Protection Paladin Tank Mythic+ Tips — Battle for Azeroth (BfA) 8.1

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On this page, you will find tips and advice to tackle Mythic+ dungeons with your Protection Paladin in World of Warcraft — Battle for Azeroth (BfA) 8.1.

1. Mythic+ Guide for Protection Paladins

Protection Paladins are very strong in Mythic+ due to their self-and group healing, dispels, utility, and with their ability to lock down caster mobs with Avenger's Shield Icon Avenger's Shield. While we are lacking the ability to force move enemies around, we make up for it in utility.

2. Protection Paladin Utility

  • Avenger's Shield Icon Avenger's Shield is one of our strongest abilities in our toolkit for Mythic+. Not only does it interrupt, it will also silence enemies that can be silenced for 3 seconds. This allows you to almost fully lock down any caster by yourself, especially if they can be stunned by Hammer of Justice Icon Hammer of Justice as well, and let the rest of the group deal with another caster.
  • Hammer of Justice Icon Hammer of Justice is a long single target stun that can be used often with the Fist of Justice Icon Fist of Justice talent. This can be used to make enemies non threatening for a couple of seconds or prevent them from moving if they may want to.
  • Consecrated Ground Icon Consecrated Ground is a very important tool to allow you to kite enemies, it easily has a 100% uptime and the cooldown of Consecration Icon Consecration is so short that you can easily drop another Consecration down once they exit the first one.
  • Blessing of Protection Icon Blessing of Protection/Blessing of Spellwarding Icon Blessing of Spellwarding and Blessing of Sacrifice Icon Blessing of Sacrifice are amazing tools in dungeons to help your group survive both dangerous affixes as well as abilities.
  • Hand of the Protector Icon Hand of the Protector and Lay on Hands Icon Lay on Hands are not only self-heal abilities, but can be used on group members to great effect as well to help the healer.

3. Talents for Mythic+ Dungeons

Some dungeons may require a different set of talents, but in general, you should start with the following talents and only make changes if you know that you will need a different talent for a specific reason in a dungeon.

3.1. Tier 1 (Level 15) Talents

While you could use Redoubt Icon Redoubt for an extra Avenger's Shield Icon Avenger's Shield hit, it is going to be rather limited in how often you can benefit from this 5th hit much at all. Meanwhile Holy Shield Icon Holy Shield can be used to great effect against various magic abilities throughout the dungeons both defensively and offensively. Blessed Hammer Icon Blessed Hammer provides the most damage, but also allows you to cast while kiting to procc Avenger's Shield Icon Avenger's Shield.

3.2. Tier 2 (Level 30) Talents

Due to the amount of single target damage in dungeons Crusader's Judgment Icon Crusader's Judgment is usually preferred, but First Avenger Icon First Avenger is a solid choice for more AoE damage.

3.3. Tier 3 (Level 45) Talents

Both Fist of Justice Icon Fist of Justice as well as Blinding Light Icon Blinding Light have their uses. We feel Fist of Justice has generally more use due to being able to lock down a target every 25seconds instead of 60seconds, but Blinding Light gives you the ability to do something extra, and can be very efficient at mass interrupting enemies if they have been stunned too many times. Repentance Icon Repentance is great against Infested.

3.4. Tier 4 (Level 60) Talents

Cavalier Icon Cavalier is usually the default choice if you are lazy in dungeons for more movement speed, but you can use Blessing of Spellwarding Icon Blessing of Spellwarding to great effect in most dungeons, not only on yourself but also on others. It should definitely be the default when trying to overcome difficult dungeons.

3.5. Tier 5 (Level 75) Talents

All these talents work, but your choice will depend on various factors. Hand of the Protector Icon Hand of the Protector is simply just the option to help with group healing should it be needed. The cooldown reduction on abilities from Unbreakable Spirit Icon Unbreakable Spirit is nice, but rarely utilized fully. A lower cooldown on Divine Shield Icon Divine Shield does have its uses. Final Stand Icon Final Stand can add a lot of safety to some massive complicated pulls, and its cooldown is as long as Guardian of Ancient Kings Icon Guardian of Ancient Kings, allowing them to be rotated smoothly.

3.6. Tier 6 (Level 90) Talents

Few classes have the ability to slow enemies as reliably as Paladins, thus Consecrated Ground Icon Consecrated Ground is almost a necessity to have if you want to start to kite. Seeing as the other talents both perform very poorly in dungeons, it is an easy choice.

