Unlocking Fyr'alath the Dream Render: Step-by-Step Guide

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The following guide covers how to unlock Fyr'alath the Dreamrender Icon Fyr'alath the Dreamrender in Dragonflight.


How to Upgrade Fyr'alath in Dragonflight Season 4?

First, you want to upgrade Fyr'alath to the Season 4 Base Item Level (502) by purchasing Scale of Awakening Icon Scale of Awakening from the Dinaar vendors for 2 Antique Bronze Bullion Icon Antique Bronze Bullions. Bullions come from Awakened Raids bosses, and the new Weekly Quest.

Then, you can further upgrade your Legendary using Flightstones Icon Flightstones and crests, up to Item Level 522.



Fyr'alath the Dreamrender Icon Fyr'alath the Dreamrender is Legendary Axe added to the game in Patch 10.2. To get it, players must defeat Fyrakk, the Blazing and embark on a lengthy questline that requires Professions, crafting, and gathering quest items from Emerald Dream content.


Fyr'alath Weapon Model

Here is the appearance of Fyr'alath the Dream Render.

Fyr'alath the Dream Render

Which Classes Can Obtain Fyr'alath the Dream Render?

Fyr'alath is a Legendary Strength weapon intended for Death Knights, Paladins, and Warriors.


Fyr'alath Effects

Fyr'alath the Dreamrender Icon Fyr'alath the Dreamrender comes with two effects:

  • Rage of Fyr'alath (On-Use Effect) — Unleash the Rage of Fyr'alath to charge towards your target and swing repeatedly, dealing Shadowflame damage over 3 seconds to all who would stand in your way. (Instant, 25-yard range, 2-minute cooldown)
  • Fyr'alath the Dream Render Icon Fyr'alath the Dream Render (Passive Effect) — Your attacks apply Mark of Fyr'alath, dealing Shadowflame damage over 15 seconds. Upon activation, Fyr'alath draws in the flames from all marks to increase its damage by 10%.

How to Obtain Fyr'alath the Dream Render?

Fyrakk, the Blazing is guaranteed to drop Fyr'alath after 14 Heroic kills or 6 Mythic kills. There is bad luck protection in place that increases your drop chance with every week.

When you first look the consumable, you must equip it, and the game gives you a quest called The Shadowflame Axe.

This brings you to Eadweard Dalyngrigge in northern Thaldrassus (Azerothian Archives location) who will give you a follow-up quest called Handling It, requiring you to craft 3 components to overcome Shadowflame and wield the weapon. The items are:

Interact with the book near Eadweard to receive 3 more quests.

Now, in order to complete all 3 quests, you will need various materials from the Auction House, Professions, and other activities. The following sections go over how to receive them one by one.


How to Obtain Erden's Glowspore Grip?

First, go talk to Erden at 82, 51 in Ohn'ahran Plains, who will give you a quest called Handling It: Shadowed Dreamleaf.

You must gather 200 Shadowed Dreamleaf Icon Shadowed Dreamleaf from Superbloom objectives in Emerald Dream to receive 1 Prototype Dreamleaf Grip Icon Prototype Dreamleaf Grip from a quest. While on the quest, you will receive Tattered Dreamleaf Icon Tattered Dreamleaf, which you can use on friendly party members who will then receive Restored Dreamleaf Icon Restored Dreamleaf that they can use on you to increase your Shadowed Dreamleaf gains.

After you are done with the quest, return to Erden in the Ohn'ahran Plains to get the follow-up quest called Handling It: Glowspore Grip:.

The quest provides you with a scroll you can use on a Leatherworker who can then temporarily craft Erden's Dreamleaf Grip Icon Erden's Dreamleaf Grip.

To craft Erden's Dreamleaf Grip Icon Erden's Dreamleaf Grip, you will need to buy the following items on the Auction House and create a Work Order:

  • 400 Zaralek Glowspores Icon Zaralek Glowspores,
  • 50 Mireslush Hide Icon Mireslush Hide;
  • 3 Obsidian Cobraskin Icon Obsidian Cobraskin,
  • 5 Dreaming Essence Icon Dreaming Essence,

Once the craft is complete, you will receive Erden's Symbiotic Glowspore Grip Icon Erden's Symbiotic Glowspore Grip. Return to Erden and accept the To The Test: Symbiotic Glowspore Grip quest.

Use your Garrison Hearthstone Icon Garrison Hearthstone to enter the Proving Grounds and use the provided Erden's Symbiotic Glowspore Grip Icon Erden's Symbiotic Glowspore Grip until the quest completes. You will take damage equal to 10-25% of your maximum health, but you can start over and reset all your cooldowns by talking to the Proving Grounds NPC to start any Bronze challenge and reset your cooldowns.

