Bastion Zone in Shadowlands: Screenshots, Images, Hubs, Quests, Rewards

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This page goes over the information currently available about Bastion, one of the new zones in the Shadowlands, and will be updated as more information becomes available.



This page will be updated as more information becomes available throughout the Alpha testing phase.


The Kyrian Covenant in Bastion

The Kyrian covenant are the protectors of order in Bastion and seek to ensure the safety of their lands.

You can find more about them in our Kyrian overview, including each of the abilities available to classes when selecting them as your chosen Covenant.


Covenant Sanctum in Bastion

The Covenant Sanctum for the Kyrians in Bastion is located in Elysian Hold, to the north-east of the main landmass of Bastion. You will be sent there during the progression of the questline and can unlock the flight path then.

Elysian Hold Image

Map of Bastion

Image of Bastion Map


The Kyrian Covenant—who are the forebears of the Val'kyr and the Spirit Healers—rule over Bastion. They are messengers, couriers, and some of the purest souls in the Shadowlands.

Bastion is ordered and purposeful. Souls naturally drawn to service are sent here by the Arbiter to examine their lives, cleanse themselves of their burdens, and work toward a state of virtue so they might ascend to serve the Shadowlands.

One such soul that has taken up within Bastion's vaunted halls is Uther the Lightbringer, whom players will encounter through their journeys.


Quests in Bastion

There are 6 questlines that are necessary for completing the story achievement for Bastion and, with the addition of the new storyline summary section on the Alpha, you can now view a summary of the story of the zone. We have listed the summary below, but please note that there are heavy spoilers for the zone's story.


Eternity's Call

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As you arrived in Bastion you met Kleia, who helped you make contact with the ascended Kalisthene. You were instructed to "follow the path" of the kyrian as if you were an aspirant. After saving Kleia's soulbind, Pelagos, from a meditation gone awry, you made your way to Aspirant's Crucible.

The Aspirant's Crucible

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In the Crucible you viewed your deeds in life and trained alongside kyrian aspirants, helping fight against the anima drought in the process. After confronting your own burdens from life you successfully earned the favor of Kalisthene - and access to a portion of Bastion's power.

The Temple of Purity

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Pelagos joined you in the nearby Temple of Purity, where the number of kyrian falling into a darkened state has increase dramatically during the anima drought. Though you tried to save all you could, the fallen have organized into a group known as the Forsworn. The Forsworn launched a surprise attack on the temple that you helped push back. In your confrontation with Lysonia, leader of the assault on Purity, you were able to obtain a fragment of her essence with the Paragon of Purity's aid.

Chasing a Memory

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You took Lysonia's fragment to The Mnemonic Locus, where the Forgelite Prime Mikanikos helped you uncover an incoming second Forsworn attack somewhere in Bastion.

By the Archon's Will

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In order to warn the Archon of the imminent attack you traveled to Hero's Rest. You were granted a steward companion of your choosing, who helped you activated the beacon to summon Polemarch Adrestes, herald of the Archon. You entered Elysian Hold, home of the ascended, and finally met with the Archon. She had you inspect the wards protecting Bastion's five temples, where you came upon a Forsworn Uther the Lightbringer. Uther disable the ward for the Temple of Courage, leaving it vulnerable to attack.

The Temple of Courage

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As you, Kleia, and Pelagos, flew to meet Mikanikos at the Temple of Courage you saw a Maldraxxian Necropolis enter the sky above and begin sieging the area. You helped push back the Maldraxxus assault, but at the loss of the Hand of Courage, Thanikos. Xandria, the Paragon of Courage, chased after the necromancer Amarth the Reanimator and his allies deeper within the Necrotic Wake. You were tasked both with aiding her, and informing Oribos of Maldraxxus' betrayal.

Races in Bastion

Despite being a zone of purity, Bastion is home to both pure and impure creatures. Currently, we are aware of the following races in this zone.

Image of a Kyrian Female
  • Kyrians — these are the members of the covenant that rule over Bastion. They act as shepherds of the souls of the dead, ensuring that they reach judgement before moving on to their final destination. When a soul first arrives in Bastion, they become an Aspirant, destined to train until they can join the Ascended.
  • Stewards — these owl-like creatures are known as the keepers of Bastion, ensuring that it not only runs smoothly, but maintains that pristine look. They are the ones that built the Centurions.
    • Centurions — these anima-fueled constructs act as guards of Bastion, keeping the peace and helping to train the new Aspirants. There are three main types of Centurion: the Praetors, those that train the Aspirants, Goliaths, those that keep the peace in Bastion, and Colossi, those that have defended Bastion from any threats.
  • The Forsworn — when an Aspirant fails to complete their trials, they lose their way and wander Bastion in sorrow. If left to their own devices, these lost souls can quickly cause unrest in Bastion.
  • Memories — these are physical manifestations of the torment of the Kyrians.

Instances in Bastion

While at first it may be unexpected due to the huge difference in aesthetic between the dungeon and zone, The Necrotic Wake is the dungeon for Bastion. This makes much more sense once you have actually played through the zone.

We will update this section with more information on the dungeon once more testing on the Alpha has been done.


Notable Events in Bastion

As with all zones, Bastion has its fair share of rare mobs, bonus objectives, events, and treasure chests to be found around the map. As we find more of them and more are added on the Alpha, we will add a dedicated page listing them.

These are the events currently available in Bastion, in order of appearance:

  • Herculon — this rare is located to the south of the Southeast station for Remember: This is Forever. Collect Depleted Anima Canisters to find Weak Anima Motes. These can then be used on conduits to charge up Herculon. Note that each conduit requires 3 Motes.
  • Beasts of Bastion — After completing A Life of Service, head into the building to the North. Speak to Orator Kloe to spawn the rare. You can only spawn 1 rare currently, but the NPC hints that you can begin "another lesson", so that may change in the future.
  • Vesper of Virtues — While completing A Temple in Need, there is a treasure that can only be opened at Level 51 in the Temple of Purity, to the east of where you purify Disciple Fotima.
  • Hostile Recollection (Bonus Objective) — Repel the Forsworn threat by killing enemies. This is done while completing the Lysonia's Truth quest.
  • Vesper Repair — Need 3 players to start the event, with 1 on each platform. You will need to defend a Kyrian that spawns from 3 waves of mobs. The final wave is very difficult and needs a proper group setup to kill.
  • Fallen Acolyte Erisne — This rare is found at the Temple of Purity and has no mechanics.


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