Azari the Devourer Dungeon Run Guide

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Azari, the Devourer is one of the five possible final bosses available on level 8 of the Kobolds and Catacombs Dungeon Run.

Azari, the Devourer

Hero Power



Azari attacks on two different fronts at the same time. Firstly, he uses Devour every turn to remove two cards from your deck, and secondly he plays a reasonably aggressive Zoo style deck.



The first thing to recognise is that Devour will most likely go through your entire deck. This means that if you get any of your most powerful cards in your opening hand, then you should keep them. The chance of drawing an individual card organically later on is only about one in three.

The tricky part to the mulligan is finding balance between keeping essential cards, and making sure that you can still contest the early board. If you can get control of the board early, then you should manage to kill Azari before any he runs you out of resources. With this in mind, if you have two seemingly essential expensive cards in your opening hand, you should probably choose one and take your chance that you draw the other one. Your curve is important enough that you cannot entirely sacrifice it. If you have Small Backpacks, then this decision is made significantly easier. In this instance you can try to keep your power cards and still have enough space in hand to curve out.

The actual gameplay should revolve around basic Hearthstone concepts. Get control of the board, and then attack Azari directly. It should be noted that many of his cards hurt him, and so although he starts with 70 Health, it should be regarded as more like 50. If you do gain control of the board, you will reduce this total rapidly.


Do not Panic

Try not to worry too much about your deck being milled away. You will only take 1 additional point of fatigue every turn as normal when you hit fatigue, and you will often have plenty of resources still in your hand to fight with.



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