Halls of Valor Dungeon Guide: Location, Boss Strategies, Trash, and Loot

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Welcome to our guide to the Halls of Valor dungeon in Season 1 of the Dragonflight World of Warcraft expansion. This guide will cover everything you need to know about the dungeon, including how to get to it, its layout, the trash and boss mechanics within, and its loot.


Getting into Halls of Valor

Halls of Valor is a level 70 dungeon located on the east coast of - Stormheim, Broken Isles. The nearest flight point for Alliance and Horde players is Valdisdall, Stormheim. Upon landing, head further to the east until you uncover the dungeon's entrance.

Halls of Valor Entrance

This guide will focus on an extensive overview of the dungeon, providing vital information to complete it on MythicMythic and Mythic Keystone difficulty. We will cover all 5 boss fights supported by the most notable trash enemies in the dungeon and their important abilities. If you would like to learn about the other Dragonflight Dungeons or the Mythic+ season instead; please see our overviews linked below. Otherwise, without further ado, let us begin!


Unlock Unique Bonuses in Halls of Valor

There are going to be 2 bonuses in this dungeon. The first being Odyn's Favor Icon Odyn's Favor and the second one — Odyn's Blessing Icon Odyn's Blessing. You can find more details on how to obtain them and what their effect is down below:

  • Odyn's Favor Icon Odyn's Favor is the first buff you will automatically obtain as soon as you defeat either Hyrja or Fenryr. It will grant your group 75% movement speed for the remaining dungeon, both in and outside of combat.
  • You will receive Odyn's Blessing Icon Odyn's Blessing after you have defeat Hyrja and Fenryr. The buff will grant you 150% movement speed for the remaining of the dungeon, replacing the Odyn's Favor Icon Odyn's Favor.

The High Gate and Hymdall


Notable Trash Before Hymdall

  • Your tank must pay attention to Valarjar Champion's Power Attack Icon Power Attack; several of those mobs can cause trouble. Once the mob drops under 30% health, he will cast Enraged Regeneration Icon Enraged Regeneration (usable once per combat).
  • Focus on Valarjar Thundercaller, as he is the most dangerous mob in this area because of his Thunderstrike Icon Thunderstrike cast (goes on a random player). In addition, use your interrupt for Thunderous Bolt Icon Thunderous Bolt.
  • Avoid the Crackling Storm Icon Crackling Storm ground animation from Stormdrake, as well as, its frontal ability — Lightning Breath Icon Lightning Breath.

Hymdall Boss Guide


All Roles

  • Avoid being hit by Dancing Blade Icon Dancing Blade.
  • Once Horn of Valor Icon Horn of Valor has been cast, look around for any Storm Drake. Avoid the follow-up Static Field Icon Static Field and the newly spawned Ball Lightning Icon Ball Lightning.


  • Use active mitigation on Bloodletting Sweep Icon Bloodletting Sweep cast, the follow up BleedBleed effect is tough.
  • Upon Hymdall casting Horn of Valor Icon Horn of Valor move the boss in a safe zone.


  • Spot-heal your tank as soon as they get hit by Bloodletting Sweep Icon Bloodletting Sweep.

Seat of Ascension and Hyrja


Notable Trash Before Hyrja

Once you defeat Hymdall, you will have a choice between going to the left (facing Hyrja) or going to the right side (facing Fenryr). We recommend you go towards the left side first since you will be able to use the 2nd Bloodlust Icon Bloodlust of the dungeon on Fenryr.

A quick heads up; you can also find Mug of Mead, located on several tables in the main hall. The mug of ale will distract the mobs, and you can bypass them without being in combat. This a good tip if you want to skip some extra trash mobs without using Invisibility Potions. Below you can find more information on the mobs in this area:

