How to Easily Catch up on Gear in Shadowlands Season 4 (9.2.5)

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Zereth Mortis offers two types of catch-up gear for players returning to the game and alts. The following guide shows you where to buy and how to obtain it.


How to Quickly Catch-up on Gear in Shadowlands Season 4?

You will find two vendors in Zereth Mortis that sell catch-up gear, ideal if you are returning to the game and need better gear on your main or want to funnel gear to your other characters (alts).


Zereth Mortis Catch-up Gear (Item Level 226-229)

In Haven, seek out Hadja (Enlghtened Provisioner). The broker sells item level 226, Bind-to-Account gear tokens for 500 Reservoir Anima Icon Reservoir Anima each. The gear has a small chance to proc to item level 229.

Make sure to switch to your desired Loot Specialization before using the token.

Keep in mind that Rings and Trinkets are Unique-Equipped and there is a chance you will have to buy multiple tokens if you receive the same item.

Hadja sells the following gear tokens for Anima:

  • Broker's Weaponry Icon Broker's Weaponry (Weapon Token);
  • Broker's Helm Icon Broker's Helm (Helm Token);
  • Broker's Legguards Icon Broker's Legguards (Legs Token);
  • Broker's Gloves Icon Broker's Gloves (Gloves Token);
  • Broker's Bracers Icon Broker's Bracers (Wrist Token);
  • Broker's Accessory Icon Broker's Accessory (Trinket Token);
  • Broker's Chestpiece Icon Broker's Chestpiece (Chest Token);
  • Broker's Shoulders Icon Broker's Shoulders (Shoulder Token);
  • Broker's Boots Icon Broker's Boots (Boots Token);
  • Broker's Belt Icon Broker's Belt (Belt Token);
  • Broker's Cloak Icon Broker's Cloak (Back Token);
  • Broker's Braid Icon Broker's Braid (Off-Hand Token);
  • Broker's Ring Icon Broker's Ring (Ring Token).

Zereth Mortis Catch-up Gear (Item Level 246)

Another type of catch-up gear is available to purchase from Rafiq located in Pilgrim's Grace. However, the tokens are not available for all armor slots.

The gear can be purchased with Sandworn Relic Icon Sandworn Relics, an account-wide currency as of August 2, 2022.

Rafiq sells the following gear tokens for Sandworn Relic Icon Sandworn Relics:

  • Helm, Chest, and Leg Tokens cost 300 Sandworn Relic Icon Sandworn Relics each.
  • Shoulder, Gloves, Feet Tokens cost 230 Sandworn Relic Icon Sandworn Relics each.
  • Back, Bracers, and Belt tokens cost 160 Sandworn Relic Icon Sandworn Relics each.

Choral (Cloth) Set Appearance


Staccato (Leather) Set Appearance


Anthemic (Mail) Set Appearance


Harmonium (Plate) Set Appearance


Can Sandworn Relics Gear Be Converted into Tier Sets Using the Creation Catalyst?

Yes, the gear you buy from Rafiq with Sandworn Relics can be used to create Tier Set pieces of armor.


Where to Farm Sandworn Relics in Patch 9.2.5?

Sandworn Relics can be farmed in the Endless Sands, northeast from Pilgrim's Grace, from the following sources:

  • Endless Sands Rares: Drop 8 relics each.
  • Sandworn Chests: Contain an average of 25 relics each.
  • Firim Daily Quests: Award 8 relics upon completion.
  • Antros: Drops 40 relics on average.
  • Tribute of Enlightened Elders (Chest): Grants an average of 60 relics.


  • 02 Sep. 2022: Clarified Sandworn Relics are account-wide not the gear.
  • 30 Jul. 2022: Sandworn Relic status moved to account-wide.
  • 10 Apr. 2022: Linked to the Creation Catalyst page.
  • 17 Mar. 2022: Gear updated with relic drop rate increase made via hotfixes.
  • 24 Feb. 2022: Guide added.
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