Hunter Class Changes in Patch 9.1.5

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On this page, you will find a list of all Hunter class changes introduced in Patch 9.1.5.


General Hunter Changes

  • Aquilons, Corpseflies, and Gromits are now tameable as pets.
  • The following area-of-effect abilities are no longer maximum-target capped and instead deal reduced damage beyond 8 targets: Barrage Icon Barrage (Beast Mastery and Marksmanship).
  • Death Chakram Icon Death Chakram (Necrolord Ability) now also increases all Physical damage done by you and your pet to the targets damaged by 10% for 10 seconds.
  • Flayed Shot Icon Flayed Shot (Venthyr Ability) now deals an additional hit of damage when cast. This damage also has 15% chance (increased with the Empowered Release Icon Empowered Release Conduit) to reset the cooldown of Kill Shot Icon Kill Shot.
  • Revive Pet Icon Revive Pet cast time reduced to 3 seconds (was 4 seconds).
  • Freezing Trap Icon Freezing Trap now removes active A Murder of Crows Icon A Murder of Crows debuffs on the target when it is applied.
  • Mend Pet Icon Mend Pet can no longer be removed by spells that remove Magic effects.
  • Fixed an issue where Hunters could capture flags in Battlegrounds while under the effects of Feign Death Icon Feign Death.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Feign Death Icon Feign Death with Craven Strategem Icon Craven Strategem (Runecarving Power) to not remove A Murder of Crows Icon A Murder of Crows on the feign-deathed Hunter.
  • Petrified Pet Food Icon Petrified Pet Food (Anima Power) damage now correctly increases with each stack of the Anima Power.

Beast Mastery Hunter Changes

  • Bestial Wrath Icon Bestial Wrath's tooltip has been updated to better match its functionality. No functional change has been made to Bestial Wrath.
  • Bestial Wrath Icon Bestial Wrath increases damage dealt by 20% in PvP combat (was 25%).
  • Fixed an issue where Burrow Attack Icon Burrow Attack’s (Exotic Ability) cooldown was unintentionally reduced by Kindred Beasts Icon Kindred Beasts (PvP Talent).

Marksmanship Hunter Changes

  • Fixed an issue that caused Marksman's Advantage Icon Marksman's Advantage (Conduit) to remove stealth from targets when Hunter's Mark Icon Hunter's Mark was cast.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a player's Marksman's Advantage Icon Marksman's Advantage (Conduit) to be removed from targets when another Hunter applied Hunter's Mark Icon Hunter's Mark with the Marksman's Advantage Conduit.
  • Arcane Shot Icon Arcane Shot now deals 30% additional damage in PvP combat (was 20%).
  • Aimed Shot Icon Aimed Shot now deals 15% additional damage in PvP combat (was 10%).
  • Rapid Fire Icon Rapid Fire now deals 10% additional damage in PvP combat.

Survival Hunter Changes

  • Fixed an issue that caused Coordinated Assault Icon Coordinated Assault to require line-of-sight to your Hunter pet.
  • Fixed an issue that causes Steel Trap Icon Steel Trap (Talent) to not activate if the Hunter is out of line-of-sight of the trap when it lands.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed Chakrams Icon Chakrams (Talent) and Wildfire Bomb Icon Wildfire Bomb to deal damage to targets that were mmune to area-of-effect damage.

More Patch 9.1.5 Class Changes

You can find other Patch 9.1.5 class changes linked below.



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