, fighting against the forces of the Primalists, Djaradin, and more along the way.


Meeting the Accord

You will first gain access to this Renown-based reputation very early in the Dragonflight leveling experience, while you are still progressing through the main storyline of The Waking Shores. Your introduction will properly begin with the quest For the Benefit of the Queen, where you will meet with Alextrasza in the Ruby Life Pools. However, as the Valdrakken Accord is comprised of all dragonflights, you will still continue to have many adventures that provide reputation with them throughout leveling. It is only once you reach Thaldraszus and Valdrakken, the the central hub of the Dragon Isles where you will find the quest Orientation: Valdrakken to help introduce you to many of the important NPCs scattered throughout the city.

If you would like to learn more about how earning reputation and Renown works within the four major factions of Dragonflight, please see our overview below.


Why Gain Renown with the Valdrakken Accord

Although all Renown-based reputations in Dragonflight mostly contain "optional" rewards such as mounts, cosmetic armor and weapon appearances, toys, battle pets, titles, and unique Dragonriding customizations, they also provide access to a variety of additional activities within the zones of the Dragon Isles that also reward extra gear that may prove valuable while initially gearing a character at Level 70. In addition, note that many of the rewards and features from this reputation are account-based unlocks that also feature catch-up mechanisms for alts. This is especially helpful if you wish to acquire some of the unique Profession recipes that are locked behind specific renown levels.

If you are behind on your Renown, you may wish to take advantage of the Dreamsurges present throughout the zones of the Dragon Isles as of Patch 10.1.7. In addition to providing easy access to catchup gear for your character as you do world quests in a zone with an active Dreamsurge, you may also occasionally receive the Dreamsurge Learnings Icon Dreamsurge Learnings buff for 30 minutes at a time. This buff increases your experience and reputation earnings by 50% while active!

For the Valdrakken Accord in particular, here is a summary of all rewards available from maximizing its 30 Renown levels:

  • Access to the Siege on Dragonbane keep scenario every two hours;
  • Additional world quests, including Dragonriding ones;
  • The continuation of the main story of the Dragon Isles;
  • Item level 376 and 389 gear;
  • 21 Profession recipes;
  • 13 Dragonriding customizations;
  • 6 toys;
  • 2 battle pets, with more obtainable from other reward activities;
  • 68+ cosmetic weapon and armor appearances.

Valdrakken Accord Renown Rewards

Below you can find tables breaking down the rewards for all 30 Renown levels currently available to progress through with the Valdrakken Accord, along with some additional notes elaborating them further.

1-5 6-10 11-15 16-20 21-25 26-30

Renown 1-5

Level Reward Relevant NPC Additional Info
1 The Valdrakken Accord - Default renown level upon completing the quest For the Benefit of the Queen
2 Titan Relics Sorotis Titan Relic Icon Titan Relics can be found from primalist, titan, and dragon-themed rares and treasures; turn them in to Sorotis for additional Valdrakken Accord reputation
3 Dragon Cooking Erugosa Dragon Tea Set Icon Dragon Tea Set toy and 5 cosmetic dinner weapons (Dagger, 1H Mace)
4 Dragon Isles Supplies Unatos One-time reward of a Small Valdrakken Accord Supply Pack Icon Small Valdrakken Accord Supply Pack
5 Siege on Dragonbane Keep - Unlock access to the Siege on Dragonbane Keep scenario for weekly rewards

Renown 6-10

Level Reward Relevant NPC Additional Info
6 Gardening Tools Gryrmpech 5 gardening-themed weapon models (Staff and Dagger)
7 Aerial Challenges - Unlock access to Dragonriding world quests, in addition to Advanced Dragon Racing courses
8 Dragon Isles Supplies Unatos One-time reward of a Small Valdrakken Accord Supply Pack Icon Small Valdrakken Accord Supply Pack
9 Drakewatcher Manuscripts I Kaestrasz Cliffside Wylderdrake: Plated Brow Icon Cliffside Wylderdrake: Plated Brow, Cliffside Wylderdrake: Split Head Horns Icon Cliffside Wylderdrake: Split Head Horns, Cliffside Wylderdrake: Spiked Cheek Icon Cliffside Wylderdrake: Spiked Cheek Dragonriding customizations
10 Basic Dragonspawn Shoulders Armorsmith Terisk 5 cosmetic shoulder transmogs (five recolors of one model, including Red Dragonspawn Shoulderpads Icon Red Dragonspawn Shoulderpads)
10 Word of a Worthy Ally I - Gain +100% Valdrakken Accord rep for all characters on your account below Renown 10 with them

