Torghast Layers Difficulties and How Much Soul Ash They Reward

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On this page, we go over Torghast layers and how much Soul Ash each layer provides.


What Are Layers?

Torghast consists of 8 layers of difficulty. Each layer has 6 floors. Layers can be compared to Mythic dungeons, so the higher layer you complete, the better the rewards that await you.

  • Layer 1 rewards 120 Soul Ash.
  • Layer 2 rewards 100 Soul Ash.
  • Layer 3 rewards 85 Soul Ash.
  • Layer 4 rewards 70 Soul Ash.
  • Layer 5 rewards 60 Soul Ash.
  • Layer 6 rewards 50 Soul Ash.
  • Layer 7 rewards 45 Soul Ash.
  • Layer 8 rewards 40 Soul Ash.

Completing a higher layer gives you Soul Ash from lower layers. The final Layer 3+ bosses also rewards Legendary Powers recipes. Note that only 6 layers are currently open on live servers and the rest will come with Mythic Castle Nathria.

When in a party, your highest accessible layer will be defined by the party member with the lowest layer unlocked.

You must defeat the previous layer to unlock a more difficult one.


How Much Soul Ash Per Week Can I Get?

In total, you can get 1,140 Soul Ash per week when you clear all 8 available Torghast layers.



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