Gnosh the Greatworm Dungeon Run Guide

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Gnosh the Greatworm is a rare boss and is found on level 6 of Dungeon Run. He uses Warrior and Neutral cards in his deck. Gnosh starts with 40 health.

Gnosh the Greatworm

Hero Power

Swallow Whole

The main way to play against Gnosh is to remember that he will eat his own minions with Swallow Whole. Once you realise that he will do this, the game becomes much easier. It is often correct to do nothing to make him do this. If you are playing a class with direct damage, you can even win without playing a minion, although you will usually have to get some smaller minions on the board at some point.

With decks that do not have direct damage, you will be trying to play more than one minion in a turn, and be sure that all of the played minions are smaller than Gnosh's.


Poison Shortcut

If Gnosh eats a Poisonous minion with his Hero Power, he will die. The most common example of this is Pit Snake, but any minion with Poisonous will kill him!



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