A.F.Kay Dungeon Run Guide

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A.F.Kay is a rare boss found at level 4 of the Kobolds and Catacombs Dungeon Run. As a character, A. F. Kay first appeared in the prologue to the Knights of the Frozen Throne adventure as a card that could not attack. She has 40 Health, and uses Paladin and Neutral cards.


Hero Power


In keeping with her character and art, A.F.Kay's Hero Power literally means she does nothing else on the turn where she uses it. It may seem like she cannot beat you, as she uses this power for the first five turns.

On Turn 6 however, she asks "Oh! Are we fighting?". She then casts Boots of Haste, plays 7 assorted 8/8 minions from Arcane Giant, Clockwork Giant, Sea Giant, Frozen Crusher, and then plays Bag of Stuffing to refill her hand. As if to rub it in, she then uses her Hero Power with her spare Mana.

A.F.Kay is an easy boss to beat, but you should throw away very expensive cards in your mulligan to make sure that you kill her before Turn 7. If you do this she will complain that "I wasn't ready".



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