Renown 11-15

Level Reward Relevant NPC Additional Info
11 Bonus Supplies I - 25% chance of bonus Dragon Isles Supplies Icon Dragon Isles Supplies when defeating supply-laden humanoids (marked with a purple outline)
12 Questline: The Silver Purpose Alexstrasza Continue the Valdrakken Accord storyline, beginning with The Gift of Silver
13 Titan Weaponry Sorotis 5 cosmetic weapon appearances (2H Sword, 1H Sword, Gun, Off-hand, and Shield)
14 Dragon Isles Supplies Unatos One-time reward of a Small Valdrakken Accord Supply Pack Icon Small Valdrakken Accord Supply Pack
14 Crafter's Knowledge I Dothenos Gain free profession knowledge for use with your chosen Dragonflight Profession
15 Drakewatcher Manuscripts II Kaestrasz Cliffside Wylderdrake: Hook Horns Icon Cliffside Wylderdrake: Hook Horns, Cliffside Wylderdrake: Scaled Pattern Icon Cliffside Wylderdrake: Scaled Pattern, Cliffside Wylderdrake: Spear Tail Icon Cliffside Wylderdrake: Spear Tail Dragonriding customizations

Renown 16-20

Level Reward Relevant NPC Additional Info
16 Valdrakken Equipment I Provisioner Thom Item Level 376 Belt (Valdrakken Spellweaver's Cord Icon Valdrakken Spellweaver's Cord, Valdrakken Guards Belt Icon Valdrakken Guards Belt, Valdrakken Dragonspawn Waistguard Icon Valdrakken Dragonspawn Waistguard, Valdrakken Plate Girdle Icon Valdrakken Plate Girdle)
17 Drakonid Helms Armorsmith Terisk 5 cosmetic helm transmogs (five recolors of one model, including Verdant Drakonid Helmet Icon Verdant Drakonid Helmet)
18 Whelp Rescue Groundskeeper Kama Crimson Proto-Whelp Icon Crimson Proto-Whelp and Magic Nibbler Icon Magic Nibbler battle pets
19 Questline: Garden of Secrets Merithra Continue the Valdrakken Accord story, beginning with A Day in the Groves
20 Word of a Worthy Ally II - Gain +100% Iskaara Tuskarr rep for all characters on your account below Renown 20 with them, and +200% when below Renown 10
20 Valdrakken Fashion Giera 5 cosmetic ensembles, usable as any armor type (five recolors of one model, including Ensemble: Azure Valdrakken Clothing Icon Ensemble: Azure Valdrakken Clothing)

Renown 21-25

Level Reward Relevant NPC Additional Info
21 Drakewatcher Manuscripts III Kaestrasz Windborne Velocidrake: Bronze Scales Icon Windborne Velocidrake: Bronze Scales, Renewed Proto-Drake: Bronze Scales Icon Renewed Proto-Drake: Bronze Scales, Highland Drake: Bronze Scales Icon Highland Drake: Bronze Scales Dragonriding cosmetics
22 Valdrakken Equipment II Provisioner Thom Item Level 389 Helm (Expedition Researcher's Hood Icon Expedition Researcher's Hood, Field Scout's Helmet Icon Field Scout's Helmet, Expedition Mercenary's Helm Icon Expedition Mercenary's Helm, Expedition Guard's Helm Icon Expedition Guard's Helm)
23 Valdrakken Accord Tabard Unatos Valdrakken Accord Tabard Icon Valdrakken Accord Tabard
24 Crafter's Knowledge II Dothenos Gain free profession knowledge for use with your chosen Dragonflight Profession
24 Bonus Supplies II - 50% chance of bonus Dragon Isles Supplies Icon Dragon Isles Supplies when defeating supply-laden humanoids (marked with a purple outline)
25 Torch, Tomes and Bottles Giera 8 cosmetic weapon transmogs (1H Mace and Off-hand; all models are unique from one another)

