Beast Mastery Hunter DPS Mythic+ Guide — Shadowlands 9.1

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In this guide, you will find tips and advice to tackle Mythic+ dungeons with your Beast Mastery Hunter in World of Warcraft — Shadowlands 9.1.


Unique Challenges of Mythic+

Mythic+ Dungeons, especially high ones, are arguably the highest level of competitive PvE content that WoW has to offer aside from Mythic raiding.

In Mythic Dungeons as a Hunter, you will be responsible for a large part of the group's total damage output, while in a Mythic Raiding group, you may only be responsible for maybe 7% of it. The skill and execution from the individual players in the group is much more important.

Aside from just doing damage, in Mythic+ you will be responsible for many things to make the group's run faster and easier. Interrupting, offensively dispelling enemy targets, soaking mechanics, using your traps and stuns are all much more common in Mythic+ than your usual Mythic raid.

In this guide, we will talk about getting the most out of your Hunter in Mythic+ dungeons, including the best way to set up your character, how your rotation may change, and tips and tricks for using your abilities in the most optimal way.

If you are unfamiliar with Mythic+ and its associated general mechanics, you can read more about it on our dedicated Mythic+ page below.


Best Beast Mastery Hunter Mythic+ Build

For a more general overview of Talents for Beast Mastery Hunter, please visit our dedicated Talents page.

These are our recommended talents for Beast Mastery Hunter in Mythic+.

Level Choices
15 Killer Instinct Killer Instinct Animal Companion Animal Companion Dire Beast Dire Beast
25 Scent of Blood Scent of Blood One with the Pack One with the Pack Chimaera Shot Chimaera Shot
30 Trailblazer ? Trailblazer Natural Mending ? Natural Mending Camouflage ? Camouflage
35 Spitting Cobra Spitting Cobra Thrill of the Hunt Thrill of the Hunt A Murder of Crows A Murder of Crows
40 Born To Be Wild ? Born To Be Wild Posthaste Posthaste Binding Shot ? Binding Shot
45 Stomp Stomp Barrage Barrage Stampede Stampede
50 Aspect of the Beast Aspect of the Beast Killer Cobra Killer Cobra Bloodshed Bloodshed

Best Mythic+ Covenant and Soulbind for Beast Mastery Hunter

Night Fae with the Dreamweaver Soulbind is the best Covenant and Soulbind setup for Beast Mastery Hunters in Mythic+.

You should be using the Spirit Attunement Icon Spirit Attunement, One With the Beast Icon One With the Beast, and Bloodletting Icon Bloodletting Potency Conduits.

For more information about the best Beast Mastery Hunter Covenants and Soulbinds, please check out our page below.


Best Mythic+ Legendary for Beast Mastery Hunter

Fragments of the Elder Antlers Icon Fragments of the Elder Antlers is the best Legendary for Beast Mastery Hunters in Mythic+. It has by far the best AoE potential of any Legendary, and very competitive single-target as well.

For more information on Beast Mastery Hunter Legendaries in different situations, please check out our page below.


Best Tormented Anima Powers for Mythic+ for Beast Mastery Hunter

Below, we have ranked the Tormented Anima Powers that are obtained from the new Tormented mini-bosses in Mythic+.

  1. Champion's Brand Icon Champion's Brand is nearly always active and is great for both single-target and AoE. This should always be chosen when it is available, unless it is a Tyrannical Affix and Dagger of Necrotic Wounding below is available instead.
  2. Dagger of Necrotic Wounding Icon Dagger of Necrotic Wounding is extremely powerful for single-target and should be chosen over Champion's Brand on Tyrannical Affixes only.
  3. The Stone Ward Icon The Stone Ward is an excellent defensive option for us, as we are one of the squishiest classes in Mythic+.
  4. Regenerative Fungus Icon Regenerative Fungus is a strong self-heal.
  5. Handbook of Uncivil Etiquette Icon Handbook of Uncivil Etiquette can be used when damage intake is not a concern at all, or if you are in a dungeon where the bosses are regularly interruptible, such as Sanguine Depths, De Other Side, Mists of Tirna Scithe, or The Necrotic Wake. We still recommend Regenerative Fungus most of the time, however.

Rotational Considerations for Beast Mastery Hunter in Mythic+

For the most part, your rotation will remain the same as normal in Mythic+ dungeons. Because of the nature of dungeons, however, with mobs dying constantly and there sometimes being downtime in between packs, we recommend taking the following extra considerations.

Note that the information below specifically pertains to Mythic+. If you require more general information, you should go to the main Rotation page below.