When this is done, return to Erden and you will get the Attuned Glowspore Grip Icon Attuned Glowspore Grip. Using the consumable will provide you with Symbiotic Glowspore Grip Icon Symbiotic Glowspore Grip.


How to Obtain Shalasar's Sophic Vellum?

Talk to Shalasar Glimmerdusk at 62, 18, in the Ohn'ahran Plains, and accept Handling It: Radiant Fleck of Ash. To complete the quest, you must loot 20 Radiant Fleck of Ash Icon Radiant Fleck of Ash. The provided quest item Ashen Dowsing Rod Icon Ashen Dowsing Rod will be in your bags and it must be used to disenchant 20 piece of any epic gear. You can buy cheap Epic gear on the Auction House and you want to head back to your Garrison to enter the Proving Grounds again to reset your cooldowns, because the rod has a five-minute cooldown.

After you have 20 Radiant Fleck of Ash Icon Radiant Fleck of Ash, go back to Shalasar and you will receive 1 Prototype Order Vellum Icon Prototype Order Vellum and get the follow-up quest named Handling It: Radiant Vellum.

Similar to the first quest, you will receive a scroll that temporarily teaches any Enchanter with Skill 100 to craft Shalasar's Sophic Vellum Icon Shalasar's Sophic Vellum. You want to create a Work Order and send the Enchanter the following goods:

  • 150 Awakened Fire Icon Awakened Fire;
  • 100 Awakened Earth Icon Awakened Earth;
  • 50 Awakened Order Icon Awakened Order;
  • 200 Resonant Crystal Icon Resonant Crystal;

Once you get Shalasar's Sophic Vellum Icon Shalasar's Sophic Vellum, return to Shalasar who will give you To The Test: Concenrated Sophic Vellum.

Go to the Auction House and buy 100-200 pieces of the 3 cheapest Awakened Air/Earth/Frost/Fire items you can find, before heading back to the Proving Grounds. There, use the provided quest item to start the channel and then click the Awakened Stability Icon Awakened Stability action button. If the quest gives you an elements you did not buy on the Auction House, right-click the 5-minute buff that corresponds to that element you did not stock up on and redo the item. Remember to always talk to the Pandaren and start a Bronze challenge to avoid the quest item cooldown.

For one last time, head back to Shalasar who will give you Attuned Sophic Vellum Icon Attuned Sophic Vellum that you can consume to get the Concentrated Sophic Vellum Icon Concentrated Sophic Vellum.


How to Obtain Lydiara's Rune of Shadowbinding?

Talk to Lydiara Whisperfeather in the Azure Span (40, 64) to receive the Handling It: Taut Tethercoil quest. To complete the quest, you must gather 50 Taut Tethercoil Icon Taut Tethercoils from Elites in the Emerald Dream. Use the Premade Group Finder to your advantage when completing this quest.

Completing the quest provides you with a Prototype Binding Rune Icon Prototype Binding Rune and a scroll you must use on an Enchanter with Skill 100 to temporarily teach them how to craft Lydiara's Binding Rune Icon Lydiara's Binding Rune.

It is time to head back to the Auction House and buy the following items you send to the person:

  • 10 Shadowflame Essence Icon Shadowflame Essence,
  • 250 Cosmic Ink Icon Cosmic Ink,
  • 50 Runed Writhebark Icon Runed Writhebark,

Head back to Lydiara and accept To The Test: Rune of Shadowbinding.

Queue up for Raid Finder and use the provided quest item on 3 raid bosses before killing them. Then, head back to Lydiara to receive Attuned Rune of Shadowbinding Icon Attuned Rune of Shadowbinding.

Using it will give you Lydiara's Binding Rune Icon Lydiara's Binding Rune.

When you have all 3 items, it is time to turn in the main quest and head back to Eadweard Dalyngrigge.

Accept An Axe Tempered and go to the Obsidian Citadel in the Waking Shores. There, speak to Eadweard. When unsuccessful, talk to Wrathion, who will give you the final quest.

You will get teleported to a room and fight Echo of Fyrakk, defeat the adds and burn the Elite down. When complete, you will receive your Legendary Axe.


Fyr'alath Bad Luck Protection

A cumulative increase to your drop chances for the Legendary Axe are available on all difficulties and are directly represented by players receiving a Greater Ember of Fyr'alath Icon Greater Ember of Fyr'alath when defeatng Fyrakk. Additionally, defeating other bosses in Heroic/Mythic Amirdrassil has a chance to award Lesser Ember of Fyr'alath Icon Lesser Ember of Fyr'alath which will further attune you to the Shadowflame, increasing your cumulative chances on bith difficulties. Beyond that, Fyr'alath the Dreamrender Icon Fyr'alath the Dreamrender will continue to drop as Group Loot from Fyrakk on Mythic difficulty at a greatly reduced chance.



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