Renown 26-30

Level Reward Relevant NPC Additional Info
26 Drakewatcher Manuscripts IV Kaestrasz Unlock the ability to apply armor cosmetics to Dragonriding mounts; can also purchase Windborne Velocidrake: Silver and Purple Armor Icon Windborne Velocidrake: Silver and Purple Armor, Renewed Proto-Drake: Silver and Purple Armor Icon Renewed Proto-Drake: Silver and Purple Armor, Highland Drake: Silver and Purple Armor Icon Highland Drake: Silver and Purple Armor, Cliffside Wylderdrake: Silver and Purple Armor Icon Cliffside Wylderdrake: Silver and Purple Armor
27 Dragon Banners Unatos 5 toys (Green Dragon Banner Icon Green Dragon Banner, Bronze Dragon Banner Icon Bronze Dragon Banner, Blue Dragon Banner Icon Blue Dragon Banner, Black Dragon Banner Icon Black Dragon Banner, Red Dragon Banner Icon Red Dragon Banner)
28 Elaborate Dragon Shoulders Armorsmith Terisk 10 cosmetic shoulder transmogs (five recolors each of two different models, including Emerald Jeweled Shoulderpads Icon Emerald Jeweled Shoulderpads and Black Drakonid Shoulderplates Icon Black Drakonid Shoulderplates)
29 Dragon Weaponry Weaponsmoth Koref 19 cosmetic weapon transmogs (Warglaives, Staff, Off-hand, Polearm, Shield, 2H Axe, Dagger, 1H Sword, Fist Weapon)
30 A Heroic Reward Unatos Obtain one free Primal Infusion Icon Primal Infusion, used when crafting item level 395 gear with Dragonflight Professions. Can be used in Crafting Orders
30 Part of the Accord - "Ally of Dragons" title"

Valdrakken Accord Quartermaster and NPCs

Although there are many NPCs among the Valdrakken Accord, there are a handful that are more important due to being frequent vendors of its many Renown rewards. However, with that being said, all purchasable Renown rewards can also be acquired from Unatos in Valdrakken! Unatos acts as the faction's quartermaster and can be found at coordinates 58.05, 35.30 in Valdrakken; look for them in The Seat of the Aspects, straight across from the Valdrakken flight point. Otherwise, the map below is labeled with all important NPCs that can be found within the capital city; note that there are some outside of Valdrakken as well, who are not labeled.


Valdrakken Accord Profession Recipes

In addition to the cosmetic rewards offered at various Renown levels, there are a number of Profession recipes available for purchase as well. Some of these may prove especially important for you if you are looking to make some extra GoldGold or acquire additional profession knowledge! The recipes, their required renown level, and relevant profession are listed below.

Note that all of these recipes can be acquired from Unatos in Valdrakken.

