Tazavesh, the Veiled Market Dungeon Guide

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This page features role-by-role breakdowns of each fight in Tazavesh, the Veiled Market, along with outlines of the main mechanics you need to be aware of throughout the dungeon's boss fights.


Tazavesh, the Veiled Market Hardmode

This guide is exclusively written for the purpose of covering the base mechanics of the dungeon. If you are looking for Hardmode advice, you should check our dedicated Hardmode boss guide, linked below.


Bosses in Tazavesh, the Veiled Market

There are 8 bosses in total in Patch 9.1's megadungeon and they are split into informal "wings", based on their location.


Customs Area

The Customs Area is where players will first enter the dungeon and, after failing the customs check, you will need to be prepared to fight your first boss, Zo'phex the Sentinel.


Zo'phex the Sentinel

This boss is a fairly simple fight, with very few dangerous mechanics that need to be dealt with.

  • Tanks
    • Be aware of when the boss drops his swords, as he will gain 25% increased damage for the duration.
  • Healers
    • Be aware of when the boss drops his swords, as he will gain 25% increased damage for the duration.
  • DPS
    • Every 30 seconds, the boss will steal one of the DPS' weapons. If this happens to you, you will not be able to cast any spells until you pick your weapon back up.
  • Everyone
    • The boss will have a shield on one side of him, marked by a white glowing barrier. You cannot deal any damage to him from that side.
    • If you are not marked by Interrogation Icon Interrogation, you will need to help DPS the cage down and free your party member that is imprisoned. Note that you cannot stand in front of Zo'phex when he is moving towards the caged person. If you do, he will kill you.

Veiled Market Courtyard

After clearing the first boss, you will have access to the courtyard, in which 3 bosses can be done in any order your party may choose, followed by another boss.

It is generally recommended that you start with Myza's Oasis and work your way through the courtyard. It is, however, important to note that starting on this side will mean you have to deal with stealthed mobs, Cartel Skulkers, which can make your trash pulls suddenly grow beyond what your party is capable of.

If you have a Demon Hunter in your group, it can be useful to have them search for the mobs with their gaze.


The Grand Menagerie

The Grand Menagerie has 3 different bosses to fight against: Alcruux, Achillite, and Venza Goldfuse.

When you engage this boss, you will first fight against Alcruux:

  • Tanks
    • There is no tank-specific advice for this boss.
  • Healers
    • There is no healer-specific advice for this boss.
  • DPS
    • There is no DPS-specific advice for this boss.
  • Everyone
    • If you get Gluttony Icon Gluttony on you, make sure to stay at least 5 yards away from your party in Phase One.
    • Run out of Grip of Hunger Icon Grip of Hunger as soon as possible.

The next boss is Achillite, who will join the fight 30 seconds after Alcruux hits 40%.

  • Tanks
    • Make sure to have mitigation ready for Flagellation Protocol Icon Flagellation Protocol, especially if you are running with a group with lower DPS.
    • When the boss is close to dying, move him to a corner, so that his post-death spell Venting Protocol Icon Venting Protocol will not cause your group issues later on.
  • Healers
  • DPS
    • Kill the boss as fast as possible when he uses Flagellation Protocol Icon Flagellation Protocol, to stop your tank from dying from the huge amount of damage.
  • Everyone

The next boss is Venza Goldfuse, who will join the fight 30 seconds after Achillite hits 40%.

  • Tanks
    • There is no tank-specific advice for this boss.
  • Healers
    • There is no healer-specific advice for this boss.
  • DPS
    • There is no DPS-specific advice for this boss.
  • Everyone

Mailroom Mayhem

Before engaging this boss, make sure that you clear the room of all trash.

  • Tanks
    • There is no tank-specific advice for this boss.
  • Healers
    • Save your healing cooldowns for Fan Mail Icon Fan Mail. Your DPS will be most affected by this, due to it being Physical Damage.
  • DPS
    • There is no DPS-specific advice for this boss.
  • Everyone
    • Use personals to help your healer during Fan Mail Icon Fan Mail.
    • Stack together whenever someone is targeted by Money Order Icon Money Order.
    • Soak the purple zones on the ground when the boss uses Hazardous Liquids Icon Hazardous Liquids.
    • Pick up the suitcases spawned by Unstable Goods Icon Unstable Goods and throw them in the open mail chutes as soon as you can. If you throw them into the wrong chute, you will wipe your group.

Myza's Oasis

This boss can only be accessed after completing a "gauntlet" of sorts, in which you will need to trade with the NPCs located around the boss' area in order to get a password, allowing you to enter the room.

The first item will be sold by the NPC Xy'darid, who will give you a cheap item to purchase, which you can then use to trade with the other vendor NPCs along the street. Once you have made enough trades, you will receive the password.

The items that you will be trading should be given to the corresponding NPC; if you have a piece of food, take it to the food vendor, for example. In order to make the trade, the person holding the item will receive an extra action button to drop the item next to the right vendor, at which time they can pick up the next item.

