The Brimstone Warden Dungeon Run Guide

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Brimstone Warden is a boss that can appear on level 4 of the Kobolds and Catacombs Dungeon Run.

Brimstone Warden

Hero Power

Dispel Ward


Brimstone Warden begins the encounter with 4 15/5 Stone Golems that cannot attack. The aim of the fight is to either kill off the Golems or end the fight before the boss is able to use Dispel Ward to Silence the Golems so that they are able to attack for a huge amount of damage. The boss plays a large number of additional Golems in addition to using Taunt and Poisonous minions in order to protect them.



There are two main approaches to the fight, either rush the boss down or kill the Golems. Depending on your deck and your opening hand you must evaluate how fast you are able to deal damage. The boss will put up minimal resistance with minions like Shieldbearer, Pit Snake, and Emperor Cobra, but does not use any AoE effects. If you choose to go down the control route, you must still be able to deal at least 5 damage per turn to kill off at a Stone Golem and prevent the boss from being able to use the Dispel Ward Hero Power. Once you are able to get the Golems under control, any excess damage can be used to finish off the boss.



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