Renown Level Recipe Profession
11 Formula: Enchant Boots - Watcher's Loam Icon Formula: Enchant Boots - Watcher's Loam Enchanting
11 Formula: Enchant Cloak - Homebound Speed Icon Formula: Enchant Cloak - Homebound Speed Enchanting
11 Schematic: Tinker: Grounded Circuitry Icon Schematic: Tinker: Grounded Circuitry Engineering
14 Recipe: Sustaining Alchemist's Stone Icon Recipe: Sustaining Alchemist's Stone Alchemy
14 Plans: Obsidian Seared Invoker Icon Plans: Obsidian Seared Invoker Blacksmithing
14 Plans: Obsidian Seared Claymore Icon Plans: Obsidian Seared Claymore Blacksmithing
14 Pattern: Chronocloth Sash Icon Pattern: Chronocloth Sash Tailoring
14 Pattern: Azureweave Slippers Icon Pattern: Azureweave Slippers Tailoring
15 Technique: Cliffside Wylderdrake: Red Hair Icon Technique: Cliffside Wylderdrake: Red Hair Inscription
19 Plans: Khaz'gorite Leatherworker's Toolset Icon Plans: Khaz'gorite Leatherworker's Toolset Blacksmithing
19 Plans: Khaz'gorite Needle Set Icon Plans: Khaz'gorite Needle Set Blacksmithing
19 Plans: Khaz'gorite Sickle Icon Plans: Khaz'gorite Sickle Blacksmithing
19 Schematic: Lapidary's Khaz'gorite Clamps Icon Schematic: Lapidary's Khaz'gorite Clamps Engineering
19 Schematic: Khaz'gorite Delver's Helmet Icon Schematic: Khaz'gorite Delver's Helmet Engineering
19 Pattern: Master's Wildercloth Alchemist's Robe Icon Pattern: Master's Wildercloth Alchemist's Robe Tailoring
19 Pattern: Master's Wildercloth Enchanter's Hat Icon Pattern: Master's Wildercloth Enchanter's Hat Tailoring
19 Pattern: Master's Wildercloth Gardening Hat Icon Pattern: Master's Wildercloth Gardening Hat Tailoring
23 Technique: Contract: Valdrakken Accord Icon Technique: Contract: Valdrakken Accord Inscription
23 Pattern: Chronocloth Reagent Bag Icon Pattern: Chronocloth Reagent Bag Tailoring
28 Technique: Illusion Parchment: Whirling Breeze Icon Technique: Illusion Parchment: Whirling Breeze Inscription
28 Pattern: Cushion of Time Travel Icon Pattern: Cushion of Time Travel Tailoring

Valdrakken Accord Activity: The Siege on Dragonbane Keep

One of the key unlockable features of the Valdrakken Accord reputation is the ability to participate in The Siege on Dragonbane Keep, in which you assist a group of drakonid known as the Obsidian Outcasts in reclaiming an area of The Waking Shores that has become overrun with Djaradin in exchange for rewards.

The Siege on Dragonbane Keep occurs every 2 hours and will be marked on your minimap beforehand once you have completed the initial To Dragonbane Keep! quest. During this scenario, you will fight through waves of dangerous Djaradin before finally confronting a powerful boss, earning a reputation with the Valdrakken Accord during each stage. Upon completing this scenario for the first time each week, you will receive an Epic Dragonbane Keep Strongbox Icon Dragonbane Keep Strongbox, containing item level 376 gear, Dragon Isles Supplies Icon Dragon Isles Supplies, additional artifacts or reputation tokens, and GoldGold. Any completions of this scenario beyond your first for the week will instead reward Dragonbane Keep Strongbox Icon Dragonbane Keep Strongbox, containing fewer rewards and no weapons or armor.


Valdrakken Accord Sub-reputations

The Valdrakken Accord is unique among the main four Reputations of Dragonflight in that it also contains four distinct "sub-reputations." While each of these factions do not have their set of Renown levels, they do feature a more traditional form of reputation grind through specific end-game activities. As a bonus, earning reputation with any of these factions will often also provide some amount of reputation with the Valdrakken Accord!

We briefly go over these four sub-reputations and their progression below.


Artisan's Consortium

The Artisan's Consortium is a sub-reputation of the Valdrakken Accord that specializes in Professions and all that they have to offer an artisan. While it is a faction that is quick to gain progression through many artisan and profession-related quests offered by trainers around the world, there are nonetheless some valuable recipes that may be worth seeking out, depending on your trade.

The five reputation ranks with the Artisan's Consortium are:

  • Neutral (0 total reputation)
  • Preferred (500 total reputation)
  • Respected (2,500 total reputation)
  • Valued (5,500 total reputation)
  • Esteemed (12,500 total reputation)

Beyond offering useful recipes such as missives that Scribes can use to let crafters choose the secondary stats present on crafted gear, players that are interested in becoming master artisans will want to reach the reputation level of valued to be able to purchase Pentagold Seal Icon Pentagold Seals. These bind-on-pickup materials are sometimes used to create weapons and armor of the highest quality!


