The Ascended Reputation and Rewards Guide in Shadowlands

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The Ascended faction can be found in Bastion and offer players a ring and wrists at Honored and Revered respectively, as well as a number of cosmetic rewards, such as the Gilded Prowler Icon Gilded Prowler mount. They are also the source of the Memory of the Arbiter's Judgment Icon Memory of the Arbiter's Judgment legendary power.


Gaining Reputation with The Ascended

The main story quests no longer give reputation in Shadowlands, with the focus instead being on world quests.

To gain reputation, you can:

  • Complete side quests that are not a part of the main story progression in the Bastion zone.
  • Complete world quests within Bastion.
  • Equip a Contract: The Ascended Icon Contract: The Ascended.
  • Complete the weekly quests offered in Oribos and choose The Ascended as your reward.
    • There are 6 weekly quests each week, with 2 Normal Dungeon quests, 2 Heroic Dungeon quests, and 2 PvP quests.
  • Complete your daily calling, which grants reputation with The Ascended if you have chosen the Kyrian as your covenant.

The Ascended Reputation Contract

If you wish to focus on gaining reputation with The Ascended, you can buy a Contract: The Ascended Icon Contract: The Ascended or craft one with Inscription.

This will give you reputation with The Ascended for every world quest you complete in the Shadowlands.


Time to Reach Exalted with The Ascended

If you are part of the Kyrian covenant, you can expect to reach Exalted within 3 weeks, assuming that you are completing all potential sources of reputation every day of all 3 weeks.

If you are not part of the Kyrian covenant, it will take you far, far longer, due to not having the bonus from the callings. Even when using a contract with the Ascended, you are likely to spend nearly 2.5-3 months raising this reputation to Exalted.


The Ascended Quartermaster Location

The quartermaster for The Ascended is Adjutant Nikos, who can be found at Hero's Rest in Bastion.


The Ascended Reputation Rewards

The rewards for the Ascended are as follows:

Reputation Item Type
Friendly Technique: Codex of the Still Mind Icon Technique: Codex of the Still Mind Inscription Technique
Honored Smoothed Loop of Contemplation Icon Smoothed Loop of Contemplation Ring
Honored Plans: Shadowsteel Helm Icon Plans: Shadowsteel Helm Blacksmithing Plans
Revered Memory of the Arbiter's Judgment Icon Memory of the Arbiter's Judgment Legendary Power
Revered Technique: Contract: The Ascended Icon Technique: Contract: The Ascended Inscription Technique
Revered Manacles of Burden Icon Manacles of Burden Cloth Wrists
Revered Wristclamps of Remorse Icon Wristclamps of Remorse Plate Wrists
Revered Bracers of Regret Icon Bracers of Regret Mail Wrists
Revered Wristclasps of Shame Icon Wristclasps of Shame Leather Wrists
Revered Goldenpaw Kit Icon Goldenpaw Kit Companion Pet
Revered Aspirant's Stretcher Icon Aspirant's Stretcher Toy
Exalted Schematic: PHA7-YNX Icon Schematic: PHA7-YNX Engineering Schematic
Exalted Tabard of the Ascended Icon Tabard of the Ascended Tabard
Exalted Illusion: Devoted Spirit Icon Illusion: Devoted Spirit Weapon Enchantment Illusion
Exalted Gilded Prowler Icon Gilded Prowler Mount
Exalted Casque of the Path Icon Casque of the Path Plate Head
Exalted Masque of the Path Icon Masque of the Path Cloth Head
Exalted Cowl of the Path Icon Cowl of the Path Mail Head
Exalted Gorget of the Path Icon Gorget of the Path Leather Head

Gilded Prowler Mount

The mount reward for The Ascended is the Gilded Prowler Icon Gilded Prowler, which costs 30,000 Gold and requires Exalted to purchase. You can see the model for the mount below.

Gilded Prowler Mount


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