Ardenweald Zone Overview and Guide

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This page goes over the information currently available about Ardenweald, one of the new zones in the Shadowlands, and will be updated as more information becomes available.


The Night Fae Covenant in Ardenweald

The Night Fae are the covenant of Ardenweald, protectors of the balance of nature and the cycle of life and death.

You can find more about them in our Night Fae overview.


Covenant Sanctum in Ardenweald

The Covenant Sanctum for the Night Fae in Ardenweald is located in the Heart of the Forest, in the centre of the map. You will be sent there during the progression of the questline and can unlock the flight path then.


Map of Ardenweald

Image of Ardenweald Map

Reputations in Ardenweald

The Wild Hunt are the main reputation found within Ardenweald. You can read more about them below in our guide.



If the Emerald Dream represents spring and summer, Ardenweald represents autumn and winter in the cycle. This place of rest and hibernation is presided over by the Night Fae Covenant, who tend to spirits who were closely tied to nature, preparing them to return to the world of the living.

The demigod Cenarius spent time recovering in Ardenweald so that he could return to Azeroth during the events of the Cataclysm. It is a beautiful, yet deceptively dangerous land.


Questing Sections in Ardenweald

Welcome to Ardenweald Tranquil Pools Spirit Glen Waning Grove Glitterfall Heights This is the Way The Fallen Tree Visions of the Dreamer Awaken the Dreamer

Welcome to Ardenweald


After helping Lady Moonberry with her prank, you put a stop to the Spriggan attack on the Starlit Overlook and obtained a Wildseed from a nearby Valeshrieker. Featherlight explained to you the importance of Wildseeds, but you were interrupted by Te'zan, who required aid against the wild spirits before you ventured into Tirna Vaal.

This section will be updated with a list of notable rare mobs in this area.


Tranquil Pools


After helping Dreamweaver with the anima-starved animals that are attacking his Wildseeds, you were given a Wildseed of your own, from which a spirit bound to you.

This section will be updated with a list of notable rare mobs in this area.


Spirit Glen


The Spriggans were once again causing trouble in the Spirit Glen by stealing the anima of the resident spirits, but you helped to wane their forces and defeat Mizik, their leader.

This section will be updated with a list of notable rare mobs in this area.


Waning Grove


Upon your arrival in Heartwood Grove, you were tasked with killing the allies of Niya and recovering the Heart of the Grove, after the grove was chosen to be depleted of anima. After tracking down the Heart, you defeated Krelnor and returned him to his senses, only to find that the Heart was already gone. After returning to Tirna Vaal, you caught your first glimpse of the Winter Queen, but Lady Moonberry assured you that you would be granted another audience, should you persist in saving Ardenweald.

This section will be updated with a list of notable rare mobs in this area.


Glitterfall Heights


After Lady Moonberry's instructions to seek out the Wild Hunt, you soon find that they are overwhelmed and in dire need of aid. You helped the Hunt-Captain, Korayn, by finding both weapons and her rangers to wield them, but many of her soldiers are dead. Between you, Korayn, and the last soldier, Ara'lon, you banded together to find and defeat Lokron the Hunter, but he escaped before you could kill him.

This section will be updated with a list of notable rare mobs in this area.


This is the Way


Tirna Vaal was taken over by the nightmare manifestations from a Wildseed, but you helped to both quell the turmoil and bring it to Hibernal Hollow, where it could be properly defended and kept under control. You met Ara'lon once again and helped to defeat the enemies assaulting Hibernal Hollow before taking the Wildseed to Aliothe. Despite their best efforts to quell the Wildseed, it was not enough.

This section will be updated with a list of notable rare mobs in this area.


The Fallen Tree


After failing to quell the turmoiled seed, you ventured to Tirna Noch to take back the anima that the Drust had gathered there. After gathering enough, you defeated their leader, Vroth, and brought the Heart of Tirna Noch back, with Lady Moonberry's help.

This section will be updated with a list of notable rare mobs in this area.


Visions of the Dreamer


After gathering enough anima and powering the Wildseed sufficiently, you found that the spirit inside the seed was none other than Ysera, the former aspect of the Green Dragonflight.

This section will be updated with a list of notable rare mobs in this area.


