Gutmook Dungeon Run Guide

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Gutmook is found on levels 4, 5, 6, and 7 of Dungeon Run. He uses Shaman and Neutral cards in his deck.


Basic Hero Power

On levels 4 and 5, Gutmook uses Digest Magic.

Digest Magic

Beating Gutmook requires careful planning. He has an assortment of Overload cards with which to buff any Tunnel Troggs that you may give him. This means that for the large part, you should avoid playing spells. Gutmook takes advantage of this in the early game by playing cards such as Millhouse Manastorm and King Mukla. He also tries to fill your hand with clutter with Burgly Bully and Hoarding Dragon.

As the game progresses, he loses a lot of value. This means that if you can survive the early onslaught, then you will be fine. If you have any AoE spells that allow you do do 3 damage to everything, you can have a turn where you play all of your spells and then leave Gutmook with just one Tunnel Trogg at the end of the turn. You should also try to save a way to deal with his Flamewreathed Faceless, as these are the way that he can sometimes pack a late punch.


Advanced Hero Power

On levels 6 and 7, Gutmook uses Metabolized Magic.

Metabolized Magic

The strategy for beating Metabolized Magic is similar to that of beating Digest Magic. In some ways it can actually be easier to plan, as the Tunnel Troggs created by Digest Magic can attack you on the next turn, but the cards from Metabolized Magic have to actually be played. With those cards costing only one Mana, though, you should still avoid playing spells unless you absolutely have to.



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