Tazavesh, the Veiled Market Hard Mode Dungeon Guide

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This page contains all of the changes in Tazvesh, the Veiled Market once the hard mode has been activated, along with guides for each boss on how to combat the new mechanics and how to activate the dungeon's hard mode.


Tazavesh Boss Guides

This guide is only for the Hardmode version of the Tazavesh megadungeon. We will not cover any basic mechanics of the bosses from the normal Mythic version. If you need to look up tactics for handling the bosses themselves, please refer to our guide linked below.


Activating Hardmode in Tazavesh

Activating the Hardmode option in Tazavesh is fairly easy, but it can only be done over 2 resets.

  1. After you defeat Zo'phex, the first boss, you will need to go downstairs and speak to the Questionable Trader who is standing in the corner.
  2. Buy a Fraudulent Credentials Icon Fraudulent Credentials neckpiece from him and then keep clearing the dungeon until you reach Myza's Oasis.
  3. Once you are at Myza's Oasis, speak to Au'manal, who will exchange your credentials for Passably-Forged Credentials Icon Passably-Forged Credentials.
  4. Pick up the quest Tazavesh: A Hard Bargain.
  5. Next reset, when you zone in, do not activate the RP from customs officers.
  6. Use your Passably-Forged Credentials Icon Passably-Forged Credentials item and then speak to Fe'tajid, who is standing by the entrance to start the Hardmode option.

Hardmode Boss Changes and Strategy


Zo'phex the Sentinel

Zo'phex will engage you with another boss, Portalmancer Zo'honn, who deals a massive amount of AoE damage.

Prioritise killing Zo'honn first to remove his damage from the fight and dodge the AoE that he drops on the floor.

Make sure to interrupt Empowered Glyph of Restraint Icon Empowered Glyph of Restraint.


The Grand Menagerie

There are no new abilities added to this fight, but the bosses will enter the fight approximately 30 seconds after the previous one. This is purely a DPS-check, so make sure that you have enough DPS to clear it.

You have approximately 30-35 seconds to kill each boss before the next one joins.


Mailroom Mayhem

The only change to the fight on Hardmode is that players will now be rooted when they pick up the Unstable Goods that are to be thrown into the air chutes.

You will need to throw these between players in order to get them into the chutes as soon as possible. If the goods hit the ground, they will explode and wipe you.


Myza's Oasis

Hardmode on this boss replaces the second wave of adds with a new group: the original band.

These mobs cannot be tanked and will focus the player that stole their instrument, so you will need to choose carefully for Hardmode as to who takes what.

Our recommendations are:

  • Tank — Guitar — this mob has a frontal cone attack that deals damage to anyone hit by it.
  • Healer — Drums — this mob deals AoE damage that ignores armor.
  • Melee or Ranged DPS with low interrupt cooldown — Horn — deals damage and stuns players, but can be interrupted.
  • Ranged DPS — Saxophone — AoE incapacitate that can be avoided by running away.
  • Other DPS — Trumpet — no mechanics.


The only change here is that you now require 3 interrupts for Triple Technique Icon Triple Technique, rather than 2 for Double Technique Icon Double Technique.



Kill the new add Stormbound Breaker and interrupt its Lightning Nova Icon Lightning Nova cast.


Timecap'n Hooktail

Avoid the new Slowed Time Icon Slowed Time zones that Hooktail will place around the encounter area.



Players will now receive a debuff when soaking the Collapsing Star Icon Collapsing Star, so you will need to rotate based on the debuff. You can soak twice before you receive the Star Vulnerability Icon Star Vulnerability debuff for 25 seconds. There is now also a drag effect when a Collapsing Star Icon Collapsing Star has a stack soaked from it.

The only other change to So'leah is extremely minor, in that all relics will reset if you mess up the jolt passing. It is normal to clear the relics in one jolt anyway, so this should have little to no impact.



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