Mug of Mead
  • Valarjar Runecarver is going to be one of the primary targets to interrupt, especially its Etch Icon Etch cast. The mob will also cast Shattered Rune Icon Shattered Rune to random targets, so it is essential to defeat them as quickly as possible.
  • Valarjar Mystic is the most important mob here because of its healing ability Holy Radiance Icon Holy Radiance; stop this at all costs. In addition, he will cast Rune of Healing Icon Rune of Healing, do your best never to let the mobs stand in it (the effect works for you too).
  • Your tank must pay attention to Valarjar Shieldmaiden's Breach Armor Icon Breach Armor stacking debuff effect that reduces the armor. Make sure you do not stay in front of the mob because of its Mortal Hew Icon Mortal Hew frontal cleave; it will also apply 10% reduced healing debuff, further endangering your tank's life.
  • Avoid Stormforged Sentinel's Charged Pulse Icon Charged Pulse, anyone within 15 yard of the cast will get damaged. Sidestep any incoming Crackle Icon Crackles and purge the Protective Light Icon Protective Light once the mob drops below 30% health.
  • Valarjar Purifier is the least dangerous caster mob; either side step the ground puddles from Cleansing Flames Icon Cleansing Flames or interrupt it.
  • Avoid Valarjar Aspirant's Blast of Light Icon Blast of Light; the frontal is likely to one-shot you depending on the key level. In addition, the mob will occasionally cast Valkyra's Advance Icon Valkyra's Advance, leaping to a random enemy, your healer must make sure each of you is in a healthy condition!

You need to defeat the 2 mini-bosses located in front of Hyrja, before she becomes available to be attacked. Here is what you should know about them:

  • Solsten will test the limits of your healer because of Eye of the Storm Icon Eye of the Storm doing damage to everyone around. Stand within the lighting zone to reduce incoming damage. In addition, Solsten will occasionally cast Arcing Bolt Icon Arcing Bolt, further increasing the difficulty of the already tough encounter.
  • Olmyr the Enlightened is the easier of the two mini-bosses; all you have to do is make sure you stand outside of melee and avoid getting hit by the lighting orbs — Sanctify Icon Sanctify while interrupting its Searing Light Icon Searing Light cast.

Hyrja Boss Guide


This will be one of the most HPS-intensive boss fights across all dungeons, so pay attention. The boss's abilities will vary depending on her " phase. " Hyrja has 2 phases: Mystic Empowerment: Thunder (same abilities like Solsten) and Mystic Empowerment: Holy (same abilities as Olmyr the Enlightened). How do you trigger them? If you stay more towards where previously Solsten was located, you will trigger the Mystic Empowerment: Thunder phase and if you stay more to where Olmyr the Enlightened was previously located, you will trigger Mystic Empowerment: Holy. In addition, the boss will gain stacks which will amplify the current Empowerment phase, hence why you want to avoid having back-to-back phases of the same Empowerment. Here is a more detailed breakdown of the fight:


All Roles

  • Stay under the Lighting Shield once Hyrja in casting Eye of the Storm Icon Eye of the Storm during her Mystic Empowerment: Thunder phase.
  • Avoid being stacked at all times due to Arcing Bolt Icon Arcing Bolt, only stack under the Lighting Shield for Eye of the Storm Icon Eye of the Storm cast.
  • Avoid being hit by the Shield of Light Icon Shield of Light frontal.
  • Dodge the incoming Sanctify Icon Sanctify orbs when Hyrja is under the Mystic Empowerment: Holy.
  • Beware of Expel Light Icon Expel Light; it will always go on a random target, followed by bouncing to the nearest target upon expiring. Swap between each other when you have defensive cooldowns, and avoid bouncing the debuff back to the original recipient.


  • Never tank Hyrja in the middle since you will simultaneously get both Mystic Empowerment effects.
  • You want to swap between Mystic Empowerments and rarely do the same one twice in a row unless your healer is confident they can handle it.


  • Use healing cooldowns once Hyrja is casting Eye of the Storm Icon Eye of the Storm during her Mystic Empowerment: Thunder phase.
  • Top up players that have Expel Light Icon Expel Light on them.

