Shadowlands Currencies

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The following hub contains an overview of all new currencies added to the game in the Shadowlands expansion.



It is relatively simple to lose track of new currencies whenever a new expansion is released due to their sheer number, and this guide aims to provide concise information on all currencies added in the Shadowlands and beyond.


Pre-Expansion Event Currency

  • Argent Commendation Icon Argent Commendation: The Commendations can be obtained in Icecrown during the Shadowlands pre-expansion event and can be exchanged for various rewards, including a battle pet, and catch-up gear in Orgrimmar/Stormwind.

PvP Currencies

  • Honor: Used to purchase Unrated PvP gear in Oribos and to upgrade Rated and Unrated PvP gear.
  • Conquest: Earned from Rated PvP activities. Spend to acquire equipment in Oribos.

Mythic Dungeon Currencies

  • Valor Icon Valor: Valor is a currency used to upgrade Mythic Dungeon Gear in Shadowlands.

Torghast Currencies

  • Freed Soul Icon Freed Soul: The currency comes from The Maw and is used to advance aspects of your Covenant Sanctum.
  • Phantasma Icon Phantasma: The currency is obtained from killing monsters and completing objectives in Torghast. Can be exchanged for Anima Powers and only works inside the Tower of the Damned. Leaving Torghast destroys all Phantasma.
  • Soul Ash Icon Soul Ash: A raw source of power found within Torghast necessary for crafting Legendary Armor in Shadowlands.
  • Soul Cinders Icon Soul Cinders: A raw source of power found within only the most dangerous layers of Torghast. Used to fuel the Runecarver's Chamber.
  • Tower Knowledge Icon Tower Knowledge: Manifestation of knowledge gained in Torghast. Used to unlock the power within The Box of Many Things.

Covenant-Specific Currencies

  • Infused Ruby Icon Infused Ruby": Used to power shrines and devices that run on anima in Revendreth. With the drought various dredgers have begun trading goods for them as well.
  • Medallion of Service Icon Medallion of Service: A mark of service to Bastion. The currency is required to enter the Path of Ascension.
  • Renown: Increases the amount of trust your character has earned within the Covenant. Renown is capped weekly and you will unlock various rewards upon reaching certain levels.
  • Reservoir Anima Icon Reservoir Anima: A measure of the anima your Covenant has at its disposal.

Zone Currencies

  • Cataloged Research Icon Cataloged Research: As you bring the Archivist relics he will catalog it which will allow you to start Field Studies to learn more about them or identify relics in his care that you can use in the field. The currency is native to Korthia and the Death's Advance and The Archivists' Codex factions.
  • Stygian Ember Icon Stygian Ember: A currency that drops from Sanctum of Domination bosses used to upgrade Shards of Domination.
  • Sinstone Fragments Icon Sinstone Fragments: Archivist Fane can use these to recreate Inquisitor Sinstones, which will allow you to hunt Inquisitors in the Halls of Atonement.
  • Stygia Icon Stygia: The byproduct of the violent destruction of a Soul within The Maw. The currency drops from mobs and completing various activities. Can be exchanged for various goods at Ve'nari's Refuge.


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