Halls of Atonement Quick Dungeon Guide: Video, Boss Strategies, and Trash

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Welcome to our quick guide to the Halls of Atonement dungeon in the Shadowlands World of Warcraft expansion. This guide aims at giving you proper direction to complete the dungeon (boss strategies and trash mobs) without being unnecessarily long. We also have encounter journal pages, for those who want a complete breakdown of the abilities.


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Please consult our Halls of Atonement encounter journal pages for more information regarding what the bosses do exactly in each difficulty.


Halkias, the Sin-Stained Goliath

  • Spawn the boss by killing the 3 Shards of Halkias around the starting area.
  • Do not stand on the tank (Crumbling Slam Icon Crumbling Slam).
  • Stand out of the jagged rocks that get thrown on the ground (Glass Shards Icon Glass Shards).
  • Immediately dispel the fear that goes on a random DPS (Sinlight Visions Icon Sinlight Visions).
  • Dodge the rotating cross-pattern laser. Keep in mind that it can change direction randomly (Refracted Sinlight Icon Refracted Sinlight).
Halkias Refracted Sinlight in Halls of Atonement


  • Spawn the boss by attempting to open the door at the top of the stairs.
  • Stay out of the red pools that get put on the ground (Blood Torrent Icon Blood Torrent).
  • Gather the adds and kill them near each other. They explode upon death, so stagger their deaths if the damage taken is too high (Volatile Transformation Icon Volatile Transformation).
  • The cursed player should quickly move to the dead adds so that the boss will destroy them and prevent them from reviving (Stone Shattering Leap Icon Stone Shattering Leap).
Echelon Dead Adds in Halls of Atonement Dead adds to stand on with the curse

High Adjudicator Aleez

Aleez Fixating Add in Halls of Atonement Add that fixates a random player

Lord Chamberlain

  • Dodge the statue thrown around by the boss, indicated by a red arrow on the ground.
  • Dodge the frontal cone that is cast in a random direction (Unleashed Suffering Icon Unleashed Suffering).
  • Keep the tank alive through the 18 second ramping DoT (Stigma of Pride Icon Stigma of Pride).
  • Dodge all 4 statues after the boss teleports to the middle of the room.
  • The tank should stand between the red glowing statue and the boss when he is casting Ritual of Woe Icon Ritual of Woe.
Lord Chamberlain Ritual of Woe in Halls of Atonement Stand between the boss and the red glowing statue

Notable Trash


Before the First Boss (Halkias)

  • Vicious Gargon
    • Focus kill Gargons, because they apply a stacking bleed to the tank.
  • Depraved Obliterator
  • Shard of Halkias
    • Focus kill the Shard while interrupting the caster add alongside it. (Collect Sins Icon Collect Sins).
    • Dispel the debuff from the caster add (Siphon Life Icon Siphon Life).

Between the First Boss (Halkias) and the Second Boss (Echelon)

  • Stoneborn Reaver
  • Stoneborn Slasher
    • Don't stand in front of Slashers, because they cast a cleave-knockback.

Between the Third Boss (Aleez) and the Fourth Boss (Chamberlain)

  • Inquisitor Sigar
    • Kill the Tormented Soul adds to prevent Sigar from healing himself.
Inquisitor Sigar in Halls of Atonement


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