Demon Hunter Anima Powers for Torghast in Shadowlands

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On this page, you will find all Demon Hunter Anima Powers from Torghast (which only work in Torghast). We divided them into 3 categories:


Best Anima Powers for Demon Hunters

As you can see below on this page, there are many Anima Powers available to Demon Hunters (to which you must also add the generic Anima Powers that all classes can use), and they rank differently according to the spec you are playing. For that purpose, we have pages ranking these powers for each spec.


Demon Hunter Talent-Granting Anima Powers

These Anima Powers grant you access to additional talents in the same row. If you already have that talent, you may select another talent in the same row.


Demon Hunter Covenant Anima Powers

These Anima Powers empower your Demon Hunter's Covenant Abilities in various ways.

You can learn more information about Signature and Covenant Abilities in our guide linked below.


Kyrian Demon Hunter Anima Powers


Night Fae Demon Hunter Anima Powers


Necrolord Demon Hunter Anima Powers


Venthyr Demon Hunter Anima Powers


Other Demon Hunter Anima Powers

Anima Powers listed here drastically empower your class abilities and allow for unique interactions between them.


Other Class-Specific Anima Powers

Below, you will find links to other class-specific Anima Powers coming in Shadowlands.



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