Cobalt Assembly

The Cobalt Assembly is a small section in the northern Azure Span where members of the blue dragonflight are protecting a cluster of magical artifacts from The Sundered Flame, a rebellious group of drakonids and dracthyr. It is an area filled with almost exclusively elite-level enemies, where your goal is to defeat them to loot items that may then be turned in for reputation. There are five levels of reputation with the Cobalt Assembly for you to progress through in this way:

  • Empty (0 total reputation)
  • Low (300 total reputation)
  • Medium (1,200 total reputation)
  • High (3,600 total reputation)
  • Maximum (10,000 total reputation)

While it may seem daunting to have to exclusively defeat elites in order to gain reputation, many enemies will occasionally drop orbs of Wild Arcana, which act similarly to the Anima Powers once located within Torghast from Shadowlands. In addition, similar to the Box of Many Things, you can also unlock a variety of "talents" that are active in the area. With the help of these powers, you can greatly reduce the danger of fighting here.

As for why a player would want to participate in this reputation, there are many cosmetic rewards available, including blue dragonflight themed drakonid armor and weapons, along with 8 Dragonriding cosmetics. Alchemists, Scribes, Leatherworkers, and Talors will also have additional recipes to unlock, including the best in slot leg enchantments: Pattern: Frozen Spellthread Icon Pattern: Frozen Spellthread and Pattern: Frosted Armor Kit Icon Pattern: Frosted Armor Kit!


Sabellian and Wrathion

Though considered separate factions, reputation with Sabellian and Wrathion is gained in the exact same way as each wish to become the main representative of the black dragonflight at the Obsidian Throne in The Waking Shores. Each week, you will be given the opportunity to pledge your allegiance to one or the other, unlocking a variety of daily quests rewarding reputation with your chosen ally. There is no penalty if you choose to support one dragon over another, as the only real difference between the two in rewards offered at each quartermaster is a choice of toy. In total, there 6 reputation ranks to gain for each dragon:

  • Acquaintance (0 total reputation)
  • Cohort (8,400 total reputation)
  • Ally (16,800 total reputation)
  • Fang (25,200 total reputation)
  • Friend (33,600 total reputation)
  • True Friend (42,000 total reputation)

Regardless of which dragon you choose to support for a week, your time at the Obsidian Citadel will revolve around collecting Key Fragments Icon Key Fragments and Key Framing Icon Key Framings to create Restored Obsidian Key Icon Restored Obsidian Keys. Turning these keys in will grant you reputation with the black dragon factions and also progress the triggering of a bonus event to fight unique, rare enemies. Players who are Blacksmiths will want to turn one Obsidian Key in to Forgemaster Bazentus in particular to unlock the only Profession recipe associated with this area: Plans: Obsidian Seared Alloy Icon Plans: Obsidian Seared Alloy.

For players who are not Blacksmiths, rewards from these two factions include a variety of cosmetic obsidian dragonflight drake weapons and armor, two toys, a battle pet, item level 389/398 gear, and seven Dragonriding customizations.



Soridormi is a representative of the Bronze Dragonflight, working to close a variety of Time Rifts opened in Patch 10.1.5. As such, this sub-reputation is exclusively handled from participating in these events, obtaining catchup gear and other cosmetics along the way. There are a total of 5 reputation ranks to gain with her, with each milestone rewarding something different:

  • Anomaly (0 total reputation);
  • Future Friend (7,000 total reputation) — grants the Minute Glass Icon Minute Glass toy;
  • Rift-Mender (14,000 total reputation) — grants Ensemble: Rift-Mender's Vestments Icon Ensemble: Rift-Mender's Vestments;
  • Timewalker (24,000 total reputation) — grants a Greater Encapsulated Destiny Icon Greater Encapsulated Destiny consumable;
  • Legend (42,000 total reputation) — unlocks the "Unparalleled" title and a Greater Paracausal Chest Icon Greater Paracausal Chest.

Further Reading

The Valdrakken Accord is just one of the main Renown-based reputations present in Dragonflight. If you would like to learn more about the others, please see our overviews of them below!



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