The Jailer's Gauntlet Strategy Guide for Torghast

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The Jailer's Gauntlet is a new Torghast wing which is always available once you unlock it through a small breadcrumb quest in Oribos, similarly to the Twisting Corridors.

In this wing you will mostly face bosses and rare mobs across 8 floors, each of which consists of a single boss room. The large amount of bosses you need to kill to progress and the lack of normal enemies and exploration objectives makes this a very refreshing Torghast experience which will decidedly feel very different from your regular runs!

In this guide we will go into detail on what you can expect from this challenge, how to overcome the bosses, and detail the rewards involved.


Shadowlands Torghast Jailer's Gauntlet Challenge

The Jailer's Gauntlet is a boss rush, with each Layer floor mostly containing random bosses or rare enemies which rush out of the multiple gateways present in each floor. It contains 8 floors per layer and 8 layers with increasing levels of difficulty.

Jailer's Gauntlet Layer 1

How to Unlock the Jailer's Gauntlet Challenge

Pick up the breadcrumb quest from Ve'nyo, a new broker NPC near the middle ring in Oribos, and use the quest item provided at the marked place in the Torghast hub map to open this new layer.

Jailer's Gauntlet Breadcrumb Quest

You can learn more about accessing Torghast and how it normally works from our main guides below.


How the Jailer's Gauntlet Challenge Works

The Box of Many Things perks have no effect on this challenge. There is also no time limit or Score, but Unnatural Power Icon Unnatural Power will be stacking as usual in the harder layers, making bosses harder over time if your damage is too low.

Also, if your group wipes, all active enemies will regenerate their full health, but you will also reset all of your cooldowns and debuffs, allowing you to go again at full power.

You can also only die a few times before The Tarragrue shows up and everyone is kicked out of the run.

Jailer's Gauntlet Tarragrue

Anima Powers

You can choose three Anima Powers when starting and get extra powers as you defeat enemies and bosses, as well as an extra one near the exit of most completed floors. You also gain 4 Soul Remnant's Blessing Icon Soul Remnant's Blessing and 200 Phantasma Icon Phantasma for each floor you climb, which can be spent at the broker vendor before each boss.

To help you decide what to take, we have created a separate guide where you can learn more about all available Anima Powers in Torghast for your class. In addition, all of our class guides have a section devoted to Torghast.

Jailer's Challenge Ascension Rewards

The amount of enemies and bosses you face per floor increases as you climb them and challenge the harder layers. You will start by facing only a handful of enemies and a single boss, then it will become two bosses which you fight individually, then two bosses simultaneously and so on until you are facing multiple bosses, rare mobs, and enemies all at once in the final layers!

Jailer's Challenge Final Layer Floor 1

Once you are at this level of challenge, it is very advisable to bring a full party with tank and healer, as the sheer amount of bosses and abilities going out can easily overwhelm a solo player and a single fear going off usually results in death. The difficulty ramps up quickly after Layer 4, so come prepared!


Special Floors Within the Jailer's Challenge

The fourth floor will always contain multiple random rare mobs which attack you in pairs instead of bosses, and takes place inside the Adamant Vaults layout. These rares will flood you with Anima Powers once killed, but you will also be forced to deal with many of them at once, which is extremely dangerous for your health pool. Also, you will not get the usual extra Anima Power orb before climbing to the fifth floor.

Jailer's Challenge Fourth Floor Rares

Floor eight is the final floor and also takes place in the Adamant Vaults, with one of the tougher bosses present on these floors being your final obstacle to a successful run. As with previous floors, extra enemies and more Adamant Vaults bosses will teleport in once you get close to defeating the first one, so make sure to finish weakened bosses quickly!

Jailer's Challenge Final Bosses

Note that on the harder layers Adamant Vaults bosses can spawn on the early floors, including on floor 1 in Layer 8. These bosses have multiple phases and extremely deadly area-of-effect mechanics so always keep an eye out for them as they are the most likely to wipe you if you fail to dodge their mechanics properly!

Jailer's Challenge Layer 8

Jailer's Gauntlet Challenge Rewards

When completing a run you can get Torghast-specific transmogrification items such as Blackflame Skull Crescent Icon Blackflame Skull Crescent and a scaling amount of Soul Ash Icon Soul Ash, Soul Cinders Icon Soul Cinders and Cosmic Flux Icon Cosmic Flux. Each run requires 8 boss floors while a regular Torghast run takes you through 4 regular floors and a boss floor, making it an arguably faster way to farm old Legendary currency and Renown, depending on your class and gear levels.

Jailer's Gauntlet Mount

You can get any memories of the Runecarver you are missing from doing the Jailer's Challenge, as long as their drop source is a Torghast Cell Block. Besides those, there are four special rewards from completing the first four Jailer's Challenge layers:

  • Layer 1: Lightless Tormentor Icon Lightless Tormentor pet;
  • Layer 2: Dominated Hearthstone Icon Dominated Hearthstone toy (cosmetic only, shares cooldown with the regular Hearthstone Icon Hearthstone);
  • Layer 3: Gauntlet Runner title;
  • Layer 4: Sturdy Soulsteel Mawrat Harness Icon Sturdy Soulsteel Mawrat Harness mount.
Dominated Hearthstone

Doing the run itself can be great fun, especially as it feels very different from a regular Torghast run and is much more about combat, controlling enemies, and throughput rather than running around clicking things. On the higher layers things get completely crazy and you will often be fighting many bosses at once, including multiple Adamant Vaults bosses before floor 8, but also have over 100 Anima Powers collected, making for a very exciting experience!

Jailer's Gauntlet Layer 8 Final Floor

Doing Layer 8 of the Jailer's Challenge is also part of the requirement for the new Tower Ranger Icon Tower Ranger meta achievement, which rewards the Tower Ranger title.

Tower Ranger Achievement


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