Awaken the Dreamer


You defended the Hibernal Hollow against the Drust attack successfully and, after following the escort to meet the Winter Queen, you find that Ysera has been reborn and will stay to serve the Winter Queen in Ardenweald.

This section will be updated with a list of notable rare mobs in this area.


Races in Ardenweald

  • Faeries — "Mischievous tricksters of the woods, the mercurial faeries of Ardenweald use a mix of theatrical talents and cunning to care for rejuvenating spirits. Faeries use song to soothe away the pain of the great, resting spirits and snatch up lesser creatures lured by their eerie melodies, grinding them up into poultices. Faeries are just as easy to appease as they are to offend, so be wary of your actions."
  • Vorkai — "The fierce and daring vorkai are the protectors and guardians of Ardenweald. Vorkai make up the bulk of the Winter Queen’s Wild Hunt, who safeguard the domain against those seeking to bring imbalance. During the anima drought, it has fallen on them to enact the Winter Queen’s decrees of which groves flourish or are left to wither."
  • Sylvar — "Loyal, polite, and graceful, the sylvar are crafters and enchanters who create tools, foci, and magical objects to maintain the ebb and flow of existence in Ardenweald. Recently, some groves in Ardenweald have been decreed to let their nurtured souls perish, so that others may survive the drought."
  • Tirnenn — "Calm, patient, and enigmatic even to others in the Shadowlands, the tirnenn are slow to action as well as anger. They are the eldest of the Fae Court—quiet and thoughtful, and generally friendly unless you threaten their groves. While slow to enrage, they are terrible to behold in battle, capable of shaping the land and flora around their enemies with frightening speed."
  • Winter Queen — "Leader of Ardenweald, the ethereal Winter Queen is charged with the sacred task of maintaining the great cycle of rebirth: restoring perished loa, Wild Gods, Ancients, and other nature spirits and returning them to the mortal plane. She and the land are one; as the land thrives, so does she. But recently the land has grown sick, and this has taken a bitter toll on her. The anima drought has forced her to make hard choices over which groves to save and which to let go—losing beloved nature spirits in the process."
  • Drust — "With the drought weakening the guardians of Ardenweald, the ancient Drust have seized the opportunity to invade from their nightmarish realm of Thros. Using their twisted form of druidism to feed upon the dying groves, the Drust grow stronger with every wildseed that perishes. Though relatively few in number, the Drust are using dark rituals to pull the native fae into their forces."
  • Spriggan — "Spriggan are small, malicious creatures native to Ardenweald who live to create chaos. Some have heard the whispers of the death loa Mueh'zala, and gleefully carry out his plans. Others follow no ruler, simply reveling in the wanton mischief and destruction they unleash upon the inhabitants of Ardenweald."
  • Mortal Souls — "In addition to the native fae creatures that the forest calls forth to nurture the wildseeds, Ardenweald serves as an afterlife for mortal souls who shared a special bond with the natural cycle. Druids, hunters, and others who tended the land may be judged worthy of an eternity spent caring for the wilds. Upon arrival, these souls can choose an animal form infused with the celestial magic of Ardenweald."

Instances in Ardenweald

Ardenweald has two instances in it currently, the Mists of Tirna Scithe, which is located in the south-west of the zone, and De Other Side, to the south-east.


Achievements in Ardenweald

Ardenweald has the following achievements available to be completed:

  • Quests
    • Awaken, Ardenweald Icon Awaken, Ardenweald
    • Night Fae Campaign Icon Night Fae Campaign
  • Exploration
    • [PH] Ardenweald Zone Achievement
    • Explore Ardenweald Icon Explore Ardenweald
    • Adventurer of Ardenweald Icon Adventurer of Ardenweald
    • Treasures of Ardenweald Icon Treasures of Ardenweald
    • Ardenweald's a Stage Icon Ardenweald's a Stage
  • PvP
    • Tour of Duty: Ardenweald Icon Tour of Duty: Ardenweald
  • Reputation
    • The Wild Hunt Icon The Wild Hunt

As more testing is done on the Beta, we will add a page detailing how to obtain the more difficult achievements listed above, such as the [PH] achievement and Ardenweald's a Stage Icon Ardenweald's a Stage.


Rare Drops in Ardenweald

As the locations and availability of the more notable rares in Ardenweald are found on the Beta, we will add timers and spawn locations for any that drop notable items for players.



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