Horrific Visions of N'Zoth Guides (BfA 8.3)

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Horrific Visions are a new game mode coming with Patch 8.3 that require players to survive the realities where N'Zoth won and conquered Azeroth. They directly influence the progression of the new legendary cloak, while bringing some brand new cosmetics to the game as rewards, including a transmoggable backpack.


What are Horrific Visions?

Horrific Visions are a new game-mode in Patch 8.3 that allow players to enter a vision of what Orgrimmar and Stormwind would look like in a world where N'zoth wins and corrupts Azeroth. These can be completed in a group of up to 5 players, but can also be done solo.

Within these areas, players can fight against their faction leader, as well as a number of mini-bosses and void enemies, to obtain currencies that can further improve their power within the visions, through the dedicated talent system, and around the world, through the new legendary cloak, Ashjra'kamas, Shroud of Resolve Icon Ashjra'kamas, Shroud of Resolve.

The legendary cloak will allow you to stay in each Horrific Vision for longer as you upgrade it. The cloak increases its sanity loss reduction as you upgrade its item level and, the higher it gets, the longer you will stay sane inside the Visions.

On your first few runs, it is impossible to clear the whole Vision, simply due to the rate at which your sanity falls. Using these runs to upgrade your cloak, as well as gain more talents through the Titanic Research Archive, will allow you to eventually clear the whole Vision.


Titanic Research Archive

Players are able to use Corrupted Mementos Icon Corrupted Mementos to research talents that will boost their damage, survivability, and sanity maintenance in the Visions of N'Zoth.

Talent Tree for the Research Archive

You can find more information on the best path for your research in our dedicated guide to the Titanic Research Archive below.


Horrific Vision Mechanics

Horrific Visions require players to kill as many enemies as possible within a time frame that is decided by the speed at which their Sanity drains.

Each map has a set number of zones and, depending on which Vision you enter, a different set of mobs and bosses to fight. We will go over these in more detail in our specific guides for each map, but there are still some similarities between them.



Sanity works as a built-in timer for all Vision types, as letting the bar drop to 0 will end your run.

Players start with 1,000 Sanity (can be higher with research) and the rate at which it drains depends on the area you are currently in, any abilities you get hit by, and the level of resistance your legendary cloak gives you.

You can restore your Sanity by standing in your own (or an ally's) orb, or through the research talents that restore Sanity through elite kills, among other things.

You can read more about Sanity on our dedicated page, linked below.


Zone Types

Each Horrific Vision has 3 zone "types", which change the rate at which your Sanity drains, as well as the Madness options that can impact you there.

The 3 zone types are:

  • Tainted (Tier 1) — this is the starting zone for players and it has the lowest rate of Sanity drain, at 6 Sanity per second.
  • Corrupted (Tier 2) — there are 2 Corrupted zones in each Vision and these are a step up in difficulty from the Tainted areas, draining 8 Sanity per second.
  • Lost (Tier 3) — the Lost zones are the most difficult zones, draining 10 Sanity per second.

Madness Debuffs

The Madness debuffs can vary depending on which zone you are in and the type it corresponds to. These debuffs are intended to inconvenience the player in the easier zones, while making the Lost zones considerably more difficult than previous options.

You can read more about these in our Madness guide below.


Ending a Horrific Vision

There are 3 ways in which a Horrific Vision can be ended.

  1. You die, without an ally to resurrect you or Emergency Cranial Defibrillation Icon Emergency Cranial Defibrillation.
  2. You lose all of your Sanity.
  3. You kill the main boss, either Alleria in Stormwind or Thrall in Orgrimmar.

Horrific Vision Consumables



Both of the Horrific Visions have a potion mechanic which grants players buffs depending on the colour of potion they drink. This changes every time you enter, but we have put together a guide on how to find which is the "bad" potion for the run, as well as what the possible combinations are.


Craftable Food

Players can craft food that grants a number of effects while inside Visions of N'Zoth. If you plan to try longer runs, especially with multiple masks active, you need to use the food when available. You can read more about it below.


How do I enter a Horrific Vision?

After starting the Patch 8.3 questline with Magni, Mother, and Wrathion, players will have to progress through the series until they are tasked with completing an Assault in Uldum and the Vale, as well as a "normal" Vision.

Shortly after this, you will be able to enter a Horrific Vision for the first time. To do so, you will need to use the currency that you have been collecting, Coalescing Visions Icon Coalescing Visions, to buy a Vessel of Horrific Visions Icon Vessel of Horrific Visions. Each one will cost 10,000 of the currency and grants you a single entry to the Horrific Vision that is currently available (Stormwind or Orgrimmar).

Once you have purchased a Vessel from Wrathion in the Chamber of the Heart, you can interact with the Tenebrous Gateway which stands next to MOTHER and Kalecgos. This gateway will show you which Vision is currently active, either Stormwind or Orgrimmar.

Once you enter the Vision, you will once again have to speak to Wrathion to teleport to the infested area and begin your fight. The room that he is waiting for you in has 5 pedestals surrounding him and each one has space for a Faceless Mask. If you wish to use one to increase the difficulty of your run, you can do so here before speaking to him.

