How to Equip Two Legendary Items in Shadowlands Patch 9.2 (Eternity's End)

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The following guide covers how to unlock the ability to equip two Legendaries at the same time in Patch 9.2.


How to Unlock Equipping Two Legendaries in Patch 9.2

In Patch 9.2, you have two options when it comes to wearing two Legendaries at the same time:


When Can You Wear Two Legendaries in Patch 9.2?

Chapter 7 of the Zereth Mortis story will become available on the fifth week of Patch 9.2, which is March 22, 2022. More about this new zone can be found in our overview.


Belt of Unity

The Legendary belt (eg: Cinch of Unity Icon Cinch of Unity) has item level 265 and it becomes available at the end of Chapter 7 of the Zereth Mortis campaign. You can buy your class-specific version from Vilo, The Enlightened quartermaster for 2,500 Cosmic Flux.

It comes with the Covenant-swapping Legendary Power and a few downsides:

  • The Legendary belt's item level of 265 is final and cannot be upgraded.
  • As a result, the Covenant-swapping Runecarving Power is limited to your Waist slot, so if your other Legendary item also occupies the Waist slot you will need to craft the Covenant-swapping power on a different slot, which is when Memory of Unity Icon Memory of Unity comes in handy. You can read more about crafting new Legendary items in our Runecarving guide.

Memory of Unity

The Covenant-swapping Runecarving Power is unlocked at Revered with The Enlightened and costs 500 Cosmic Flux. Additionally, you must complete Chapter 7 of the Zereth Mortis campaign.

The memory is account-wide and useful if you would like to craft the new Covenant-swapping Runecarving Power on a different armor slot (other than the Waist slot). You can also upgrade this new Legendary, which is not the case if you opt in for the default Belt of Unity.

If you would like to learn more about The Enlightened reputation and how to reach Revered as quickly as possible, see our guide below.


Double Legendary Restrictions in Patch 9.2

The Unity Icon Unity Runecarving Power can be equipped alongside another Shadowlands Legendary, but you cannot pick both Legendary Powers. One of the Legendary Powers must always be Unity.



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