The Maw Zone Overview and Guide

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This page goes over the information currently available about The Maw, one of the new zones in the Shadowlands, and will be updated as more information becomes available.


Getting to The Maw

Currently, outside of your initial venture into the Maw when first heading into the Shadowlands, you need to jump into the middle of the Ring of Transference in Oribos.

Jumping into the middle will trigger a cutscene and teleport you down to The Maw.



You will always spawn in Ve'nari's Refuge, a safe area belonging to Ve'nari. Here, you are immune to the effects of the Jailer's Torments and can directly enter Torghast.

For more information on Ve'nari, you can check our guide below.


Entering the Shadowlands via The Maw

When you first start the questline to enter the Shadowlands, you will have your first experience within The Maw. The questline takes you through multiple areas of the zone and ends with you establishing yourself in Oribos, prior to starting questing in Bastion.


Map of The Maw

Image of The Maw Map


This horrific prison houses the most vile and irredeemable souls in existence—ones deemed by the Arbiter to represent a threat to the Shadowlands if left free. Ruled by the enigmatic Jailer who none have ever seen—at least none have seen and lived to tell—the Maw inspires nightmares and legends even among the denizens of the Shadowlands. No one has ever escaped this vile place, and any foolish enough to venture there are never heard from again.


Areas in The Maw

Ve'nari's Refuge Perdition Hold Crucible of the Damned The Tremaculum The Beast Warrens

Ve'nari's Refuge


Ven'ari's Refuge is located in the centre of the map and is also where players will be teleported on the Beta when taking the portal from Oribos.

This section will be updated with a list of notable rare mobs in this area.


Perdition Hold


Perdition Hold is located to the south-west of Ve'nari's Refuge.

This section will be updated with a list of notable rare mobs in this area.


Crucible of the Damned


The Crucible of the Damned is located to the west of Ve'nari's Refuge and is also where a portion of the introduction questline takes place.

This section will be updated with a list of notable rare mobs in this area.


The Tremaculum


The Tremaculum is located to the north-west of Ve'nari's Refuge.

This section will be updated with a list of notable rare mobs in this area.


The Beast Warrens


The Beast Warrens is the largest area in The Maw, to the south of Ve'nari's Refuge. Currently, if players venture there without the proper protection, they will be periodically feared.

This section will be updated with a list of notable rare mobs in this area.


Torghast, Tower of the Damned

Once, the Jailer kept only the most dangerous souls in the cosmos confined in this eternal prison. Now, some of Azeroth's greatest heroes are trapped here, and you'll need to rescue them from the Jailer's tower before he expends their very souls.

Torghast is an endlessly replayable, ever-changing dungeon that you can challenge alone or in a group. Your runs will differ each time, but you'll need to explore cautiously. Death comes at a terrible cost. Defeat enough of Torghast's unpredictable challenges, and you'll be rewarded with unique abilities and items to ensure your present survival or bolster your next run. The further you progress, the greater your likelihood of retrieving materials to craft the legendary weapons and armor that will help you restore balance to the Shadowlands.

Other secrets lie within the tower… but they're yet to be revealed.


Unlocking Torghast

In order to unlock Torghast, players will need to complete the questline offered to them by their respective covenant upon reaching max level.

The questline is very similar for all covenants, but we will cover each covenant's perspective in a dedicated page in the near future.


Torghast Guides

You can find all of our Torghast-related guides in our dedicated hub, which is linked below.


Collectibles in The Maw

Within The Maw there are a variety of mounts, pets, and toys to collect, including the hidden Hand of Nilganihmaht mount. However, as Patch 9.1 added 45 new mounts and 46 new battle pets, we have created separate guides breaking down what these new collectibles are and how to obtain them below.



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