Pathmaker Hamm Dungeon Run Guide

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction

Pathmaker Hamm is found on levels 2 and 3 of Dungeon Run. He can also turn up on levels 5 and 6 in an advanced form. He uses Neutral and Warrior cards.

Pathmaker Hamm

1.1. Basic Hero Power

Unstable Explosion

Pathmaker Hamm's base Hero Power is a nuisance as it is so cheap, but if you play minions with Health above 1, they will often stick to the board, as the Power is random. Hamm will often not play a minion until Turn 3, as he uses his Hero Power before playing minions. This should allow you to present an early wide board that he cannot deal with.

Hamm also uses Mad Bomber in his deck, and so the higher Health your minions have, the better.

1.2. Advanced Hero Power

Guide coming soon.

2. Changelog

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