Lyris the Wild Mage Dungeon Run Guide

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Lyris the Wild Mage is one of the bosses that can appear on level 4 and 5 of the Kobolds and Catacombs Dungeon Run.

Lyris the Wild Mage

Hero Power

Arcane Infusion


The Lyris the Wild Mage is an extreme take on older Tempo Mage decks that were notorious for large amounts of random damage using Flamewakers. The boss' deck consists almost entirely of Flamewakers, with the exception of Archmage Antonidas in there too.



Unlike previous encounters, the boss is incredibly predictable due to the boss having a deck consisting entirely of Flamewakers and this can be used to your advantage. Whenever possible, the boss will attempt to play Flamewakers from hand, any remaining Mana is used to use Arcane Infusion and to cast any copies of Arcane Missiles it creates.

The huge threat of the Flamewaker and Arcane Missiles combination makes it incredibly important to control the board at all times, as neglecting it will cause things to rapidly spiral out of control as the number of Flamewakers increases. As the Boss has no minions that cost less than 3 Mana, the first few turns of the fight can be used to develop the strongest board possible. As you will have large amounts of random damage flying at your minions throughout the fight, you should prioritise playing minions with higher Health values, when possible. Once you have managed to get a strong foothold onto the board and are able to consistently kill Flamewakers as they played, the fight becomes a simple case of using any spare minions to attack and finish off the boss.



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