Waxmancer Sturmi Dungeon Run Guide

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Waxmancer Sturmi is found on levels 4, 5, 6, and 7 of Dungeon Run. She uses Hunter and Neutral cards in her deck.

Waxmancer Sturmi

Basic Hero Power

On levels 4 and 5, Sturmi has a basic version of her Hero Power.

Sculpt Wax

Sturmi plays Sculpt Wax readily, but it is usually just a 1/1 minion for 1 Mana which is not a threat. However, as the game goes on, she plays cards such as Sylvanas Windrunner, which have a significant Deathrattle effect. You should try to have control of the board before she starts to take over with these effects, which means you should mainly mulligan for early-game minions.


Advanced Hero Power

On levels 6 and 7, Sturmi's Hero Power is much more powerful.

Harden Sculpture

If Sturmi gets to use Harden Sculpture on a regular basis, she will get into a very strong position. Cards such as Savannah Highmane can become incredibly hard to keep off the board. The best way to beat this is to kill her as rapidly as possible. If you do find yourself up against her making a large number of big minions, you should be aware that she will out-value you in the long game and still try to do damage to face.



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