Rogue Covenant Abilities in Shadowlands

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Here, you will find all class-specific Covenant abilities available to Rogues in Shadowlands.

Here is our guide to all the covenant abilities for Rogues. We first present you with a summary of the abilities (the signature ability and the class-specific ability) provided by each covenant, before going through all class-specific abilities in more detail.


Summary of Abilities Granted to Rogues by Each Covenant

  • Kyrian
  • Night Fae
    • Signature AbilitySoulshape Icon Soulshape transforms you into a Vulpin, increasing your Movement Speed by 30% for 12 seconds.
    • Rogue AbilitySepsis Icon Sepsis deals damage over time and makes you Vanish Icon Vanish from sight if the foe survives its full duration.
  • Necrolord
    • Signature AbilityFleshcraft Icon Fleshcraft provides an absorption shield equal to 20-50% of your maximum health.
    • Rogue AbilitySerrated Bone Spike Icon Serrated Bone Spike deals Physical damage over time to enemies until they die.
  • Venthyr
    • Signature AbilityDoor of Shadows Icon Door of Shadows makes you teleport to a targeted location.
    • Rogue AbilitySlaughter Icon Slaughter coats your weapons with Slaughter Poison that deals damage and steals a percentage of healing done to the target.

Kyrian Rogue Covenant Ability

Echoing Reprimand Icon Echoing Reprimand: Deal (60% of Attack Power) Arcane damage to an enemy, extracting their anima to Animacharge a combo point. Damaging finishing moves that consume the same number of Combo Points as your Animacharge deal damage as if they consume 7 Combo Points. Awards 3 Combo Points.

(Instant, Costs 30 Energy, Requires Melee Range, 45 second cooldown)


Night Fae Rogue Covenant Ability

Sepsis Icon Sepsis: Finishing move that poisons a weakened foe's blood, dealing (12.53% of Attack Power) Nature damage over 60 seconds. Can only be used on targets below 35% Health. Sepsis generates 5 Combo Points and 25 Energy over 5 seconds if it does not last its full duration.

  • 1 Combo Point: (751.8% of Attack Power) over 8 seconds;
  • 2 Combo Points: (1,127.7% of Attack Power) over 12 seconds;
  • 3 Combo Points: (1,503.6% of Attack Power) over 16 seconds;
  • 4 Combo Points: (1,879.5% of Attack Power) over 20 seconds;
  • 5 Combo Points: (2,255.4% of Attack Power) over 24 seconds.

Necrolord Rogue Covenant Ability

Serrated Bone Spike Icon Serrated Bone Spike: Embed a bone spike in the target, dealing (60% of Attack Power) Physical damage every 3 seconds until they die. Attacking with Serrated Bone Spike causes all of your active bone spikes to fracture and strike your current target, increasing initial damage by 100% per spike.

(Instant, Costs 10 Energy, 30-yard range)


Venthyr Rogue Covenant Ability

Slaughter Icon Slaughter: Slaughter the target, causing (95.47% of Attack Power) Physical damage. The target's anima mixes with your Lethal Poison, coating your weapons for the next 5 minutes. Slaughter Poison deals Shadow damage over 12 seconds and steals 15% of healing done to the target. Awards 2 Combo Points.

(Instant, Costs 50 Energy, Requires Melee Range/Melee Weapon/Stealth)


Other Covenant Class Abilities

You can find all class-specific Covenant abilities available for other classes linked below.

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