Wrathion's Room

Echoes of Ny'alotha

Players have been given another chance to gain entries to Horrific Visions via spending Echoes of Ny'alotha.

In exchange for 1,750, you can buy a vessel to enter a Horrific Vision. To learn more about them and how to obtain them, you can head over to our page on them below.


Coalescing Visions

Coalescing Visions Icon Coalescing Visions are the currency required to purchase each entry for the Horrific Visions.

To farm them, you will need to spend your time completing Assaults in Uldum and the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, killing the mobs there, and completing the quests.

You will also receive a large amount through the one-time questline of Patch 8.3.


Faceless Masks

The Horrific Visions can be made more difficult for players through the use of the 5 Faceless Masks. Along with their main effects, the Masks will also increase the amount of Corrupted Mementos Icon Corrupted Mementos you receive in the Visions.

The 5 masks are as follows:

  • Faceless Mask of the Long Night Icon Faceless Mask of the Long Night — reduces your maximum Sanity by 50%.
  • Faceless Mask of the Daredevil Icon Faceless Mask of the Daredevil — increases Sanity damage from creatures by 400%.
  • Faceless Mask of the Pained Icon Faceless Mask of the Pained — each zone will have 2 Madness effects.
  • Faceless Mask of the Burned Bridge Icon Faceless Mask of the Burned Bridge — when moving, spawn void zones behind you that drain Sanity.
  • Faceless Mask of Dark Imagination Icon Faceless Mask of Dark Imagination — while below 50% Sanity, occasionally summon enemies from the Void.

For each Mask you have equipped, the following effects will be applied, stacking:

  • Increased enemy health (25%);
  • Increased enemy damage (25%);
  • Increased Corrupted Memento drop amounts (20%).

Rewards from Horrific Visions

Beyond simply upgrading your legendary cloak, there are some very notable rewards from Horrific Visions that players can take advantage of.


Mail Muncher

Mail Muncher is a mount-dropping NPC that can be spawned by interacting with mailboxes on the maps. You can read more about it below.


Legendary Cloak Upgrades

Players will be given the chance to upgrade their legendary cloak through repeatable quests that require them to find books and their missing pages for Wrathion.


End Chest Rewards

The enemies that you defeat can change the potential rewards at the end of the Vision, with a multitude of pets and mounts available for collection.

You can also receive gear rewards from the end chest, with the item level varying depending on the amount of the Vision you cleared.

Objectives Cleared Number of Masks Item Level (Normal Gear) Item Level (Azerite Gear)
Main Boss 0 420 430
Main Boss with 2 T2 or T3 zones 0 430 430
Full Clear (all zones) 0 445 445
Full Clear (all zones) 1 450 445
Full Clear (all zones) 2 455 445
Full Clear (all zones) 3 460 460
Full Clear (all zones) 4 465 460
Full Clear (all zones) 5 470 460

Wrathion Rewards

Wrathion has 3 rewards for sale in exchange for Corrupted Mementos Icon Corrupted Mementos. All of these require players to have completed the We Have the Technology Icon We Have the Technology achievement, which requires you to research all items in the Titanic Research Archive.

Item Cost Use
Black Dragonscale Backpack Icon Black Dragonscale Backpack 5,000 Corrupted Mementos Icon Corrupted Mementos Cosmetic Backpack Transmog
Gouged Eye of N'Zoth Icon Gouged Eye of N'Zoth 25,000 Corrupted Mementos Icon Corrupted Mementos Adds a socket to an item without one
Wicked Swarmer Icon Wicked Swarmer 100,000 Corrupted Mementos Icon Corrupted Mementos Mount

You can see the Black Dragonscale Backpack Icon Black Dragonscale Backpack below; this is a unique transmog model.

Black Dragonscale Backpack

The model of the mount that can be purchased from Wrathion, Wicked Swarmer Icon Wicked Swarmer, is shown below.


Achievement Rewards

There are 3 achievements that give rewards, with 1 of them being a feat of strength. The first 2 reward a pet and mount respectively, while the feat of strength gives a title.

Reeking of Visions Icon Reeking of Visions requires you to complete both of the Horrific Visions while clearing all of the objectives in a single visit to each. This will reward you with Reek Icon Reek.

Through the Depths of Visions Icon Through the Depths of Visions, which follows on from Reeking of Visions Icon Reeking of Visions, is a 4-achievement meta achievement. It requires you to complete both of the Horrific Visions while clearing all of the objectives in a single to visit to each, with all 5 Masks active. You also need to have fully upgraded your Legendary cloak and researched all of the items in the Titanic Research Archive.


Mad World

Mad World Icon Mad World is a feat of strength that requires players to complete full Faceless Mask runs of both Horrific Visions solo.

This will grant players the title "the Faceless One", but will be extremely hard to complete.


Essence Rewards

There are 3 Essences that can be obtained from the Horrific Visions (one for each role): Spark of Inspiration (DPS), Strength of the Warden (Tank), and Unwavering Ward (Healer).

We will add more information on this is in our Essence page below.



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