3.7. Tier 7 (Level 100) Talents

While all level 100 talents have their uses, Seraphim Icon Seraphim simply comes out ahead unless you are under-geared or new to the class. Last Defender Icon Last Defender and Righteous Protector Icon Righteous Protector can be safer options in certain single target, or multi target situations. Both however suffer from the same problem; they are only good in one situation while basically useless in the other. Seraphim contributes greatly to damage output but also give you a fair amount of secondary stats that are all great at keeping you alive, but it is rather costly in terms of Shield of the Righteous Icon Shield of the Righteous charges. However, for dungeons Seraphim performs so well due to the downtime between mobs, and the ability to almost always start every new pack with Seraphim up and available. You can also choose to skip using it on a smaller pack that is not as threatening to save for the next pack that is a lot bigger.

4. Trinkets for Mythic+

Unfortunately, there are very few trinkets that are that strong for Protection Paladins in Mythic+. Even here, item level is basically the deciding factor on trinkets. We recommend using trinkets with either passive Strength or secondary stat, with a Strength or secondary stat proc/use effect. That is to say trinkets with proc effects that purely deals damage can be a great offensive option, but stats are generally preferred as a more balanced option. That said due to how easy it is to obtain a high item level Darkmoon Deck: Fathoms Icon Darkmoon Deck: Fathoms it is a great choice for damage output.

5. Azerite Trait Rankings for Mythic+

Most traits have a chance to proc damage or stats. Those traits could be very useful and more information about how strong they really are is going to come out when tuning ends. As of right now, they are constantly in flux.

5.1. Outer Ring Traits

  1. Inspiring Vanguard Icon Inspiring Vanguard
  2. Soaring Shield Icon Soaring Shield

These two traits are a must-haves for dungeons. The other Outer Ring traits does not matter as much, you can go for just damage output or traits such as Blood Rite Icon Blood Rite will have a chance to be rather effective due to the refresh ability.

5.2. Middle Ring Traits

  1. Overwhelming Power Icon Overwhelming Power
  2. Azerite Veins Icon Azerite Veins (random but strong when it procs)
  3. Ablative Shielding Icon Ablative Shielding

5.3. Inner Ring Traits

  1. Gemhide Icon Gemhide
  2. Impassive Visage Icon Impassive Visage
  3. Vampiric Speed Icon Vampiric Speed
  4. Bulwark of the Masses Icon Bulwark of the Masses
  5. Resounding Protection Icon Resounding Protection

While Gemhide Icon Gemhide will be rather reliable in dungeons the healing traits gain a lot of ground in Mythic+, even a trait such as Vampiric Speed Icon Vampiric Speed can gain a lot of benefit due to mobs having different health pools and dying off at different times. Meanwhile Bulwark of the Masses Icon Bulwark of the Masses sounds very good and it can have great effect, but will have very low uptime and be useless on most bosses and mini-bosses throughout the dungeons.

6. Protection Paladin Dungeon Tips

6.1. Atal'Dazar

6.1.1. Trash

6.1.2. Priestess Alun'za

  • The boss will do slightly more damage during her Gilded Claws Icon Gilded Claws buff if you can not purge it as it is a magic effect.
  • Make sure to always stun Spirit of Gold with Hammer of Justice Icon Hammer of Justice as soon as it pops up; a 6-second stun before any diminishing return gives you the most amount of time to kill it before it eats the pools on the ground. Consecrated Ground Icon Consecrated Ground also helps to instantly slow it.

6.1.3. Vol'kaal

  • Help interrupt the Noxious Stench Icon Noxious Stench in both phases, either with Avenger's Shield Icon Avenger's Shield or Rebuke Icon Rebuke. You can also dispel the Lingering Nausea Icon Lingering Nausea debuff, so make sure to help the healer out by dispelling it as soon as it is applied; generally it is better to prioritize dispelling other people as it does not hurt the tank as much.

6.1.4. Rezan

  • Help your team with Blessing of Protection Icon Blessing of Protection if they get devoured, to ignore the damage; it is quite popular to do it intentionally as well to prevent the boss from moving around.
  • Mind the increased damage you take during Serrated Teeth Icon Serrated Teeth and cover appropriately with Shield of the Righteous Icon Shield of the Righteous or cooldowns.

