Castle Nathria Weapon Tokens Guide

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No weapons drop in Castle Nathria. Instead, the bosses drop tokens that you can turn in for weapons at your Covenants Sanctum.


Weapon Tokens

Certain bosses in Castle Nathria drop class-specific weapon tokens instead of actual weapons.

The following tokens from Castle Nathria can be exchanged for weapons at your Covenant Sanctum.

  • Abominable Anima Spherule Icon Abominable Anima Spherule — Drop from Sun King's Salvation and the token is intended for Death Knights, Demon Hunters, and Warlocks.
  • Mystic Anima Spherule Icon Mystic Anima Spherule — Drops from Huntsman Altimor and the token is intended for Druids, Hunters, and Mages.
  • Venerated Anima Spherule Icon Venerated Anima Spherule — Drops from Hungering Destroyer and the token is intended for Paladins, Priests, and Shamans.
  • Zenith Anima Spherule Icon Zenith Anima Spherule — Drops from The Council of Blood and Sire Denathrius and the token is intended for Monks, Rogues, and Warriors.

Shield/Off-Hand Tokens

In addition to weapon tokens, select bosses also drop shield and off-hand tokens.

  • Apogee Anima Bead Icon Apogee Anima Bead — Drops from Artificer Xy'Mox and the token is intended for Monks, Paladins, Priests, Warriors.
  • Thaumaturgic Anima Bead Icon Thaumaturgic Anima Bead — Drops from Stone Legion Generals and the token is intended for Druids, Mages, Shamans, and Warlocks.


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