Field of the Eternal Hunt and Fenryr


Notable Trash Before Fenryr

Upon defeating Hyrja, head towards the right wing of The High Gate, where you will find Fenryr. There are several new mob types here that you should pay attention to:

  • Valarjar Marksman is one of the static mobs in this dungeon, they will keep casting Snap Shot Icon Snap Shot to random targets, jump out of melee with Leap to Safety Icon Leap to Safety and having an extremely hard-hitting frontal cone ability — Penetrating Shot Icon Penetrating Shot (avoid it at all costs!). This is the mob you want to focus on!
  • Try to avoid pulling Angerhoof Bull, but if you do pull them, make sure you step away from the Rumbling Stomp Icon Rumbling Stomp and dispel their Enrage Icon Enrage ability.
  • Once you are in this area, you want to clear Steeljaw Grizzly; they are quite easy to kill since the only dangerous ability they have is Crunch Armor Icon Crunch Armor. They will occasionally cast Rending Claws Icon Rending Claws on the highest threat target and Charge Icon Charge the first enemy they get threats on. It will mostly be tank damage, so always watch out for your tank's health at all costs.
  • At last, the most dangerous mob in this area is Ebonclaw Worg because of their Leap for the Throat Icon Leap for the Throat, cast on random targets. Do your best to stack together and use defensives if you are not at full health.

Fenryr Boss Guide


Fenryr is a 2 phases boss fight that will have flexible spawn each time you enter the dungeon. There are two locations he can be: South, in a bear den, or West, near the hunter's camp. You can quickly determine which location he is in by following the footprints on the ground. Once you engage the boss, you can down him to 60%, upon which he will retreat to his den and begin casting Licking Wounds Icon Licking Wounds, ending Phase One. One important note is that the boss's abilities remain the same throughout both phases. Below you can find more information about the fight:


All Roles

  • Be stacked at all times under the boss, in both phases, because of Claw Frenzy Icon Claw Frenzy. The ability does physical damage split between all enemies within 12 yards. The more target it hits, the less damage each of you will take (because of damage distribution).
  • Watch out for Unnerving Howl Icon Unnerving Howl, it will interrupt your cast.
  • Once Fenryr summons its 3 Ebonclaw Worg, quickly focus them to prevent further damage from them.
  • Never let Fenryr catch you during his Scent of Blood Icon Scent of Blood chase. Using your combat-resetting abilities will completely cancel the cast (Example: Hunter's Feign Death Icon Feign Death).
  • Once you get targeted by the Ravenous Leap Icon Ravenous Leap, get out of melee so you do not cleave any nearby member of your team. Remember, once the boss leaps on you; he will leave permanent Bleed effect that stacks every time he casts Ravenous Leap Icon Ravenous Leap on you.


  • Make sure you stack the Ebonclaw Worg on top of Fenryr to allow your DPS players to cleave all targets simultaneously.


  • Top up players once they get hit by the Claw Frenzy Icon Claw Frenzy ability.
  • Use healing cooldowns once to out-heal the Bleed effect from Ravenous Leap Icon Ravenous Leap.

Halls of Valor and God-King Skovald


Notable Trash Before God-King Skovald

Once you defeat Fenryr, you will gain Odyn's Blessing Icon Odyn's Blessing buff, which will allow you to move toward the final part of the dungeon quickly, where you will face the second-to-last boss God-King Skovald. However, before the boss becomes active, you must first face the 4 Kings: King Tor, King Ranulf, King Bjorn and King Haldor. You can activate them in whichever order you prefer; however, keep in mind that after you defeat a king, the rest will inherit its unique ability. When you slay 2 of them, the final 2 will be active, and you will fight them simultaneously. We advise you to choose King Ranulf first, followed by King Haldor, and at last, both King Bjorn and King Tor. Here is more information about each of them:

  • Interrupt King Ranulf's signature ability — Unruly Yell Icon Unruly Yell. Other than that, he will auto-attack your tank.
  • King Haldor signature ability is Sever Icon Sever, cast on the highest threat target (your tank).
  • King Bjorn will throw its Wicked Dagger Icon Wicked Dagger to a random target, dealing initial damage and leaving a 50% reduced healing effect, leaving him as the toughest King to deal with due to the unavoidable damage.
  • At last, you have King Tor; you always want to defeat this at the end. Otherwise, you risk transferring its signature ability — Call Ancestor Icon Call Ancestor to all of his pairs. Use crowd-control effects once he spawns the ancestor to prevent him from healing.