6.1.5. Yazma

6.2. Freehold

6.2.1. Trash

  • Watch out for the Irontide Corsairs' Poisoning Strike Icon Poisoning Strike as they will leap behind you and apply a poison debuff. This can easily be dispelled and you should try to do so as soon as it is applied to reduce damage.
  • When in combat with an Irontide Oarsman always keep an eye out for their Sea Spout Icon Sea Spout cast, and make sure it is interrupted. If you pull two, while you can coordinate locking both down, it is easier if you take one while the rest of the group deals with the other one — never let a cast through.
  • The Cutwater Duelists will charge another player and stun everyone in its path, avoid this by standing in a direction nobody else is, or try to stun with Hammer of Justice Icon Hammer of Justice.
  • When facing Irontide Stormcallers make sure to always lock one down to prevent it from casting Thundering Squall Icon Thundering Squall.

6.2.2. Skycap'n Kragg

  • Always make sure to interrupt his Revitalizing Brew Icon Revitalizing Brew while making sure the boss is not in the path of the bird, to allow melee to deal damage to him without taking damage.

6.2.3. Council o' Captains

The rotation of which two captains you are dealing with is different each week, and whichever captain is inactive is helping you out.

  • If Captain Raoul is inactive, he will give you a barrel on the ground which increases damage done by 15%; try to tank the bosses inside this barrel to help with damage.
  • When Captain Raoul is active, watch out for his Barrel Smash Icon Barrel Smash as it knocks players back and deals damage during its duration.
  • Captain Jolly will summon a spinning sword that will slowly travel back to him, make sure you let it travel back into him to get rid of it till he casts it again; positioning is key as to not get knocked around.

6.2.4. Ring of Booty

  • You can always help out a person struggling to kite sharks with Blessing of Protection Icon Blessing of Protection. Note that even tank players can be fixated by the Sharks, as they simply go for the closest player.

6.2.5. Harlan Sweete

6.3. King's Rest

6.3.1. Trash

  • Target the Shadow-Borne Witch Doctor to lock it down from casting spells on you, but always make sure to have Rebuke Icon Rebuke ready for the Shadow Bolt Volley Icon Shadow Bolt Volley.
  • You can dispel the poison debuff players get from standing in the green pools when Embalming Fluid Icon Embalming Fluid is active, should they obtain stacks.
  • You are also able to dispel the Poison Barrage debuff that the Spectral Beastmaster throws out on a player, especially if that player mistakenly poisons multiple people.
  • There is not a lot you can do when fighting Shadow of Zul, outside of trying to heal yourself when you go low. Ardent Defender Icon Ardent Defender work well and make it safe to be on low Health, you can then heal yourself back to full with Lay on Hands Icon Lay on Hands should the cheat death proc. Blessing of Spellwarding Icon Blessing of Spellwarding will cause the boss to cast on other players.

6.3.2. The Golden Serpent

  • Always have at least Shield of the Righteous Icon Shield of the Righteous up against Tail Thrash Icon Tail Thrash.
  • If Animated Gold comes close you can stop it from moving with Hammer of Justice Icon Hammer of Justice to give yourself time to move the boss away, this can be complicated to do without letting it be absorbed by the boss, however.

6.3.3. Mchimba the Embalmer

  • If you do not require the healing at the moment, consider helping the healer out to heal the target with Drain Fluids Icon Drain Fluids above 90% health; alternatively you can use Blessing of Spellwarding Icon Blessing of Spellwarding on the player to prevent the healer from having to spend any healing on him.

6.3.4. The Council of Tribes

6.3.5. Dazar, The First King

6.4. Shrine of the Storm

6.4.1. Trash

6.4.2. Aqu'sirr

6.4.3. Tidesage Council

  • Focus Galecaller Faye and coordinate with your group who takes what interrupt if you wish to keep it permanently interrupted. If needed you can delay Avenger's Shield Icon Avenger's Shield to make sure you get as many interrupts as possible if your group is lacking reliable interrupt abilities.
  • Always track the Blessing of Ironsides Icon Blessing of Ironsides buff on Brother Ironhull to make sure that you either tank him with heavy cooldowns, or start kiting. Avenger's Shield Icon Avenger's Shield is excellent for still helping interrupting Faye when kiting Ironhull.

6.4.4. Lord Stormsong

  • If you find yourself with too many orbs around you can use Blessing of Spellwarding Icon Blessing of Spellwarding on yourself and run into a few to clear some up; Divine Shield Icon Divine Shield can also be used if you taunt the boss at the same time, but be careful as to not clear too many as they are needed to break people out of mind control.
  • Avenger's Shield Icon Avenger's Shield is great here to interrupt Void Bolt Icon Void Bolt.

