Ixlid Dungeon Run Guide

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Ixlid is one of the Rare Bosses that can appear on level 6 of the Kobolds and Catacombs Dungeon Run.


Hero Power

Sprouting Spore


Ixlid uses a Token Druid deck that features a large number of buff cards. From turn 2 onwards, the boss will use Sprouting Spore every turn, summoning a Deadly Spore that has the unique effect of being Poisonous to Heroes.

Ixlid only has 20 Health compared to the usual 50 Health of other bosses found on level 50, making the encounter very short overall.



From turn 2 onward, Ixlid will cast the Sprouting Spore Hero Power at the start of each turn to create a Deadly Spore. The fight is entirely about removing the Deadly Spores, so it is important to mulligan for the cheapest cards possible to ensure you have a board presence or removal spell all times. As the boss only has 20 Health, you should be able to use any remaining minions that are not dealing with Deadly Spores to attack the boss and quickly end the fight. If the fight continues until turn 4, the boss will start to use buffing effects such as Mark of the Wild and Mark of Nature to make the Deadly Spores harder to kill.



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