Dark Inquisitor Xanesh Normal Encounter Journal

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Welcome to the Normal difficulty Encounter Journal for Dark Inquisitor Xanesh in Ny'alotha, the Waking City.


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Xanesh summons power from the Void to torment players and Queen Azshara. Participate in Xanesh's Void Ritual Icon Void Ritual to gain the ability to eliminate Void Orb Icon Void Orb summoned during the encounter.

  • During Void Ritual Icon Void Ritual coordinate with allies that are Voidwoken Icon Voidwoken to safely eliminate the Void Orb Icon Void Orb.
  • Move away from your soul to reduce damage taken from Soul Flay Icon Soul Flay.
  • Anguish Icon Anguish causes damage to all players throughout the encounter.
Damage Dealers
Dark Inquisitor Xanesh
Void Ritual Icon Void Ritual

Xanesh performs a ritual that requires 3 willing players to participate in it. If 3 players do not participate, Xanesh inflicts 200,992 Shadow damage to all players.

Players that participate become Voidwoken Icon Voidwoken.

When the ritual finishes, a Void Orb Icon Void Orb is summoned.

Voidwoken Icon Voidwoken

Voidwoken Icon Voidwoken players are attuned to the Void, reducing damage dealt by 99% and allowing them to redirect Void Orbs for 40 sec.

Warning In Normal difficulty, Voidwoken players are afflicted with Void-Touched when the Void Orb is eliminated.

Void Orb Icon Void Orb

Voidwoken Icon Voidwoken players can redirect the orb by touching it, causing the orb to drift in the direction they are facing.

If the orb touches a non-Voidwoken Icon Voidwoken player, they suffer Revile Icon Revile. If the orb touches Queen Azshara, a ritual obelisk, or the edges of the chamber, it triggers Dark Collapse Icon Dark Collapse.

When the orb touches an open portal it is consumed by the Void, dispersing harmlessly.

Revile Icon Revile

Players that are not Voidwoken Icon Voidwoken are knocked away and suffer 100,605 Shadow damage when coming into contact with a Void Orb.

Dark Collapse Icon Dark Collapse

Inflicts 150,860 Shadow damage to all players and grants Xanesh Dark Ascension Icon Dark Ascension and Fanaticism Icon Fanaticism.

Dark Ascension Icon Dark Ascension

Increases damage done by Dark Collapse Icon Dark Collapse by 150%.

Fanaticism Icon Fanaticism

Increases Attack Speed by 50% for 30 sec.

Abyssal Strike Icon Abyssal Strike

Xanesh strikes her current target with a tendril of void energy, knocking them back and inflicting 200,984 Shadow damage.

Increases damage taken by Abyssal Strike Icon Abyssal Strike by 25% for 60 sec.

Soul Flay Icon Soul Flay

Xanesh flays the souls of several players, after 10 sec the souls explode inflicting up to 502,868 Shadow damage to the affected player.

This damage is reduced the further away players are from their Flayed Soul.

Queen Azshara
Torment Icon Torment

Xanesh torments Queen Azshara causing Void energy to erupt from her in multiple directions, inflicting 201,147 Shadow damage to players struck.

Anguish Icon Anguish

Queen Azshara's suffering causes her to radiate Void energy, inflicting 15,086 Shadow damage to all players every 2 sec.



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