The George and Karl Dungeon Run Guide

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George and Karl is a Rare Encounter that can appear on level 6 of the Kobolds and Catacombs Dungeon Run.

George and Karl

Hero Power



George and Karl use a token Paladin deck that revolves around creating and buffing Silver Hand Recruits, using cards such as Lost in the Jungle, Lightfused Stegodon and Vinecleaver. The encounter is split into two parts and you will initially start fighting against George who has 30 Health and the Divinity Hero Power. After George is Defeated, Karl will take over with another 30 Health and gain the The Silver Hand Hero Power. During the changeover all cards remain on the board and in hand.



During the first part of the encounter, the boss will use various cards to try and flood the board. Although the minions are not too threatening, it is important to stay in control of the board at all times as things can get out of control quickly with the Divinity Hero Power. With no minions in play the boss has very little way to immediately impact the board other than Vinecleaver and Aldor Peacekeeper.

The fight does not change much going into phase 2. The boss is able to flood the board more easily with The Silver Hand but loses the powerful buffing effect of Divinity. Although the minions on the board become less threatening, you should still focus on keeping the board clear to prevent any huge tempo swings from Quartermaster or Lightfused Stegodon. If the board is kept clear, the encounter should be relatively straightforward and you can use any minions not used for controlling the board to slowly finish off the boss.



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