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Margrave Stradama Heroic Encounter Journal

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Welcome to the Heroic difficulty Encounter Journal for Margrave Stradama in Plaguefall.


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As the fight progresses, Stradama summons Malignant Spawn that cast Touch of Slime Icon Touch of Slime. If the creature finds no targets, it inflicts massive damage to the party. At health thresholds of 66% and 33%, Stradama sinks beneath the slime and casts Plague Crash Icon Plague Crash. $[!23 On Mythic difficulty, Margrave Stradama uses Plague Crash when she summons a Malignant Spawn. In addition, she will summon Plaguebound Devoted at her health thresholds of 66%, 33%, and the final phase.$]

Damage Dealers
  • Defeat Malignant Spawn.
Infectious Rain Icon Infectious Rain

Inflicts 1,770 Nature damage every 2 sec to all enemies.

Plague Rot Icon Plague Rot

Infects all enemies with a disease that inflicts 1,106 Nature damage every 1 sec for 30 sec when not engaged in melee combat. This effect stacks.

Malignant Growth Icon Malignant Growth

Stradama summons a slime tentacle that strikes the ground with Touch of Slime Icon Touch of Slime.

Malignant Spawn

Summoned by Margrave Stradama during the encounter.

Touch of Slime Icon Touch of Slime

If the creature hits an enemy, it inflicts 8,852 Nature damage to enemies within 4 yards of impact. If the tentacle does not have a target, it inflicts 17,704 Nature damage to all enemies.

Plague Crash Icon Plague Crash

Stradama sinks beneath the slime and causes tentacles to erupt in a pattern, inflicting 24,343 Nature damage to enemies caught in the blast.