God-King Skovald Boss Guide

God-King Skovald

Once you have defeated the 4 Kings, Odyn will throw Aegis of Aggramar Icon Aegis of Aggramar, when you pick it up, you will be using it during God-King Skovald encounter. We recommend the tank to be the one that has it since it helps with the team coordination and positioning better. It is used when you interact with your extra action button (either keybind or click it). Below you can find out how and when to use the Aegis of Aggramar, and what are the specific details about the fight:


All Roles

  • God-King Skovald will randomly target a player with Felblaze Rush Icon Felblaze Rush, the ability hits everyone within 6 yards of the impact, so make sure you do not accidentally "clip" any allies if the charge is on you.
  • During Ragnarok Icon Ragnarok, stand behind the Aegis of Aggramar.
  • Kite away the Flame of Woe, as they will randomly fixate someone from your party. Remember that they will eventually die due to Consuming Flame Icon Consuming Flame and they leave a fire patch behind them — Infernal Flames Icon Infernal Flames (step away from it!).


  • When God-King Skovald is casting Ragnarok Icon Ragnarok, use the Aegis of Aggramar; it will absorb all the shield if players stand behind it.
  • Using active mitigation when the boss is casting Savage Blade Icon Savage Blade on you.
  • After Ragnarok Icon Ragnarok, boss will pick up the Aegis of Aggramar and use it himself, summoning Flame of Woe. It is important to tank the boss closer to the Flame of Woe, so you enable your party to "cleave" all targets simultaneously.


  • Top the health of the player/s hit by Felblaze Rush Icon Felblaze Rush.
  • Quickly spot-heal any player that gets hit by Ragnarok Icon Ragnarok, it takes a few ticks for it to become lethal!

Halls of Valor and God-King Skovald


Odyn Boss Guide


Once you defeat God-King Skovald, it will take a couple of seconds until Odyn becomes available to be attacked. Before you begin, you must understand how Runic Brand Icon Runic Brand works. Once the boss casts it, everyone in your party will receive a random branded sign, and upon connecting it with the right rune on the ground (based on the color/markings), you will receive Branded Icon Branded buff. Few important details about the boss fight: First, once you take lethal damage, you will not be able to be combat-resurrected; you will instead be deemed Unworthy Icon Unworthy and transported to a safe location, unable to get back into the fight. Second, the boss fight ends once Odyn reaches 80% health. More information is below:


All Roles

  • Once the boss casts Summon Stormforged Obliterator Icon Summon Stormforged Obliterator, focus the Stormforged Obliterator and stop every cast of Surge you can (stun also works).
  • Avoid getting hit by the Spear of Light Icon Spear of Light and its follow up ability - Glowing Fragment Icon Glowing Fragment.
  • When Odyn casts Shatter Spears Icon Shatter Spears, try to have a healthy distance from all Spear of Light Icon Spear of Light before the cast goes off since it will be much easier to avoid all the Glowing Fragment Icon Glowing Fragments.
  • Use movement speed abilities to get away from Radiant Tempest Icon Radiant Tempest cast.
  • Once Odyn casts Runic Brand Icon Runic Brand, find the rune matching your
  • Upon Runic Brand Icon Runic Brand cast, quickly navigate your way to connect the branding on you towards the right rune on the ground. You can either go by colors (which is much easier) or the shape of your rune.
  • Using Bloodlust Icon Bloodlust during the Branded Icon Branded buff is the best way to speed up the fight.


  • Do your best to tank Stormforged Obliterator close to Odyn to enable your DPS to "cleave" both targets.
  • Move the boss away from Spear of Light Icon Spear of Lights, this way you will help your team dodge the incoming Glowing Fragment Icon Glowing Fragments easier!


  • Top up players quickly if they get hit by Glowing Fragment Icon Glowing Fragment, remember if any players die during this encounter, they will be deemed Unworthy Icon Unworthy and they will not be able to be resurrected until the encounter is over.