6.4.5. Vol'zith the Whisperer

6.5. Siege of Boralus

6.5.1. Trash

6.5.2. Sergeant Bainbridge/Chopper Redhook

6.5.3. Dread Captain Lockwood

  • Avoid Dread Volley Icon Dread Volley on the ground; if you are cornered Blessing of Spellwarding Icon Blessing of Spellwarding can make you immune to the damage while you tank the Deckhand to avoid getting Melee hit by their cleave.

6.5.4. Hadal Darkfathom

  • All his abilities can be negated with Blessing of Spellwarding Icon Blessing of Spellwarding, however his frontal Crashing Tide Icon Crashing Tide can be avoided by sidestepping or standing very close to the boss inside his target circle, as it does not start until a bit in front of him.

6.5.5. Viq'Goth

6.6. Temple of Sethraliss

6.6.1. Trash

6.6.2. Adderis and Aspix

6.6.3. Merektha

6.6.4. Galvazzt

  • Use Blessing of Spellwarding Icon Blessing of Spellwarding to soak the Galvanize Icon Galvanize to not only be immune to the damage, but also prevent any stacks for accumulating. This can be done right after soaking one a full Energy Core to soak the second one without getting stacks and this would allow the debuff to reset to then take a third Energy Core again. Divine Shield Icon Divine Shield can also be used to reset the stacks quickly while taunting the boss and canceling the buff quickly again.

6.6.5. Avatar of Sethraliss

  • Make sure to interrupt the Plague Doctor so it does not cast Chain Lightning Icon Chain Lightning, and you can also stun it when it is trying to cast Snake Charm Icon Snake Charm to save the healer a dispel.
  • With Hand of the Protector Icon Hand of the Protector you can also help the healer heal the boss up during the downtime, or heal other players so the healer can focus on boss. Lay on Hands Icon Lay on Hands can also help with healing.
  • Feel free run over and soak Plague Toads when able then they will not have to be killed, but make sure to dispel yourself when you can as the plague reduces healing done.


6.7.1. Trash

  • Wait until Mech Jockeys make it to a mech, and then stun it or disorient with Blinding Light Icon Blinding Light to prevent them from jumping into the Peacekeepers.
  • Make sure to lock down the Refreshment Vendor and prevent it from finishing its Kaja'Cola Refresher Icon Kaja'Cola Refresher as it will heal a nearby enemy. The Iced Spritzer Icon Iced Spritzer cast is also important to make sure you get before the channel finishes as it will stun a player, needing to be dispelled.
  • Hired Assassin can be interrupted when casting Toxic Blades Icon Toxic Blades to avoid massive AoE damage later on with Hail of Flechettes Icon Hail of Flechettes, this channel can however be stunned as to not deal damage more than once or twice. If you are unable to, you can still help the healer by dispelling the debuff on a party member.
  • Focus your attention on both the Feckless Assistant to interrupt the Transfiguration Serum Icon Transfiguration Serum, as well as the Venture Co. Alchemist to interrupt its Transmute: Enemy to Goo Icon Transmute: Enemy to Goo. The Transmute ability is not very dangerous if it targets a non-healer as it can be dispelled, but if it does land on the healer and you can not dispel it; he is out of the fight for 10 seconds.
  • Help soak the Crawler Mine as long as you are healthy, but remember that outside of cooldown or if you are lucky with Holy Shield Icon Holy Shield blocking the explosion it will hit you for roughly the same amount as non-tank players.

6.8. The Underrot

6.8.1. Trash

6.8.2. Elder Leaxa

  • Make sure to interrupt the Blood Mirrors Blood Bolt Icon Blood Bolt with Avenger's Shield Icon Avenger's Shield if she is at range to stack her and her Blood Mirror up.

6.8.3. Cragmaw the Infested

6.8.4. Sporecaller Zancha

  • Before the boss reaches 100 energy you can use Blessing of Spellwarding Icon Blessing of Spellwarding on a player that quickly runs over as many spore pods as possible without gaining stacks. You can also run over a few and quickly dispel yourself to completely remove them. If the Festering Harvest Icon Festering Harvest goes through and gives the whole group debuffs, you can help the healer by dispelling a weaker character to make life easier.
  • Cleanse Toxins Icon Cleanse Toxins players who accidentally gets the Decaying Spores Icon Decaying Spores debuff.