Once you are into the boss room, players will be able to select instruments on the stage. We recommend that your tank takes the microphone, your healer sits on the drums, and your DPS takes the rest.

These instruments will allow your party to gain buffs, either by creating buff zones or moving through them. The microphone and the drums create zones on the ground, which the DPS players will then use their instruments to glide through.

Once your party has collected a combined total of 10 buffs, the second phase will start, in which mobs will spawn and start attacking you.

The mobs themselves are not particularly dangerous, but on the third set of adds, players will have to deal with Zo'gron. This boss has two main spells that need to be taken care of, Suppression Spark Icon Suppression Spark and Crowd Control Icon Crowd Control.

For Suppression Spark Icon Suppression Spark, simply spread out. If your DPS class has no mobility, then use your instrument to slide out.

Crowd Control Icon Crowd Control makes Zo'gron immune to all attacks from the front and, once the cast is finished, he will kill everyone in front of him. Simply move behind him to avoid it, as you should anyway, due to the immunity it provides.



So'azmi is the final boss of the courtyard area of the Veiled Market and is a fairly simply fight. The only thing players need to be aware of before going into the fight is that there are teleporters spawned during the fight; they spawn in pairs of 2, with matching shapes, and if you move into one, you will be teleported to the location of the corresponding shape.

These teleporters are the only way to avoid Shuri Icon Shuri after So'azmi puts up the Divide Icon Divide walls.

  • Tanks
    • There is no tank-specific advice for this boss.
  • Healers
  • DPS
    • There is no DPS-specific advice for this boss.
  • Everyone
    • Use the teleporters to avoid damage from Shuri Icon Shuri.
    • Double Technique Icon Double Technique will need to be interrupted twice. Make sure you do not waste your interrupts. If you do not interrupt both casts, you will wipe.

Stormheim Area

After you have cleared the first half of the dungeon, you will move through multiple areas to face the next bosses.

The first area you will go to is Stormheim, where you will face Hylbrande.



This fight has two phases; in the first phase, you will actively fight Hylbrande, while in the second, intermission phase, you will only be doing a gauntlet activity.

For information on how to get through the main phase where you fight Hylbrande, please consult the information in the list below. For information on the intermission phase, you will need to read the section under the list.

  • Tanks
    • Face the boss away from the party to avoid cleave damage from Shearing Swings Icon Shearing Swings.
    • Once the boss starts casting Titanic Crash Icon Titanic Crash, you can run out of the cast area.
  • Healers
    • There is no healer-specific advice for this boss.
  • DPS
    • There is no DPS-specific advice for this boss.
  • Everyone
    • If you are targeted by Purged by Fire Icon Purged by Fire, simply run around to form a circular puddle with the pools, to avoid using too much space.
    • Kill the adds as soon as they spawn.

For the intermission phase, 4 coloured orbs will spawn that need to be put into the altars in the corners of the room. One player will need to go to the console and look at the placement requirements for each orb and then communicate this to the other players, so that they can carry the orbs to the necessary corners. It is easiest if the player who sees the placements simply uses world markers to indicate which colour should go where.

Once you have done this successfully, you will go back to the first phase and continue fighting Hylbrande.


Boralus Area

After killing Hylbrande, you will be able to teleport to Boralus Harbor, where you will find the second-last boss of the dungeon, Timecap'n Hooktail.


Timecap'n Hooktail

This boss is extremely straightforward, with almost no mechanics beyond avoiding damage.

Avoid everything you see on the ground, do not stand in the water, and do not stand behind or in front of the boss unless you are the tank.

If you are targeted by the breath attack, use it to hit as many adds as you can, as it kills them instantly.


The Opulent Nexus

The Opulent Nexus houses the final boss of Tazavesh, So'leah, where you will fight a 2-stage encounter against her.



This boss has two phases, with the second one starting once she reaches 40% health and heals back up to full.

Phase One is relatively straightforward and only requires you to kill the adds that she spawns for the most part. The only other mechanic worth noting is her Collapsing Star Icon Collapsing Star ability, which creates a ball of energy that will need to be drained by running into it.

When you do so, you will trigger an explosion that hits all friendlies and places a debuffs on them, increasing further damage from it. Simply wait until the debuff falls off, then run into it again.

As soon as the boss hits 40%, the second phase will start and it is far more challenging than Phase One.

In Phase Two, So'leah will immediately drain power from the surrounding relics with Power Overwhelming Icon Power Overwhelming and reduces her damage taken by 99%.

In order to remove this, players will need to soak her ability Hyperlight Jolt Icon Hyperlight Jolt, which sends a bolt between the entire party. You will see a marker on the ground that shows you the direction in which the spell will move between players. Position yourselves so that, when the jolt passes through the party, it hits all of the relics.

The easiest way to do this is simply having everyone take 1 relic and stand behind it, so that the spell has to pass through the relic. Just make sure that "behind" a relic ensures it does not go around the outside of the relics and miss one.

Repeat this process, avoid any AoE on the ground, and So'leah becomes fairly simple to clear.



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