Halls of Valor Loot Table



Type Item Stats
Trinket Horn of Valor Icon Horn of Valor Vers
Leather Wrist Adorned Guardian's Bracers Icon Adorned Guardian's Bracers Crit/Haste
Cloth Feet Cushioned Treads of Glory Icon Cushioned Treads of Glory Mastery/Haste
Plate Hands Battleborne Sentinel Gauntlets Icon Battleborne Sentinel Gauntlets Crit/Haste
Mail Waist Thundercaller's Chain Icon Thundercaller's Chain Crit/Mastery


Type Item Stats
Ring Val'kyr Ascension Signet Icon Val'kyr Ascension Signet Crit/Mastery
Leather Shoulder Amice of the Enlightened Icon Amice of the Enlightened Haste/Vers
Plate Feet Valkyra Protector Greatboots Icon Valkyra Protector Greatboots Haste/Mastery
Cloth Waist Solsten's Arcing Runecord Icon Solsten's Arcing Runecord Mastery/Vers
Trinket Mote of Sanctification Icon Mote of Sanctification Mastery
Mail Chest Thunderfused Val'kyr Hauberk Icon Thunderfused Val'kyr Hauberk Mastery/Haste


Type Item Stats
Neck Wolfstride Pendant Icon Wolfstride Pendant Mastery/Haste
Back Goldscar Pelt Icon Goldscar Pelt Haste/Crit
Leather Chest Hide of Fenryr Icon Hide of Fenryr Haste/Mastery
Cloth Hands Silken Bloodscent Gloves Icon Silken Bloodscent Gloves Crit/Haste
Plate Waist Greatbelt of Alpha Dominance Icon Greatbelt of Alpha Dominance Crit/Haste
Trinket Hunger of the Pack Icon Hunger of the Pack Agi/Str Crit
Mail Wrist Runebands of the Worthy Icon Runebands of the Worthy Haste/Crit

God-King Skovald

Type Item Stats
Ring Woe-Bearer's Band Icon Woe-Bearer's Band Mastery/Crit
Trinket Eye of Skovald Icon Eye of Skovald Crit
Leather Hands Cruel Vice Grips Icon Cruel Vice Grips Crit/Mastery
Cloth Shoulder Infernal Mantle of Conquest Icon Infernal Mantle of Conquest Mastery/Haste
Plate Legs Greaves of the God-King Icon Greaves of the God-King Crit/Mastery
Mail Feet Felstep Footguards Icon Felstep Footguards Mastery/Crit


Type Item Stats
Mail Head Collar of Honorable Exultation Icon Collar of Honorable Exultation Mastery/Haste
Leather Head Glory Seeker's Helm Icon Glory Seeker's Helm Mastery/Haste
Neck Pendant of the Stormforger Icon Pendant of the Stormforger Crit/Haste
Plate Shoulder Pauldrons of the All-Father Icon Pauldrons of the All-Father Haste/Mastery
Back Cape of Valarjar Courage Icon Cape of Valarjar Courage Vers/Mastery
Mail Wrist Solid Gold Bracelets Icon Solid Gold Bracelets Crit/Vers
Plate Wrist Wristbands of Magnificent Splendor Icon Wristbands of Magnificent Splendor Vers/Crit
Leather Waist Bjorn's Hunting Strap Icon Bjorn's Hunting Strap Crit/Mastery
Cloth Feet Treads of Light Icon Treads of Light Vers/Crit
Trinket Gift of Radiance Icon Gift of Radiance Agi/Str Mastery

Halls of Valor Achievements

There are 6 total achievements to obtain in Halls of Valor:

Achievement Criteria
Halls of Valor Icon Halls of Valor Defeat Odyn in Halls of Valor.
Heroic: Halls of Valor Icon Heroic: Halls of Valor Defeat Odyn in Halls of Valor on HeroicHeroic difficulty or higher.
Mythic: Halls of Valor Icon Mythic: Halls of Valor Defeat Odyn in Halls of Valor on MythicMythic difficulty.
Mythic: Halls of Valor Guild Run Icon Mythic: Halls of Valor Guild Run Defeat Odyn in Halls of Valor on MythicMythic difficulty while in a guild group.
Keystone Hero: Halls of Valor Icon Keystone Hero: Halls of Valor Complete Halls of Valor at MythicMythic Level 20 or higher, within the time limit.
I Got What You Mead Icon I Got What You Mead Splash all four vrykul kings with Mug of Mead in Halls of Valor on MythicMythic difficulty.


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