Dausegne, the Fallen Oracle Strategy Guide for Sepulcher of the First Ones

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Dausegne the Fallen Oracle is an early boss of the 11 encounter bosses of the Sepulcher of the First Ones raid in Patch 9.2 of Shadowlands.

On this page, you can find both a written and video guide for this encounter, along with links to Dausegne's encounter journal for the various difficulties.


Ready Check Pull Video


Strategy Guide: Quick Version

Throughout the fight:

  • Tanks get aggro on the add that regularly spawns. Everyone nuke it down as fast as possible to reduce the amount of pools it drops on the ground.
  • Help the marked player split the damage of Staggering Barrage Icon Staggering Barrage by standing in between the boss and the player. On Heroic, two groups of different players need to alternate splitting the damage.
  • Tanks taunt swap whenever the debuff on the off tank expires, at as low stacks as possible.
  • When the boss gets to zero Mana, nuke the shield she puts on herself as fast as possible, and healers use raid cooldowns to survive the massive pulsing damage.
  • Stagger moving through the dark rings that expand from the four reservoirs around the room. Each one gives you a short debuff that increases your damage taken from another ring. There is only one ring at the beginning, but more spawn as the fight goes on.

Strategy Guide: Full Guide

This fight is mostly about single-target boss damage, but there is some pretty frequent two-target cleave. The signature ability of this fight is the rings that expand from the edges of the room (Disintegration Halo Icon Disintegration Halo). Blinks, teleports, and immunities are really nice to have on this fight to avoid a lot of damage. Bloodlust Icon Bloodlust/Heroism Icon Heroism should be used on pull, as there is only one phase and there is a hard enrage.

  • Start by having the tanks pull the boss toward the middle of the room. The boss regularly spawns a Domination Core add that drops pools on the ground, and the middle is generally the best place to put those (Encroaching Dominion Icon Encroaching Dominion). This add needs to be cleaved down as fast as possible whenever it spawns, in order to reduce the number of pools it drops.
  • The boss occasionally targets a player with a blue line (Staggering Barrage Icon Staggering Barrage). Several other players need to move into this line in order to split the damage from the barrage. On Heroic, two groups of different players need to alternate soaking the barrage, because it applies a debuff that increases your damage taken from it for a while.
  • The tanks need to taunt swap based on a debuff the boss puts on them with melee swings (Infused Strikes Icon Infused Strikes). They should taunt swap at as few stacks as possible, or simply when the debuff falls off of the offtank. The debuff explodes on the raid based on how many stacks the tank had (Unleashed Infusion Icon Unleashed Infusion).
  • At zero Mana, the boss teleports to a quadrant of the platform, puts a massive shield on herself, and starts channeling Inevitable Dominion Icon Inevitable Dominion, which blasts the raid with pulsing damage. Everyone should stack on the boss to help with healing, and nuke the shield to break it as fast as possible, stopping the channel. The pools on the ground from the add also grow a bit during this channel, so watch your feet.
  • A dark ring occasionally expands from one of the four reservoirs around the room (Disintegration Halo Icon Disintegration Halo). Moving through it does damage to you and applies a short debuff that massively increases your damage taken from another halo. This debuff does not matter at first, because there is only one ring, but an additional ring spawns for every shield you have broken on the boss. This means further into the fight, you will have two, three, and even four rings spawning in a row. When there are multiple rings, everyone needs to stagger moving through each of them, allowing the debuff from the previous one to fall off before moving through the next one. If you mess this up, you basically get one-shot, so it is the most important mechanic of the fight.
  • If the boss gets to zero Mana for the fourth time, she almost instantly wipes your raid (Total Dominion Icon Total Dominion).

Encounter Journal

We have encounter journal pages for each of the four difficulties, which you can access by clicking the links below.



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