6.8.5. Unbound Abomination

6.9. Tol Dagor

6.9.1. Trash

  • Target and lock down the Bilge Rat Seaspeaker to prevent it from successfully casting Watery Dome Icon Watery Dome; these usually come in packs of two, and you can technically take care of both at the same time, but it is safer if you lock one down completely while the others deal with the second one.
  • Some packs feature an Irontide Thug with a Debilitating Shout Icon Debilitating Shout that needs to be interrupted and stunned to prevent the group for receiving a 50% reduces damage done debuff. Similarly the Ashvane Officer casts Handcuff Icon Handcuff which silences a player until it is interrupted. Be on top of these interrupts to allow the rest of your group to play efficiently.

6.9.2. The Sand Queen

  • Soaring Shield Icon Soaring Shield is very efficient here due to helping you pick up an extra target, if it hits its four targets you should have Judgment Icon Judgment for one add and Hand of Reckoning Icon Hand of Reckoning for the other to always get threat on all 5 adds and the boss.
  • You can use Blessing of Spellwarding Icon Blessing of Spellwarding and run over a bunch of Sand Trap Icon Sand Traps to clear them at once if needed. During the Upheaval Icon Upheaval phase you can also use Divine Shield Icon Divine Shield to clear. These traps disappear by themselves eventually but it can be useful to clear a few if you are out of space.

6.9.3. Jes Howlis

6.9.4. Knight Captain Valyris

  • Blessing of Spellwarding Icon Blessing of Spellwarding can be used if you have bad barrels exploding on top of where you are standing, it will at least save their life even if the others end up dying.

6.9.5. Overseer Korgus

  • Most abilities can be negated with Blessing of Spellwarding Icon Blessing of Spellwarding; it will prevent you from getting knocked back as well during Azerite Rounds: Blast Icon Azerite Rounds: Blast.
  • Deadeye Icon Deadeye is however the only ability that is physical damage, and you can use Blessing of Protection Icon Blessing of Protection (should you have it) to make a player immune to the hit. If you end up soaking for another player, you can Divine Shield Icon Divine Shield but make sure to taunt him by the end of the cast to give you some time to cancel the shield before boss starts hitting others.

6.10. Waycrest Manor

6.10.1. Trash

6.10.2. Heartsbane Triad

  • This can be a rather hectic fight, so make sure to use your group utility to great effect. Using Blessing of Spellwarding Icon Blessing of Spellwarding on the healer during Unstable Runic Mark Icon Unstable Runic Mark will make him able to stand still and fully focusing on healing without having to remove Aura of Dread Icon Aura of Dread stacks at the same time, greatly increasing your chances of survival.
  • If you are running Blessing of Protection Icon Blessing of Protection, you can use it on the Jagged Nettles Icon Jagged Nettles to completely remove it if the healer is falling behind. You get this debuff when the boss gains the Aura of Thorns Icon Aura of Thorns, making Blessing of Protection's benefit two-fold, preventing any thorns damage being taken as well.

6.10.3. Soulbound Goliath

6.10.4. Raal the Gluttonous

6.10.5. Lord and Lady Waycrest

  • While you can dispel the Virulent Pathogen Icon Virulent Pathogen make sure to only do it when players have spread out as to not spread the debuff to others again.
  • When Lady Waycrest joins the fight, make sure to target her and interrupt the Wracking Chord Icon Wracking Chord cast.

6.10.6. Gorak Tul

  • You can help with spot-healing players targeted by the Death Lens Icon Death Lens as they will take 70% of their health in damage over a few seconds. Blessing of Spellwarding Icon Blessing of Spellwarding can also be used to negate the damage, however it does not remove the stun.

7. Mythic+ Affixes

The way Mythic+ affixes are tiered in Battle for Azeroth has changed quite a bit since their launch in Legion.

There are now three weekly affixes and one seasonal affix. The first affix is enabled immediately at level 2, the second affix starts at level 4, the third affix starts at level 7 and, finally, the seasonal affix starts at level 10.

7.1. Tier One Affixes

  • Fortified Icon Fortified increases the Health pool of all non-boss enemies by 20% and damage dealt by 30%.
  • Tyrannical Icon Tyrannical increases the Health pool of boss enemies by 40% and their damage dealt by 15%.

