Torghast Score System Guide

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Instead of the Tarragrue, Torghast now has a scoring system, which increases based on your performance during a run and, if maxed, can allow you access into the new Adamant Vaults bonus floors!

In this guide, we will go into detail on the components of this scoring system, and give some strategy and tips on how to maximize it consistently on every run.


Torghast Flawless Score Guide

Torghast has a new Score system in Patch 9.1, which takes multiple aspects of your run into account when assigning you a score and a star rating at the end.

1-Star requires a score of at least 40, 2-Stars requires 80, 3-Stars requires 120, 4-Stars requires 160 and is required to be able to queue for the next Torghast layer.

You need a score of at least 200 in order to get a 5-stars Flawless Score and be able to do the Adamant Vaults, assuming you already unlocked its talent at the Box of Many Things.


Shadowlands Torghast Score Basics

Each floor you complete within Torghast shows you some metrics on how well you are doing when you climb to the next floor. While these metrics do not directly correlate with a score, they will be added with the rest of your run at the end.

Floor Completion Metrics

As seen in the image below, there are multiple point-awarding entries, with some being way more relevant than others.

Torghast Score Screen

Completion is the most important aspect, and tracks how much Torghast activities you did, out of the total possible. Torghast activities are enemies killed, urns destroyed and souls saved. Up to 100 points can be obtained by doing all possible activities in every floor.

Completion Score

Empowered Bonus tracks how much completion was done under the empowered effect. As you complete Torghast activities, you will fill a new bar on the right side of your UI, and can use an extra action button to enter an empowered state where your actions grant more score and you are buffed.

Empowered Bar

While under this effect, the bar will slowly deplete over time, and doing more activities will not make it fill up. Once it ends, you can fill it up again by doing more activities, and this cycle repeats until you finish your run.

Empowered Buffs

The score awarded scales directly with the amount of Torghast activities you did while empowered, making the related Box of Many Things traits valuable to improve your score.

Empowered Bonus Score

Time is a comparison of how fast your run was, relative to a par time which depends on the Cell Block and Layer difficulty you ran. Being faster awards more points, with our highest having been 50 points awarded for being almost 50% under the par time.

Time Score

Score Bonuses in Torghast

There are multiple special bonuses you can get based on your actions during a Torghast Cell Block run.

Pillager awards a score bonus if you destroyed over 90% of the urns available in your Torghast run.

Pillager Bonus

Trapmaster awards a score bonus if you took no damage from any Torghast traps in your run.

Trapmaster Bonus

Rescuer awards score bonuses for each NPC helped during your Torghast run.

Rescuer Bonus

Daredevil awards a bonus if you killed two or more elites within 10 seconds of each other in your run.

Daredevil Bonus

Plunderer gives you bonus score if you opened locked chests in your run.

Plunderer Bonus

Annihilator grants a score bonus based on how fast you killed the Cell Block boss.

Annihilator Bonus

Reinforced gives you a bonus if you collected high amounts of a single Obleron power.

Reinforced Bonus

Savior boosts your score if you rescued all souls within your Torghast run.

Savior Bonus

Hunter gives you a score bonus if you did not allow any enemy to get high Unnatural Power stacks.

Hunter Bonus

Collector gives you a score boost if you collected many Anima Powers in your run.

Collector Bonus

Pauper increases your score if you did not get a single Epic Anima Power in your run.

Pauper Bonus


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