Mort'regar Strategy Guide for Torghast

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Mort'Regar is one of the Cell Blocks of Torghast. Its layouts are some of the most varied, ranging between very small levels filled with elites plus ground swirly traps and large levels full of small islands you can reach through portal or rope. Its enemies are not so varied, and will mostly consist of shades that have dangerous casts, including some one-shot ground swirly effects, which we will talk about in detail in the guide below.

In this guide, we will explain the mechanics of Mort'Regar, its enemies and torments, detail which special Anima Powers you can get from Ravenous Anima Cell Icon Ravenous Anima Cell here and finish by explaining the bosses you can find on this Cell Block.



Mort'Regar is a magic damage focused Cell Block with many enemies and environmental hazards that deal magic, specifically Shadow, damage. Interrupts are of particular relevance here, as some enemies have very dangerous casts that reduce your healing and absorbs received, on top of dealing a lot of damage.

Also, whenever you kill one of the many Deadsoul enemies in this Block, they will drop a damaging pool that grows over time. Make sure to avoid standing on these for too long, at least until you get a Ravenous Anima Cell Icon Ravenous Anima Cell, as explained below.

Death Pool

Layout wise, Mort'Regar floors tend to be short and straightforward. You will occasionally find long chains that you can climb, but be careful when doing so, as it is easy to fall to your death if you are not running straight when climbing.

Mort'Regar Layout

There are some tight floors with traps that continually spawn swirlies on the ground that can chain stun you inside pools while doing massive damage, so be extremely careful where you fight enemies on these floors, and try to avoid screwing yourself up like this:

Screwed Floor

Some of the floors are composed of small islands and portals that teleport you around, or the islands have hooks you can reach with a rope, usually found nearby. The floor 3 break room also often has a lot of chains to climb and/or hooks to grab on to with the rope. When you get the hook and rope layouts, look below for jars you can break for Phantasma and Anima Power orbs, as coming back up is generally easy to do through the hooks.

Mort'Regar Portals

Mort'Regar Notable Enemies

Deadsoul Chorus are the most dangerous enemy in Mort'Regar. Their Death Blast cast hits hard and, especially, reduces your healing and absorbs received by 15% per cast, stacking. This makes recovery from a bad pull involving these enemies almost impossible, and they are also elite enemies. Try to avoid pulling them in multiples or alongside other dangerous enemies.

Death Blast

Deadsoul Echos cast Discordant Barrage, which causes a swirly effect to appear under your character upon cast completion, quickly followed by a massive blast of damage if you are slow to move out. This is one of the most damaging magic abilities in Torghast, and when combined with other attacks going on at the same time, is absolutely deadly, make sure to move out immediately!

Discordant Barrage

Deadsoul Miscreations are elite enemies which curse you with 50% extra damage taken. While by themselves they are not too bad, try to interrupt this cast or you might suddenly be overwhelmed when fighting them alongside other enemies.

Curse of Frailty

Last, but not least, Deadsoul Devils are elite enemies which cannot die. Whenever you kill them, they collapse on the floor for a little bit and respawn with a fraction of their maximum health. You cannot loot them on kills after the first, so try to move on once you finish them off, or kill them on the edge of the path, rather than in the middle.

They also have a dangerous ability, Soulblast Nova, which can easily one-shot on higher floors and layers, but is easily avoided by moving away from the green swirly on the floor until the cast is over.

Soulblast Nova

Using Ravenous Anima Cell in Mort'Regar

Using the Ravenous Anima Cell Icon Ravenous Anima Cell wisely is very helpful when clearing Torghast. Different Cell Block archetypes have different threats and enemies you can convert into useful powers. You can find the following powers from transforming enemies in Mort'Regar:

Enemy Power Explanation
Deadsoul enemies in Mort'Regar Purifier's Flame Icon Purifier's Flame This power is useless for the final boss, which makes it not so good overall, but it does make clearing up to it much easier but allowing you to heal at will on the ground pools, rather than taking damage.
Broker Vendor Broker's Purse Icon Broker's Purse By using the Anima Cell on the Broker vendor, you will gain a significant amount of Phantasma, which more than covers its cost, but you will also be missing out on extra powers until the final boss, which is a significant downside.
Lost Dredger Treasure Room By waiting until the Lost Dredger starts casting his escape portal to use the Ravenous Anima Cell Icon Ravenous Anima Cell, you will spawn a portal leading to a room with multiple Phantasma jars and Anima Powers! Finding a Lost Dredger is unlikely to begin with, unfortunately, but count yourself very lucky if you do, and absolutely make sure to spawn the portal, for the massive rewards contained within.
Mawrats Maw Seeker Harness Icon Maw Seeker Harness Using this item allows you to turn into a Mawrat, increasing your speed by 100%. Taking or dealing any damage removes the buff, but you can reuse it after leaving combat. Due to its lack of combat effectiveness, this power is not recommended.
Mawrat Harness

None of these powers really stand out, so we would advise you to save your Phantasma for regular Anima Power orbs and powers, unless you are feeling lucky with a Lost Dredger spawn on floor 4 or 5.


Mort'Regar Bosses

The final boss of your run will be the hardest challenge and the most likely spot at which you can actually get stuck and have to reset. Knowing about the boss abilities and some tips on how to deal with them before pulling is often the difference between victory and defeat!

Watchers of Death

Learn more about the bosses of Torghast on our specialized guide below:



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