Fortified Icon Fortified and Tyrannical Icon Tyrannical are the two affixes every player will see. These affixes shift the focus of Mythic+ from boss to trash depending on the week. Protection Paladins do well in both but excel in the utility you can bring to the group against the big scary bosses during Tyrannical to get through boss fights.

7.2. Tier Two Affixes

  • Raging Icon Raging increases the damage dealt by enemies below 30% by 100% until they die.
  • Teeming Icon Teeming adds additional trash mobs to certain packs throughout each dungeon.
  • Bolstering Icon Bolstering causes dying enemies to increase the maximum health and damage of other nearby enemies by 20%. To counter this affix, DPS all mobs down evenly and focus on the highest health pool enemies first.
  • Sanguine Icon Sanguine places a pool of blood on the ground when an enemy dies. This pool will heal enemies who stay inside the zone, while damaging players. It can be wise to un-talent Consecrated Ground Icon Consecrated Ground to easier move mobs out of Sanguine pools.
  • Bursting Icon Bursting causes enemies to detonate when slain, afflicting the group with a stacking debuff that causes players to suffer 10% of their maximum health in damage every four seconds. When handling the Bursting affix, make sure to help the rest of the group with Hand of the Protector Icon Hand of the Protector heals, Blessing of Spellwarding Icon Blessing of Spellwarding, and Blessing of Sacrifice Icon Blessing of Sacrifice if you end up killing off a lot of enemies quickly after each other.

7.3. Tier Three Affixes

  • Volcanic Icon Volcanic spawns volcanic plumes underneath and around players when in combat with any enemy. When damaged by Volcanic, players suffer 50% of their maximum health in damage. The more enemies you are in combat with, the more volcanic plumes will spawn.
  • Grievous Icon Grievous afflicts players with a stacking damage over time effect when they fall below 90%. Make sure to help your healer with Hand of the Protector Icon Hand of the Protector heals on the group if you can afford it, it is also a good affix to make sure you have Blessing of Protection Icon Blessing of Protection available to help your healer out.
  • Quaking Icon Quaking will periodically attempt to interrupt casters by creating a damaging zone around each player. About 3 seconds after the zone forms, it will deal 20% maximum health in damage to each player caught in the zone and interrupt any casts being finished during the shockwave.
  • Explosive Icon Explosive will occasionally spawn Explosive Orbs that need to be targeted and burned down within a short period of time or they will deal significant damage to the party. Explosive Orbs are not cleaveable and the amount of orbs that spawn scales with the amount of enemies pulled. We recommend using Crusader's Judgment Icon Crusader's Judgment as Judgment Icon Judgment is great at dealing with the orbs. Explosive Orbs can be killed with Avenger's Shield Icon Avenger's Shield as well as long as you target the orb when casting.
  • Necrotic Icon Necrotic debuffs the target of enemy melee swings with stacking healing reduction bleed and a minor damage over time effect. Blessing of Protection Icon Blessing of Protection and Divine Shield Icon Divine Shield are great tools to remove all your debuffs, coupled with a cancelaura macro. Final Stand Icon Final Stand can easily help set up a good pull to enable you to get control of the first part of an engagement.
  • Skittish Icon Skittish reduces the amount of threat generated by tanks throughout the dungeon. Rogues and Hunters are good to have in your group for these week.

7.4. Seasonal Affix

Infested Icon Infested is the seasonal affix for the launch of Battle for Azeroth. Enemies afflicted with the Infested debuff will be scattered throughout each dungeon once you reach key level ten. These mobs will heal enemies around them and, when slain, will spawn two Spawn of G'huun that will attempt to infest remaining enemies.

There are several ways to handle Infested Icon Infested mobs depending on pack size, which mob is infested, and group composition. The first way to handle an Infested enemy is to burn down the infested target and the subsequently spawning Spawn of G'huun while either crowd controlling or ignoring the other mobs in the pack. The second way is to crowd control the Infested mob and burn down all the other enemies. If your group lacks crowd control, Repentance Icon Repentance is a great option for you to spec into.

8. Changelog

  • 12 Dec. 2018: Avenger's Shield hits Explosive Orbs, updated Heartsbane Triad (Waycrest Manor) text.
  • 10 Dec. 2018: Minor updates to talents and Necrotic.
  • 04 Sep. 2018: Major update for Mythic+ launch.
  • 13 Aug. 2018: Updated for Battle for Azeroth launch.
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