Russell the Bard Dungeon Run Guide

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Russell the Bard is found on levels 4 and 5 of Dungeon Run. He uses Rogue and Neutral cards.

Russell the Bard

Hero Power

Alluring Tune

Russell the Bard's Hero Power can render some of your deck useless, as it is usually best not to give him a minion for free. As he plays Rogue spells, this can be problematic as he can remove bigger minions using Lesser Onyx Spellstone. His removal does dry up, however, and you can fight for the board by using your own removal spells on his big minions.

Be aware that Russell plays Antique Healbot to mess with your calculations. This means that you will need to not only gain control of the board, but keep it long enough to do an extra turn or two of damage.

Not only are his spells annoying to face, but so is his music. His singing rings out after a few seconds each turn.



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