Vustrasz the Ancient Dungeon Run Guide

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Vustrasz the Ancient is one of the five possible final bosses available on the level 8 of the Kobolds and Catacombs Dungeon Run.

Vustrasz the Ancient

Hero Power

Vindictive Breath


The fight begins with five copies of Master Chest on Vustrasz's side of the board. These chests are the same as those created by Marin the Fox, offering a random powerful Treasure card for destroying them.

Vustrasz's Hero Power, Vindictive Breath, is automatically used at the beginning of each turn for free, damaging all enemy targets for each missing Master Chest.



As the boss starts with 5 copies of Master Chest on the board, it may feel tempting to begin with killing this to access their powerful cards they reward, however due to the Vindictive Breath Hero Power, is it best to try and ignore the Chests as much as possible throughout the fight.

Throughout the fight, the boss will primarily play cards capable of buffing chests on the board, such as Cobalt Scalebane and Velen's Chosen, which greatly hinder the ideal strategy of ignoring the Chests on the board. Where possible, you should still try and ignore buffed Chests due to their high Health and instead just push damage onto the boss, however once a Chest gets buffed multiple times, it is then usually better to kill it and ensure the resulting 1 damage per turn than to let it wreak havoc on your board.

If you are able to develop a board consisting of high-Health minions, then the fight should be relatively straightforward, however if your decks mostly consists of smaller minions then you should be careful of the potential AoE damage the boss can do from Holy Nova and Spirit Lash, which can be boosted further with Spell Damage from Azure Drake and Holy Nova.



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