Mythic+ AoE Burst Opener for Beast Mastery Hunter

  1. Cast Barbed Shot Icon Barbed Shot to send your pet in.
  2. Cast Tar Trap Icon Tar Trap, followed by Flare Icon Flare to activate Soulforge Embers Icon Soulforge Embers if you are using this Legendary.
  3. Cast Multi-Shot Icon Multi-Shot to activate Beast Cleave Icon Beast Cleave.
  4. Activate Aspect of the Wild Icon Aspect of the Wild.
  5. Activate your Covenant Ability, such as Wild Spirits Icon Wild Spirits.
  6. Use Barbed Shot Icon Barbed Shot on a different target than the first one.
  7. Use Multi-Shot Icon Multi-Shot to refresh Beast Cleave.
  8. Use Bestial Wrath Icon Bestial Wrath
  9. Spend your two Barbed Shot Icon Barbed Shot charges on applying Barbed Shot to two new enemies.
  10. Use Multi-Shot Icon Multi-Shot to refresh Beast Cleave.
  11. Proceed with your normal AoE rotation.

Barbed Shot

You should always end a Mythic+ mob pack with 0 charges of Barbed Shot Icon Barbed Shot remaining. This is partly to get the most out of its Bestial Wrath Icon Bestial Wrath cooldown reduction so that you can have Bestial Wrath for the next pack. If you are using Stomp Icon Stomp, you will also get more value out of the talent by maximizing the Barbed Shot casts that you do.

Keeping up 3 stacks of Frenzy Icon Frenzy is still a very high priority. However, it is worth keeping in mind that mob packs in Mythic+ usually last for only a short time. Additionally, the most important damage tends to be front-loaded, since most packs have mobs of varying health levels. This means that later on in a pack, there is less damage to be done. Because of this, and the reasons above, we recommend focusing on refreshing Frenzy Icon Frenzy as soon as there is less than 8 seconds remaining on Barbed Shot Icon Barbed Shot's cooldown. This allows you to have 2-3 stacks much earlier in the pull than if you were to wait till the last moment to refresh. It still allows you to refresh to a higher stack count as long as you cast it as soon as the cooldown is gone. The basic point is to maximize the average amount of Frenzy Icon Frenzy stacks per pack.


Key Abilities for Beast Mastery Hunter in Mythic+

Intimidation Icon Intimidation is a 5-second stun. It can be used to interrupt otherwise uninterruptible effects on dangerous mobs, and in high Mythic+ situations, it should be used almost on cooldown to try and negate such casts.

Freezing Trap Icon Freezing Trap plays the same role as Intimidation Icon Intimidation for the most part, allowing you to interrupt dangerous casts that cannot be interrupted normally. It can also allow you to remove dangerous caster mobs from the equation. If there are caster mobs out of position hitting your group, those are ideal targets to be trapped until they can be pulled into the remaining group. It can also be used to skip mobs or packs by trapping a mob, letting the group run past, grabbing aggro by running close to it, and then running away and using Feign Death Icon Feign Death.

Counter Shot Icon Counter Shot is your main interrupt and will be used often in any Mythic+. As you get to know the dungeons, you should know which spells are worth spending your valuable, long-cooldown interrupt on, and which ones you can safely leave to those with shorter cooldowns. Chances are that you will have one of the only ranged interrupts in your group. Using this on caster mobs that are out of position in order to force them to run for the tank is extremely valuable.

Feign Death Icon Feign Death is an extremely powerful spell in Mythic+. It can be used to effectively nullify a lot of targeted effects that mobs and bosses channel on you. It can also be used to nullify targeted spells where you can see that it will land on you before the cast finishes. Using Feign Death can cause the boss to pick another target, or completely stop casting the ability.

Binding Shot Icon Binding Shot is one of the most unique utility spells you bring to Mythic+. It is an 8-second root that can affect any amount of targets that crosses over the arrow. This is used when the tank is kiting to save them from danger. It can also be used to ensure that mobs stay in place for a number of reasons, such as keeping them inside your Wild Spirits Icon Wild Spirits/Resonating Arrow Icon Resonating Arrow.

Tranquilizing Shot Icon Tranquilizing Shot is simple. It is an offensive Enrage/Magic dispel that can be used to remove beneficial buffs from enemies. An underrated feature of this ability is that gives you 10 Focus if it successfully dispels something.

Finally, and perhaps above all, sim yourself using the DungeonSlice Fight Style on Raidbots.


Trinket Considerations for Beast Mastery Hunter in Mythic+

When choosing your trinkets, we recommend simulating yourself on Raidbots using the Patchwerk option for raids and single-target, and DungeonSlice (Mythic+/AoE Fights) Fight Styles. Usually, we recommend using trinkets that proc stats, rather than single-target damage dealers.

You can also get a quick overview of good Mythic+ Trinkets on our Gearing page, specifically the Simulation chart for multi-target scenarios.



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