Death's Advance Reputation and Rewards Guide in Shadowlands

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The Death's Advance faction can be found in Korthia and acts as a traditional reputation in Patch 9.1. This faction will enable players to purchase catchup gear that can be upgraded all the way to Item Level 233, recolors of the new cosmetic Covenant armor sets, and unique mounts such as the Amber Shardhide Icon Amber Shardhide.


Gaining Reputation with Death's Advance

The main story quests no longer give reputation in Shadowlands, with the focus instead being on world quests.

To gain reputation, you can:

  • Complete the Weekly Shaping Fate Quest in Korthia.
  • Complete your two Weekly Covenant Assaults that send you to Korthia.
  • Equip a Contract: Death's Advance Icon Contract: Death's Advance.
  • Complete Korthia Daily quests.

Death's Advance Reputation Contract

If you wish to focus on gaining reputation with Death's Advance, you can buy a Contract: Death's Advance Icon Contract: Death's Advance or craft one with Inscription.

This will give you reputation with Death's Advance for every world quest you complete in the Shadowlands.


Death's Advance Quartermaster Location

The quartermaster for Death's Advance is Duchess Mynx, who can be found at Keeper's Respite in northeastern Korthia.


Death's Advance Reputation Rewards

The rewards for Death's Advance are as follows:

Reputation Item Type
Friendly Korthian Armaments Icon Korthian Armaments Catch-Up Gear Token
Friendly Vault Anima Tracker Icon Vault Anima Tracker Maw Assault Upgrade Item
Friendly Technique: Contract: Death's Advance Icon Technique: Contract: Death's Advance Reputation Contract Inscription Recipe
Honored Recipe: Crafter's Mark III Icon Recipe: Crafter's Mark III Optional Reagent
Exalted Ensemble: Garb of Fall's Promise Icon Ensemble: Garb of Fall's Promise Night Fae Covenant Transmog Set Recolor
Exalted Ensemble: Frontline Necromancer's Vestments Icon Ensemble: Frontline Necromancer's Vestments Necrolord Covenant Transmog Set Recolor
Exalted Ensemble: Renathal's Battlefield Attire Icon Ensemble: Renathal's Battlefield Attire Venthyr Covenant Transmog Set Recolor
Exalted Ensemble: Renathal's Field Inquisitor's Vestments Icon Ensemble: Renathal's Field Inquisitor's Vestments Venthyr Covenant Transmog Set Recolor
Exalted Ensemble: Battlefield Messenger's Regalia Icon Ensemble: Battlefield Messenger's Regalia Kyrian Covenant Transmog Set Recolor
Exalted Death's Advance Tabard Icon Death's Advance Tabard Unique Faction Tabard
Honored Domestic Aunian Icon Domestic Aunian Companion/Battle Pet
Revered Amber Shardhide Icon Amber Shardhide Mount
Exalted Winter Wilderling Harness Icon Winter Wilderling Harness Night Fae Covenant Mount
Exalted Battlefield Swarmer Harness Icon Battlefield Swarmer Harness Necrolord Covenant Mount
Exalted Pale Gravewing Icon Pale Gravewing Venthyr Covenant Mount
Exalted Battle-Hardened Aquilon Icon Battle-Hardened Aquilon Kyrian Covenant Mount

Death's Advance Reputation Mounts

There are two mount rewards for Death's Advance. The Amber Shardhide Icon Amber Shardhide, which costs 5000 Stygia Icon Stygia and requires Revered to purchase, and a mount unique to your Covenant choice that requires both Exalted to purchase as well as completion of the On the Offensive Icon On the Offensive achievement. As this achievement is complex, we have created a guide detailing precisely what is involved in meeting its requirements.

These mounts are just a few of the 45 new mounts also added in Patch 9.1. If you would like to learn more about the other collectibles available to you from Shadowlands reputations, consult our collection guides below.



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