Goblin and Worgen Heritage Armor (BfA 8.3)

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In Visions of N'Zoth, Goblins and Worgen can embark on an epic quest line for their Heritage Armor.


Goblin Heritage Armor Set

Crafted by the finest madmen and women, this explosive look is the glow up you need. Or that could be a lit fuse—be careful!



In order to unlock the Heritage Armor quest line, you must have a maximum-level Goblin character and be Exalted with Bilgewater Cartel. After that, you will be able to complete the acquisition quest line and earn your Heritage Armor set.

The Goblin Heritage Armor quest line starts by talking to Izzy, a Goblin located just outside of the Orgrimmar Embassy.


Set Pieces

The Goblin Heritage Armor set is comprised of the following pieces of armor:

  • X-52 Bomber Jacket Icon X-52 Bomber Jacket;
  • X-52 Extreme Handgrips Icon X-52 Extreme Handgrips;
  • X-52 Fireproof Stompers Icon X-52 Fireproof Stompers;
  • X-52 Insulated Headgear Icon X-52 Insulated Headgear/X-52 Precision Goggles Icon X-52 Precision Goggles;
  • X-52 Minesweeper Wristwraps Icon X-52 Minesweeper Wristwraps;
  • X-52 Reinforced Legguards Icon X-52 Reinforced Legguards;
  • X-52 Sapper's Shoulderguards Icon X-52 Sapper's Shoulderguards;
  • X-52 Utility Belt Icon X-52 Utility Belt.

Set Appearance

The Goblin Heritage Armor set perfectly embraces the "explosive" nature of the race and comes with two variants for the Head slot.


Worgen Heritage Armor Set

Show off your noble roots by sporting this tailored velvety black and gold-trimmed attire complete with a dapper top hat. Snooty airs not required.



You must have a maximum-level Worgen character and be Exalted with Gilneas to begin the quest line for their Heritage Armor in Patch 8.3.

The Worgen Heritage Armor quest line starts by talking to Courier Claridge, a Worgen located outside of the Stormwind Embassy.


Set Pieces

The Worgen Heritage Armor set is comprised of the following pieces of equipment:

  • Greyguard Buckle Icon Greyguard Buckle;
  • Greyguard Ceremonial Shoulderguards Icon Greyguard Ceremonial Shoulderguards;
  • Greyguard Dueling Gloves Icon Greyguard Dueling Gloves;
  • Greyguard Formal Overcoat Icon Greyguard Formal Overcoat;
  • Greyguard Formal Trousers Icon Greyguard Formal Trousers;
  • Greyguard Stompers Icon Greyguard Stompers;
  • Greyguard Tophat Icon Greyguard Tophat;
  • Greyguard Wristbands Icon Greyguard Wristbands.

Armor Appearance

Below is the in-game appearance of the Worgen Heritage Armor set. It comes with a classy top hat!



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