Demonic Inquisition Abilities

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General Information

On this page, we list all the abilities from the Demonic Inquisition encounter in Tomb of Sargeras. The idea is to give you a solid understanding of the encounter before you read the strategy.

If you are already familiar with the encounter, then you can skip to the strategy and tactics page or access any other page of the guide by using the table of contents on the right.



The Demonic Inquisition is a single phase encounter featuring 2 bosses that engage the raid together. Each boss has a separate set of abilities, though the 2 of them share health. Taking damage from any ability will increase the player's Torment Icon Torment levels; reaching maximum Torment will allow players to Confess Icon Confess and deal with a sub-phase of the fight.



Torment Icon Torment is a resource bar that fills up as you take damage from Atrigan and Belac's abilities. Torment has no effect until you reach maximum Torment, and the maximum amount of Torment is 100.


Unbearable Torment

Upon reaching maximum Torment Icon Torment, you will be afflicted with the Unbearable Torment Icon Unbearable Torment debuff. This increases damage taken by 90%, reduces healing by 25%, reduces chance to hit by 90%, and reduces damage done by 20%. This debuff can only be removed by casting Confess Icon Confess.



Confess Icon Confess can be cast by using the Extra Action Button when you reach maximum Torment Icon Torment. This will clear the Unbearable Torment Icon Unbearable Torment debuff and transport you to Belac's prison. Confess Icon Confess can only be cast at maximum Torment Icon Torment.


Belac's Prison

Belac's prison is a small circular room, separate and inaccessible from the rest of the encounter except by use of Confess Icon Confess. It is inhabited by the Tormented Soul, an add which has an extremely high amount of health and melees the target with the highest threat. Tormented Eruption Icon Tormented Eruptions will spawn periodically from the trapped players, which deal damage after a short delay to anyone within 3 yards.


Remnants of Hope

Damaging the Tormented Soul will cause it to periodically release Remnants of Hope. They materialize as small purple orbs; running through them will cause them to be consumed and remove some of your Torment Icon Torment. When you reach 0 Torment Icon Torment, you will be transported out of Belac's torment.




Pangs of Guilt

Pangs of Guilt Icon Pangs of Guilt is an interruptible cast that deals heavy Shadow damage to several enemies.


Echoing Anguish

Echoing Anguish Icon Echoing Anguish is a debuff applied to several players at random, dealing moderate ticking Shadow damage every second and generating additional Torment Icon Torment over 12 seconds. Dispelling this effect triggers an Anguished Outburst Icon Anguished Outburst.


Anguished Outburst

When Echoing Anguish Icon Echoing Anguish is dispelled, an Anguished Outburst Icon Anguished Outburst will be triggered. This deals heavy Shadow damage to all players within 8 yards and generates 10 Torment Icon Torment.


Suffocating Dark

Suffocating Dark Icon Suffocating Dark is a zone of darkness cast on random players, inflicting moderate Shadow damage and generating Torment every second, for 8 seconds. It also degenerates movement speed by 50% for the duration of the effect. It can be avoided by simply walking out of it.


Tormenting Burst

Tormenting Burst Icon Tormenting Burst is a periodic burst of damage that hits all players for heavy Shadow damage and adding 8 Torment Icon Torment.


Fel Sqall

Fel Squall Icon Fel Squall deals heavy Fire damage and generates 4 Torment every second to anyone nearby, and channels for 5.2 seconds. Attacking the boss during this time will also generate additional Torment.




Bone Scythe

Bone Scythe Icon Bone Scythe is Atrigan's passive, causing him to generate 2 Torment Icon Torment on his target with each melee swing.


Scythe Sweep

Atrigan will periodically cleave the area in front of him with Scythe Sweep Icon Scythe Sweep, inflicting moderate Physical damage and adding 20 Torment to anyone hit. This cannot be avoided by the current target.


Calcified Quills

Calcified Quills Icon Calcified Quills causes a cone of spikes to emerge from the ground towards a player in a cone. Anyone hit by the spikes will take heavy Physical damage and be knocked into the air. This ability can be avoided.


Bone Saw

Bone Saw Icon Bone Saw will cause Atrigan will spin in a whirlwind, dealing heavy Physical damage to nearby enemies every 1 second and generating additional levels of Torment Icon Torment. Attacking the boss during this time will also generate additional Torment.