Fated Castle Nathria Raid Guides in Shadowlands (9.2.5)

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Castle Nathria is the first raid of the Shadowlands expansion that opens on December 8. It houses 10 bosses with Sire Denathrius as the final boss.


Shadowlands Season 4 End and Post-Season Update

All Shadowlands raids will be permanently Fated beginning with the Dragonflight pre-patch. Enemies inside Fated raid are stronger and drop higher item-level loot. The original four Shadowlands World Bosses will also drop better loot. You will learn more about Fated Raids in our guide linked below.


Shadowlands Season 4 Changes



The story of Castle Nathria revolves around Revendreth and its inhabitants. At first, you help Sire Denathrius and his underlings as you quest through the zone, but later, you find out which side you have been fighting on. You learn from The Accuser that Sire Denathrius is responsible for the Anima drought that plagues the zone, feeding souls directly to the Maw.


Entrance to Castle Nathria

The Vampire-themed raid is located in Revendreth. It is the biggest castle in the zone, visible from a distance with a gargoyle on top.

The exact location of the raid entrance is depicted on the map below.


Unlock Schedule

The raid opened two weeks after Shadowlands release alongside the new Mythic Season and PvP Season 1 on November 23, 2020.

Here is the full unlock schedule of the raid.

  • December 8: Normal and Heroic difficulties;
  • December 15: Mythic difficulty and Raid Finder Wing 1;
  • January 5: Raid Finder Wing 2;
  • January 19: Raid Finder Wing 3;
  • February 2: Raid Finder Wing 4.

Boss Guides by Ready Check Pull

Below, you will find our encounter guides for Castle Nathria, written by Ready Check Pull, the popular Youtube channel for boss strategies.

Note that the order is only according to the dungeon journal and does not represent a killing order. Boss order is outlined in the next section.


Boss Order

After defeating the first boss Shriekwing, you can choose to either clear Catacombs Wing with Huntsman Altimor, Hungering Destroyer, and Lady Inerva Darkvein, or go to the Royal Quarters Wing and defeat Sun King's Salvation, Artificer Xy'Mox, and The Council of Blood. Both wings must be cleared before the Upper Spire with Sludgefist, Stone Legion Generals, and Sire Denathrius becomes available. Note that you will fight Sludgefist in the same room as Shriekwing.


Raid Skip

If you kill Sludgefist four times and collect four Sludgefist's Head Icon Sludgefist's Head for the Castle Nathria: Getting A Head quest on any difficulty, you will unlock a raid skip that allows you to skip directly to Sludgefist by talking to General Draven at the entrance of the Huntsman Altimor wing.


The Great Vault

The Shadowlands Weekly Chest requires you to defeat a certain number of raid bosses to receive items in the Raids category. You can read more information about the Great Vault in our detailed guide.



The following sections cover loot that you can get in the first raid of the Shadowlands expansion.


Item Level of Castle Nathria Loot

Here are the item levels of rewards from the Castle Nathria raid. The final two bosses drop better loot than the rest.

  • Raid Finder Difficulty: Item Level 187-194;
  • Normal Difficulty: Item Level 200-207;
  • Heroic Difficulty: Item Level 213-220;
  • Mythic Difficulty: Item Level 226-233.

Item Level of Loot from Fated Castle Nathria

When Fated difficulty is available for the raid, the item level of rewards will be the following:

  • Fated Raid Finder Difficulty: Item Level 265-272;
  • Fated Normal Difficulty: Item Level 278-285;
  • Fated Heroic Difficulty: Item Level 291-297;
  • Fated Mythic Difficulty: Item Level 304-311.

Legendary Powers

Legendary Power recipes are guaranteed to drop from the bosses. You can find more details in our Legendary Powers guide.



Many Conduits drop in Castle Nathria, but we are not listing them, so that this page does not feel cluttered. The same Conduits can be acquired from virtually all the sources in Shadowlands. For more information, check out our Conduits guide.


Weapon Tokens

Certain bosses in the raid drop tokens that you can turn in for weapons, shields, and off-hands at your Covenant Sanctum. You can find them on a separate page.



Completing all objectives of the Glory of the Nathria Raider Icon Glory of the Nathria Raider meta-achievement rewards the Nathria Rampart Screecher Icon Nathria Rampart Screecher mount.


Vantus Rune

Scribes will be able to create Vantus Rune: Castle Nathria Icon Vantus Rune: Castle Nathria in Shadowlands, which increases Versatility by 100 against a certain boss in the raid tier. The effect lasts for a whole week.


Class Advice for Castle Nathria Bosses

For each class, we provide boss by boss advice, complete with actual tips, but also recommendations for talents and Legendary Powers.



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