Trapped Room Dungeon Run Guide

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Trapped Room is one of the Rare Bosses that can appear on level 7 of the Kobolds and Catacombs Dungeon Run.

Trapped Room

Hero Power



Outside of the final Bosses on level 8, Trapped Room is one of the most difficult encounters in the Dungeon Run. Due to the difficulty of the fight, the boss for this encounter only starts with 40 Health, instead of the usual 60 for level 7 Bosses.

At the beginning of the fight the boss will immediately receive 5 random Secrets that can be from any Class. The Boss' Deck contains all of the Secrets from each Class in addition to Secret synergy cards like Secretkeeper and Ethereal Arcanist. In addition to this, the Passive Hero Power Alarm is deceptively powerful and can cause the fight to snowball out of control very quickly if not careful.



As the Alarm Hero Power is so powerful in this fight it, is important to be aware of all the conditions that can trigger Secrets in addition to noting when certain actions are confirmed safe along the way.

The fight itself is largely a case of trial and error and a case of trying to win the game without triggering too many Secrets, as the Boss does not run too many minions and relies mostly on Sawblades and minions that are summoned from Secrets.

The boss additionally plays Shroomsayer. While this minion may seem powerful, it is a great tool to use to your advantage. Assuming you have a way to deal at least 1 damage, it provides you with a free board clear if things get out of control. You should use this opportunity to trigger any Secrets you can knowing that Sawblades can easily be cleared afterwards.

A second, riskier strategy for the encounter can be taken, providing guaranteed victory if successful. As the Boss deck consists mostly of Secrets, it is possible for the Boss to draw a hand entirely of Secrets over the first few turns. As the Boss begins the fight with the maximum number of Secrets in play, it becomes unable to play any cards, allowing you to safely pass every turn and as the Boss begins with a smaller deck than you will have at the time, it will eventually die to fatigue damage.



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