The Darkness Dungeon Run Guide

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The Darkness is one of the five possible final bosses available on the level 8 of the Kobolds and Catacombs Dungeon Run.

The Darkness

Hero Power

Encroaching Darkness


The Darkness' Hero Power, Encroaching Darkness, is automatically cast for 0 Mana at the beginning of each turn, which will slowly overwhelm the board with 5/5 Darkspawns if not kept under control.

To aid the encounter, 3 copies of Luminous Candle are added to your hand at the start of the fight to slow down the Darkspawn onslaught. These cards are pivotal and appropriate usage will make the difference between victory or defeat.



Going into the encounter you will have at least 60 Health, which should be used throughout the fight as a resource to survive damage against Darkspawns. As you only get 3 copies of Luminous Candle throughout the fight, it is simply better to let the Boss make Darkspawns for the first few turns and simply tank the damage. The Boss does not use direct damage, so evaluating how much damage you will take each turn can be seen on the board.

You should be try to stall the fight as much as possible and try to develop a powerful board in a single turn while using a Luminous Candle to clear the board of Darkspawns in the process.

Once you have a solid position on the board, you take efficient trades into Darkspawns where necessary, but your main focus should be on killing the Boss as quickly as possible. Once you reach the late-game, the Boss has access to powerful removal tools such as Entomb and Mind Control that will run you out of resources in addition to the Darkspawn onslaught, which makes it even more important to win as quickly as possible.



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